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  1. No idea what the average temperature is, but the machine is cool to the touch. I can't imagine what you'd have to do on the Air to make it warm up. Reviewers have struggled to get the fan to turn-on on the Pro model no matter what they've been doing. And like @craiigman says, the GPU does well too.
  2. Main difference is the lack of fans! But the graphical capability of this one (according to the game) is higher than my previous MacBook Pro - it gets 5 stars and the 3D match engine is very smooth indeed.
  3. After a couple of matches, all I can say is that all aspects of the game run very quickly & smoothly.
  4. I know the feeling... But on the new Air I know the fans will never kick in which used to be a real giveaway I was playing games rather than working...
  5. Runs ok through Steam which I guess is Rosetta doing its thing. Anything you want me to try or check specifically?
  6. I've not played this game in a while (the level of micro-management available has put me off in recent years), so am taking it easy to start with and delegating stuff. I've got about 1.8M in my transfer kitty but my DOF is responsible for transfer dealings. I see a player I like the look of and put a cheeky 1M bid in for him. A few days later, I get a message saying the club have accepted an offer of 30M made by my DOF. Up come the terms and obviously we can't afford the upfront fee or any of the wages and add-ons. Why would the DOF gazump my offer and then offer something we clearly
  7. Just to confirm that the cdkeys Steam code says its for PC but is PC & Mac as usual.
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