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  1. Look at Valencia when he got the Number 7... he went from consistant winger to the shadow of him self.. i was glad when he changed number and became a RB much better.. more recently look at Adnan Januzaj and Mephis...
  2. What i would like is something similar to this however say you are in the final year of your contract, you could announce that you will not be renewing with the club, allowing other teams to know of your impending departure and so the press are more involved in linking you to new clubs. also would be a good thing if you could announce your retirement at the end of the season like all other people on the game can do. So rather you just retire and boom game over you have an actual end to your career, that way if you were particularly successful at the club they could have a bit of a fanfare for you also would be interesting if you could then just basically go into holiday mode and then if your former team or perhaps a national team is in dire straits you could come out of retirement to rescue them haha but that might be a little too much!
  3. I hate City.... But have to admit that is a great achievement well done!!!!! What's your record then???
  4. Sadly it's a little to late to retrain him I signed after he turned 30 and used him primarily as a player against the big teams and tough European away fixtures!
  5. They were awful on mine.... Had some right random players in their team... E.g frimpong ahead of Wiltshire.... Odd! However I just got the Job so am getting them back on track!!!
  6. Don't worry at least you know he'll get 50+ pointless caps for England......and fall over a lot.....
  7. i wouldnt say that particularly average XD
  8. He's coincidentally at liverpool on mine as well... he is an absolute beast... Liverpool have actually won the PL :O they also have sigurdsson who is Godlike!!! Everyone should try and get him he becomes top top class!
  9. I'm playing as Blackburn after becoming their manager from Stockport County. This guy isn't good enough i loaned him out a couple of seasons before releasing him i'm afraid to say!!
  10. I find i get offered loads of Jobs when im in a job but not when im out of one.. I guess its kinda like real life... as it is easier to get a new Job if you are currently employed lol!! Keep applying or perhaps set your sights slightly lower and work your way up again.. It would be a challenge
  11. I made my captain Lorik Cana it was working fine till i changed my formation now because he can only play DM i hardly play him. Although he's the best captain i made it someone who is gonna play regularly!
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