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  1. It's possible you fired or the contract of the chief physio ran out, as Qwqwqw said, check staff responsibilites and assign somebody.
  2. Hey that bugs me all of the time too! I just dealt with it though really because tbh, although a bug, it's not really a big one and it's only annoying because it wastes a few seconds of your time. And yes it was in FM14 and 13.
  3. Scotland is broken in FM. Has been this way for the past two versions. Ah well, good think I don't like Scottish football anyway.
  4. Curious, did he play the second half? I find that sometimes getting angry at players works. I only use Liverpool though and I only really get angry at Sturridge or Mignolet, for obvious reasons. They both seem to take it quite well and usually bounce back to a couple of 7.0+ games.
  5. DOGSO as he was about to shoot clear on goal basically. Well, at least we can see DOGSOs are given, even if they are rare. Thanks for sharing guys.
  6. It's a miracle! First DOGSO red card I've seen in FM15 well at least we now know it's not completely bugged
  7. This is what I am talking about mikenevo, I get penalties, soft sometimes albeit but then I think that if the referee has decided it's a penalty there's no way he can't send the player off for stopping my guy from scoring. I don't know, meh. I'll try to go back and get some of my highlights into the bugs forum I guess. PS: I'm surprised that there was an average of 1 red card every two games in the conference last season!
  8. Check my other thread as I posted some there just now. Like I said, in six months of gameplay and watching the vast majority of red cards across all of the active leagues I have (England, Spain, France, Germany & Brazil) and I've not seen one.
  9. I would say DOGSO is more common at lower league levels than at a higher standard, but is still present. To give some figures, last year in the Conference across 555 total fixtures being played (including play-off semi final & final), the disciplinary sanctions were as follows: 3,159 cautions 227 dismissals Of the 227 dismissals: S1 - 39 dismissals S2 - 25 dismissals S3 - 2 dismissals S4 & S5 - 105 dismissals S6 - 4 dismissals S7 - 52 dismissals As you can see, almost half of all red cards issued were for DOGSO. (I would've done this for the PL or FL, but could only find misconduct stats for the Conference)
  10. I can upload some if necessary, but at the moment I'm more specifically referring to the actual situation of a DOGSO foul rather than the judgement of whether it should be a red or yellow card. How often do you have a DOGSO foul in your games, and how often is this followed up with a red card?
  11. How about someone from SI addresses why we don't see any red cards in the game for denial of goalscoring opportunities?
  12. But it's not DOGSO. I have just been through 30 different clips with sendings off marked professional fouls and they are all serious foul play sending offs. It just doesn't look like DOGSO is ever considered.
  13. Then I would say that FM15 deems a professional foul in fact as serious foul play and not denial of a goalscoring opportunity. Very sad to see that such a big part of football is missing from the game (DOGSO red cards), especially seeing as we see 4-5 DOGSO red cards across the top four leagues in England every week without fail!!
  14. No. Rough tackle is Serious Foul Play... not that the reasons are listed with reds on FM (not that I see anywhere anyway). You're right that the correct term for DOGSO is professional foul, but is there actually any red cards for professional fouls/DOGSO offences within FM?
  15. I had one the other day the exact same situation as Liverpool v City last season, Raheem Sterling running through on goal. 2 yards onside, not even close, he put it past the keeper, I was happy, only for the goal to be disallowed and the absolute penis of a linesman on the game getting it ridiculously wrong.
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