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  1. Here is an interesting bug: 1. set up a tactic with player instructions saved. 2. load a new save and import the tactic 3. check your player instructions The player instructions are random players/non-players from all over the world! From lower league Chinese defenders, to chairmen!
  2. Started a new save since the updated beta, in the conference premier. 6 games in and the results are: 3-2 3-1 1-5 3-6 3-6 4-4 thats 41 goals in 6 games!
  3. FM15 Be a Newgen

    I think they will be height, weight, skintone etc. but not sure
  4. I noticed the new be a newgen file in the extra files menu when setting up a game so i opened it up and it has the following format "DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN" "Rob" "" "Burnett" "28/04/1998" "England" "Southampton" "0" "5" "3" "180" "66" "Right" "ATTACKER_CENTRAL" "17" "352818" "" "" "" some of them are self explanatory but what about the numbers, does anyone know what these correspond to?
  5. Anyone else like me already designed their tactics? I can't wait! Instead of working i'm refreshing this thread:o
  6. I'm really excited about the new scouting system looks much much more immersive One thing I would like to see is where you have desired attributes, it would be nice to also have desired PPM's too
  7. player form on the day

    How about Form and Av Rating vs Ability? Often I am torn between picking the more inform player and the player who is better on paper.
  8. I have been often frustrated at how sometimes I can get a team to play really good football and other times my teams are just crap! I have recently tried a new approach, and it has brought me success in the lower leagues. A lot of this seems like common sense but it took me a while for the penny to drop and put it all together and I hope sharing my approach can help other managers. I would be interested to know if anyone else has good results following this guide. The idea for creating the tactics is based on how your squad compares to the rest of the teams in the league, and relies heavily on shouts during the match which are influenced by your assistant manager’s feedback. In theory it should work for any team at any level. This approach makes me feel more like a real manager reacting to situations as they happen rather than plugging in some tactics and hoping for the best. Recruitment The first and maybe most important step is to hire an assistant manager with the highest possible tactical knowledge and secondly judging player ability attributes. I just want to add a note here as well about signing players, the golden rule I always follow is to make sure every player I sign for the first team has an above average Decisions attribute relative to the league. You can work out the average by clicking Report->Comparison from the squad screen and viewing the worst and best team’s ratings. For the BSN it’s around 7. Formation Once you have your assistant it is time to create your tactics. When taking over an unfamiliar team I like to sort the squad by assistant managers CA rating. The reason being you want to get your strongest players into the starting XI It’s worth creating two or three formations, which put your best players in their natural positions. I would recommend avoiding the more experimental formations. It may be you only create one, in my case I had a standard 442 and standard 433. Roles & Duties / Style Once you have picked your starting XI go to the team selection screen and choose the Assistant Reports which will give your assistants opinion on their best roles and duties. Do as the man says and give them the corresponding roles & duties. Now it may be you have a really attack or defence orientated team which would skew the traditional balance of attack, support and defend duties. If this is the case (and generally when following this approach) I don’t recommend choosing the balanced style of play because player instructions are heavily influenced by the duty rather than the overall style. However apart from that it’s really up to you to decide what style of play you want to employ. Personally I prefer Rigid. Team Instructions Strategy – I start all my games on standard and change the strategy depending on how the game is progressing, more on that later. The rest of the team instructions will be influenced by the info displayed on the squad comparison screen. Make a note of whether the following values are in the top, middle or bottom 3rd of teams in the league. All positions -> Decisions All positions -> Passing All positions -> Workrate All positions -> Strength Midfield -> Creativity Midfield -> Tackling Attack -> Jumping & Heading Attack -> Movement Now go to your team instructions screen and adjust the settings based on the info below: Passing Style If your passing rating is in the top 3rd of all