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  1. Kane for Vardy was an obvious substitution and I can't really see why Rooney was taken off. He didn't look tired, he was controlling the game. Lallana plays nice football that does not really stretch defenders and Sterling is direct but you get the feeling there is only a slight risk of him actually producing anything. Sterling, Rashford, Sturridge and Vardy are the only players that can stretch defenders and Kane and Alli seem undroppable. Playing two strikers makes the team unbalanced in midfield if we insist on taking out a wide player in either Lallana or Sterling. In the current system we
  2. Interesting ploy to play Evra right back and Sagna left back
  3. With a 3-4-1-2 I'm struggling to defend down the wings. I've effectively tried to just let Cheryshev attack down the left and then play Mario is a defensive winger on the right. I've then left a deep lying playmaker - defend on the left of my centre midfielders. I was hoping the deep lying playmaker would do Cheryshev's defensive work and then rely on Cheryshev, Uche, Vietto and dos Santos to score my goals. Dos Santos then got injured for 3 months so I've ended up with Cani in my Trequartista role and I'm struggling to create much without throwing too many players forward.
  4. FM 2010 - 953 hours FM 2011 - 1822 hours FM 2012 - 1398 hours FM 2013 - 694 hours FM 2014 - 23 hours I actually enjoyed FM 2012 saves the most out of the above versions but I've gradually had less time to play due to other things. Unless you think I'm the busiest man in the world you can see that I didn't rate 2014 highly at all.
  5. I take that back Spain are rubbish, Australia to top the group.
  6. I'm going to stick my neck out and say Spain will probably do better with Torres than Costa.
  7. The golden boot winner to be knocked out in the group stage.
  8. Have you ever seen a team win with 10 strikers and a goalkeeper?
  9. Only got the game today and may be a coincidence as I have only played a few games but have already conceded 2 goals where the keeper has missed the ball when receiving a back pass. It could be my keeper but he isn't that bad I don't think. I've also conceded 3 other own goals which may also be a coincidence but 5 own goals in 8 games is quite high although I don't have any statistics to compare it to.
  10. I dont have FM 14 but unless something has changed with Ramsey or Arteta's attributes they probably don't have great defensive stats compared to players like Lucas Leiva who are obvious defensive midfielders and probably don't have the same passing stats. What kind of goals are you conceding? I would suggest making your fullbacks a bit closer to your centre backs rather than staying wide as anyone 1 vs 1 with Mertesacker is probably going to win that race. The centre midfielders you have won't win lots and lots of tackles other than maybe Flamini and they are quite mobile players so wont alway
  11. Probably should just retrain him as a midfielder the disadvantages of making your centre back go out of position probably outweigh him taking a few long shots a game even if he is really good at them. When you say its common these days for centre backs to go forward I can't think of too many really that get in scoring positions from open play other than staying forward from set pieces.
  12. I have never finished a game against Lee Cattermole without him being at least yellow carded but this is probably the case in reality. Mehdi Lacen for Getafe is the same.
  13. As a Chelsea fan you should expect this http://chimptube.tv/upload/files/photos/1366409333916c37_l.gif
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