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  1. Kane for Vardy was an obvious substitution and I can't really see why Rooney was taken off. He didn't look tired, he was controlling the game. Lallana plays nice football that does not really stretch defenders and Sterling is direct but you get the feeling there is only a slight risk of him actually producing anything. Sterling, Rashford, Sturridge and Vardy are the only players that can stretch defenders and Kane and Alli seem undroppable. Playing two strikers makes the team unbalanced in midfield if we insist on taking out a wide player in either Lallana or Sterling. In the current system we had better hope Sterling starts producing otherwise I think we will struggle to break down anyone decent, Russia weren't even decent. I think we are in a situation where we may need to take our better players out for the good of overall team functionality. It may be better to take out Alli or Kane at times to provide a different kind of attacking threat rather than forfeiting a winger and become lopsided. I still expect us to win the group but I don't imagine it will be fun to watch.
  2. Interesting ploy to play Evra right back and Sagna left back
  3. Not sure if this is something that should go in the tactics forum. When setting up set piece routines I can't find an option to keep a player on the edge of the box. This seems like a massive oversight to me as it should be possible to instruct a player to wait on the edge of the box for either a shooting opportunity or most importantly breaking down a counter attack. This is a common set up and wouldn't expect it to be overlooked, maybe I am not looking in the right place.
  4. I may be doing something wrong but as far as I can see I cannot set specific player instructions depending on the side the corner is taken from. For instance, I am Gloucester and they only have one good corner taker but he is left footed only. I also have a massive target man who I want him to aim at. From the right hand side I want him to cross inwards and place my target man on the near post. From the right hand side I want my target man at the back post as the corner is swinging outwards. I can only set the players individual positions not dependent on the side of the corner.
  5. With a 3-4-1-2 I'm struggling to defend down the wings. I've effectively tried to just let Cheryshev attack down the left and then play Mario is a defensive winger on the right. I've then left a deep lying playmaker - defend on the left of my centre midfielders. I was hoping the deep lying playmaker would do Cheryshev's defensive work and then rely on Cheryshev, Uche, Vietto and dos Santos to score my goals. Dos Santos then got injured for 3 months so I've ended up with Cani in my Trequartista role and I'm struggling to create much without throwing too many players forward.
  6. FM 2010 - 953 hours FM 2011 - 1822 hours FM 2012 - 1398 hours FM 2013 - 694 hours FM 2014 - 23 hours I actually enjoyed FM 2012 saves the most out of the above versions but I've gradually had less time to play due to other things. Unless you think I'm the busiest man in the world you can see that I didn't rate 2014 highly at all.
  7. I take that back Spain are rubbish, Australia to top the group.
  8. I'm going to stick my neck out and say Spain will probably do better with Torres than Costa.
  9. The golden boot winner to be knocked out in the group stage.
  10. Have you ever seen a team win with 10 strikers and a goalkeeper?
  11. Only got the game today and may be a coincidence as I have only played a few games but have already conceded 2 goals where the keeper has missed the ball when receiving a back pass. It could be my keeper but he isn't that bad I don't think. I've also conceded 3 other own goals which may also be a coincidence but 5 own goals in 8 games is quite high although I don't have any statistics to compare it to.
  12. Finished my 1st season with Everton and finished 4th and thought the Champions League might help with some extra cash. I got 4 million to spend so I sold Fellaini to Man City for £36 million thinking I would then have about £20 million to spend. Once I sold him I checked my budget and I now have £9 million to spend!!! The only signing I've made so far is Craig Gardner in January for £2.5 million who isn't really the same quality and I bought him for back up/rotation rather than a replacement and even then I had to sell Hibbert to afford him.
  13. I dont have FM 14 but unless something has changed with Ramsey or Arteta's attributes they probably don't have great defensive stats compared to players like Lucas Leiva who are obvious defensive midfielders and probably don't have the same passing stats. What kind of goals are you conceding? I would suggest making your fullbacks a bit closer to your centre backs rather than staying wide as anyone 1 vs 1 with Mertesacker is probably going to win that race. The centre midfielders you have won't win lots and lots of tackles other than maybe Flamini and they are quite mobile players so wont always stay protecting your centre backs and even if they do they wont do it brilliantly as its not what they are best at. My suggestions are to make Mertesacker a stopper and Koscielny cover and stop your fullbacks hugging the touchline. Then give Ramsey more freedom but keep Arteta as a Deep Lying Playmaker and rely on them keeping the ball well and moving the ball quickly to your forward players particularly Ozil and Walcott rather than getting your fullbacks involved so much.
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