the clubs in the league = More direct Middle = Default Bottom = Shorter Creative Freedom Creativity is in top 3rd = More Expressive Middle = Default Bottom = More Disciplined Closing Down Workrate is in top 3rd = Press more Middle = Default Bottom = Stand off Marking Strength is in top 3rd = Man Mark Middle = Default Bottom = Zonal Crossing Heading & Jumping is in top 3rd = Float Middle = Default Bottom = Drill Roaming Movement is in top 3rd = More Roaming Middle = Default Bottom = Stick to Position Note: Poor decision making makes it difficult to implement any tactical instructions effectively, if your team has low decision making then you may want to be more cautious with adjusting the instructions. Instead of basing your decisions on the top 3rd / bottom 3rd perhaps only adjust from default if the values are in the top / bottom 25% instead. Now onto the match, and where your assistant manager really earns his money! Match I found the best way to set up my matchday screen is to view the pitch on full and have the assistant feedback and match stats boxes available. As stated previously, start the game on standard, unless you’re playing a team from a different league then you can start out with counter/control. You want to receive assistant feedback every 15mins. Always carry out the advice he gives on opposition instructions. Touchline Shouts I have compiled a list of the common feedback items you will get during a match and how to react via a shout. This is the key to the whole approach and I have often turned around games that were not going my way. Statistics Feedback: We’ve had a great deal of possession so far Shout: Change strategy to Control Feedback: We’re struggling to keep possession Shout: Change strategy to Counter Note: Sometimes you don’t get feedback on your possession so I follow a general rule of possession > 54% = Control OR < 46% = Counter. But take into consideration how the match is actually playing out as well. I only ever use the Attacking/Defend strategies late on in the game if I’m chasing a result or looking to hold on. Feedback: We should try to put more crosses in considering we’re superior in the air today. Shout: Exploit the wings Feedback: Our crossing have been particularly poor today Shout: Play narrower Feedback: The players look really up for this and are tackling superbly. Shout: Get stuck in Feedback: We are conceding a lot of fouls Shout: Stay on feet Feedback: We’re getting shots on goal but they’re from too far out to be a regular threat Shout: Work ball into box Feedback: We have a lot of possession but can’t get shots on goal. Shout: Shoot on sight Performance Feedback: Our short passes are connecting very well Feedback: We are misplacing way too many long passes Shout: Retain possession Feedback: Our Long passes are connecting very well Feedback: We are misplacing way too many short passes Shout: Get ball forward Feedback: Our passes, in general, are connecting very well Shout: Pass into space Feedback: We are misplacing too many easy passes Shout: Pass to feet Like I say most of this may seem like common sense, but it might help. ~ Paul
  9. Update on my Chester game, second season and I have just had to ask the board for more time promising ill do better next season! That's if we don't get relegated!
  10. I wanted a top 6 finish this season, my second season, but id settle for just keeping my job right now!
  11. Tactics for LLM

    Thats an interesting point about the relative ability, it makes sense that 5 tackling would win over 3 tackling but i think my approach was 5 tackling is rubbish so go easy on the tackling and not really considering i could be better than the opposition. Thanks - Paul
  12. I am struggling with my Chester side in BSN, we do have one of the worst squads in the league as i'm doing a youth team challenge but im looking for some thoughts/advice on how to set up my team. I usually do pretty well and play nice attractive football in the higher leagues with decent players, playing 4-2-3-1 or a similar variant. The players in this league just dont have the technical or mental ability to play the way i want. Which got me thinking about making the most basic of tactics, with everything toned down, for example no long shots, no through balls etc. Has anyone ever tried this? What kind of results did you get? I am going to give it a try and see what happens and ill update this if its sucessfull. Also if anyone has any other LLM tips it would be appreciated.
  13. Second season and things are going from bad to worse! I never imaged it to be this difficult, cant seem to figure out whats going wrong
  14. Congratulations, that is really impressive. Are you the first to complete the challenge?
  15. Chester FC [Ri916's FM 12 Youth Academy Challenge!]

    Thanks, yea i am happy with my intake 4 players went straight into the first team.