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  1. CDKeys Beta Code

    I found there are 2 digital versions on CDkeys. One with Beta and one without. Maybe you go the one without. Anyway if you got to the CDkeys website and view your previous orders, all the keys are stored there.
  2. It shouldn't make that much difference upgrading. Although, if you wanted to have more players/leagues then a better processor is the way to go.
  3. I did a season as a manger for Braga B. The player stats do increase. I suspect that it is slower than in the first team and that the poor lower league quality of teams/players in comparison to the high quality of the players in your B teams limits the effectiveness of and game time the players have.
  4. New computer please help.

    i'm not expert and I do not want to say, yes go buy a particular computer, however what I can say is, yes this will run FM13 better than my machine. If you are spending ~£600 on a computer, there must be other things you want to use it for?
  5. New computer please help.

    looked at the Chillblast machine - this is very similar to what I am running FM13 on at the moment (custom build), using Win 7 home premium. I am comfortably running a large db with 10 nations with 30 leagues in full detail. Although it can stick a bit during the transfer deadline day, but nothing more than 30-40 seconds. I am very happy with it,
  6. I would not know, but it would be interesting to know if a scout has dynamic reputation and how this can be changed. Maybe it is based on the quality of the players his team signs that he has recommended? I'd say the bigger the reputation, the more expensive his wages will be.
  7. How is his determination stats? this is also worth taking into account. At the lower levels of football, where I am currently managing I find this has a decent impact in the number of leads that the scout brings your way. I say leads because you need to rely on your own ability to judge a players ability/potential based on their entire profile.
  8. Following on from this, a player then has the ability to play a zone on the pitch more than a specific position. Then within that, could be a specialist within the zone for specific positions. Although there are several players in the game that have adapted to this already but we see them as DR/WBR/MR for example. Instead this could read defensive minded wide right.
  9. FM13 Background?

    on a serious note, maybe you should visit an optician
  10. Help!

    I would contact steam if I were you. They should be able to unblock your account.
  11. Player screen help

    I would guess that you are talking about your ass man assessment of your players, could it be that you no longer have an assistant manager?
  12. Football Manager.net is advertising pre orders at amazon, game and more...... so i'd say no to steam exclusivity
  13. you could try removing and graphics addons, skins, additional "packs" you may have added to the game?
  14. how about the Blogs with national newspapers. In the past they released demo CD's with sunday papers. Im sure ages ago a CM version was given away with a breakfast cereal