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  1. Chris Coleman was in charge....
  2. 40 in mine. They include Danny Shittu, Scott Parker and Alan Smith!!
  3. I also got the Rush Stadium but didnt want another 23 years of debt so I reloaded my save and it didnt happen the next time.
  4. He left Portsmouth in 2011 to join the French team Lille for one season but didnt make a single appearance for them. Now he is a Goalkeeping coach at Bolton after a spell in the same role at Millwall.
  5. Haha yes they did. But now were on 24 and they are still on 19.
  6. United have been awful in my game. They won the league in 2010 but since then (10 season later) they havent finished above 3rd, and the last 2 seasons theyve finished 12th and 13th.
  7. Been a bit unhappy with my squad for a few years now. I won 4 PL titles back to back around 2014-17 but ive been having problems finding players to replace the older guys. Ive got a transfer budget of nearly £100mil but nobody stands out through a player search. I also tend to stick with poor performing players as they always come good in the end. This time though they are taking longer than usual....
  8. Just thought Id show off my fantastic start to the season (PLEASE NOTE: You may have to scroll down a bit)
  9. Just to confirm that this option DOES exist in FM10. This is from my own save.
  10. Haha sorry im 2019 now but Carra retired 2016. Still not bad though, 38 years old. Didnt realise he was so old! He still made 7 league starts for me in his final season!
  11. Im Liverpool in 2019 and when Carragher retired I got the option to retire his 23 jersey. I didnt get the option when Gerrard retired though.
  12. Slightly off-topic but in my game, Peter Crouch is Phil Neville's assistant manager at Sheff Utd.
  13. My ass man done similar. Good thing is my players didnt hate ME for it, over-time they actually hated the ass man.
  14. No, but 69 or 60 would make a difference. I think a 100 rating gives more detail and that can only be a good thing.