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  1. Thank you guys. @Seb WassellWould you say the way WWY is *supposed* to rise is merely by incorporating youth into the first team? Or training youth? Developing youth into full regulars? Working as U19 and U23 intl coach? What's the path to it?
  2. Thanks for bringing this up. From what I've read, LoD can be increased by disciplining/fining your players for suspensions, performances, etc. (See the discipline contract at the start of the season). And adaptability can be increased by taking a job in a foreign country/a country where you have to learn a different language. I'm inclined to believe those reports. WWY, however, doesn't seem to change, even when someone works with plenty of young players (23 and under). As a last ditch effort, I wonder if it is only increased if you coach a youth team (such as an youth nation in an internati
  3. You would think so. But reviewing others' experiences that doesn't seem true. See the stat progress for managers in this challenge (ctrl+f "WWY"). You'll find virtually all stats increase except for WWY ( ) Likewise here, notice all stats improve except LoD, Adaptability, and WWY. We know how to improve LoD and Adaptability, but not WWY ( )
  4. Hi there. I've done a great deal of searching and it looks like nobody has an answer: Is there really no way to improve your manager's "working with youngsters" attribute? Everything I've seen suggests it's impossible, and I'd love to get confirmation from a staffer.
  5. The game has just reached full-time (as seen on the top left), but look at the first pep-talk option: "...let's get out there for the second half." That doesn't seem right, clearly.
  6. edit: Nevermind, read you wrong. The test to see if mentality influences it needs to be more thorough though. Did you try two vastly different mentalities to see how it influenced the graphs?
  7. Stefaan, it's interesting that lowering their PA lowered their graphs. I'm assuming you didn't touch their mental stats or hidden attributes. Could it be that the graphs are connected to PA/CA/Attribute development?
  8. Awesome. Were all the training categories equal or was the graph on one category higher than another? What about match rating?
  9. I think it's possible to guesstimate based on their match stats and match rating related to mentality. No, I gotcha. I don't think anyone really knows yet if the graphs are truly an important influence. I mean in terms of whether they significantly influence stat gain.
  10. The idea that graphs reflect training intensity itself is incorrect. A more likely structure: [training intensity + player traits + coach traits + environmental conditions = bar graph] One way to test this would be to have two identical players take the same routine at the same club with the same coach with the same match experience. Result: -If the graphs for both players are virtually identical after repeated tests, then we can establish that traits + match experience = graph. -If the graphs are wildly different, then we are dealing with RNG or some other factor that we aren't aware of.
  11. Been reading this thread and it inspired me to experiment on those bar graphs. jim morrow appears to be right: With every outfielder on the identical generic schedule (General maxed out) after three months, the results on the graph were unique for each player. Tellingly, every player stat increases demonstrated positive correlation with bar graph levels, although the opposite wasn't always the case (high bar graph didn't always lead to stat increase). In one player, stat decrease was linked to relatively low initial graph reading and progressively decreasing bar graphs over the course of thr
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