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  1. I am not opposed to that in theory, but I need to remove that PPM. What I was asking was whether I can still remove the trait if I have tried and failed removing it once already.
  2. I didn't buy a backup striker in my first season, so on his first England appearance Kane got injured for 8 months. Ended up in 5th after almost getting sacked for Xmas, lost the CL final to United. Season 2 will be hard, since I am incapable of winning away from home in the league. Hopefully Kane stays healthy. I bought Allan from Napoli in January, and his presence in the team turned Eriksen into a formidable attacking force. This summer, I bought Gedson Fernandes from Benfica (I think) to be my new RB after Aurier got one red card too many. I am really struggling to find an affordable LB or AMR that can cross, which is limiting me a little
  3. I have a young right winger with all the right attributes for what I want him to do, except he has the PPM "Cuts inside from both wings." I have tried to make him unlearn the PPM, but it didn't work. Is there any randomness involved, or is it set in stone that he can never unlearn it? I don't mind making him try several times if there's a chance it'll work, but if he will never change then I have to just sell him.
  4. I quite prefer a solid Delap over the more "en vogue" overlap and underlap. Good job How is this working for you in the Tippeliga?
  5. I didn't even last half a season, myself.
  6. You should try Vaduz in Switzerland, and try to get them to the Champions League. They are in the Swiss second division, but they are actually a team from Lichtenstein. That means that they cannot qualify for Europe via the league - instead they have to do it in the Lichtenstein cup (which is a breeze). That makes life a little tougher in in the present, as they have many more fixtures than their competitors. In the long run, your only way of qualifying for CL is to win the Europa League.
  7. I beat them at home, and they only lost one other game in the league all season long. Looking at the quality around the league, I think that you just have to accept that the teams relegated from the league above are a class apart. I assume 73 points will be enough to get promoted most years, though. I hope hoofball keeps me from getting relegated immediately Yeah, my wage budget is at 57k, but I have been able to wheel and deal my way to 71k of transfer spending. It's a struggle, because while most of my starting 11 is decent, I have to bring 4 german U23s on match day. I have 3 of these who have been on the bench every game, but that I don't trust. It really narrows the options when my bench only has 3 viable subs. Wow, those are solid stats! Congratulations. Conceding 29 in 36 is pretty great I had almost no 1-0 games myself, but that is probably because 1860 are tipped 6th of 20 in 3.liga. I assume I just have better players than you, compared to the league I am in. That will probably change, now that I have been promoted :/ Peljam, do those set pieces actually behave like they should in-engine? I have set up routines as well, but it seems like my team uses the default routines instead. It's really obvious, since my CDs stay back on long throws and my "mark keeper" player on corners just comes short. Turns out the only person doing what he is supposed to is the taker. I didn't even bother with setting up free kicks after that disappointment. Fortunately, my very own Rory Delap imitation - who was already at the club - still manages to generate a lot of good situations from his throws. Only 3 assists, but most of them are flicked on or fought over. Even with my routines not working, I also think I prefer throwing to corners
  8. So I just wanted to say thanks again for the tip. While my home form suffered a slight dip after the winter break, my away form is enormously improved. With 4 games to play now, I need 1 point to secure 2nd place. My away record after restricting the full backs away from home is 5-2-2 so my total away record is currently at 7-7-3. I have also found success raising my tempo and defensive line when chasing a goal - though I do not dare do this unless my fast CD is on the pitch (I only have the one T_T). Now if only I didn't have a ridiculous Braunschweig in this division...
  9. I am attempting a style very close to this in my 1860 München save. After 16 games in the league with this style I am in 2nd place. However, it is not all rosy. While at home I am 7-1-0 with a a goal difference of 20-5, I struggle away from home with a much more modest 2-5-1 and goal difference of 14-10. To be honest, I was kind of expecting it to be the other way around I have tried tinkering with the line of engagement, maybe if I pull that back a little and pass into space? I have also tried changing one of my wingers to wide midfielder. I have also noticed in the last 2 games that my set piece routines are not followed by all my players. On long throw-ins my CD comes short to the trow instead of being in the box. On corners, my winger marking the keeper comes running out to be a short option just before the corner is taken Can this be intentional, or should I report it as a bug? The players are familiar with the tactic, if that matters.
  10. Is there really no additional focus that targets crossing? This feels like an oversight to me.
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