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  1. my coaches for a couple things ( cant remember , not on FM atm) are only 4 star, the rest and 4.5 or 5 star I want to push them up
  2. I have tried every other option , all with the same response If a manager who has won lots of trophies with that club, won the League everytime and consisently in Europe getting to the later stages and has got them in a financial stable postion. Now I dont pay back the loans I go between making a small profit or losing a small amount of money each month. But at the end of season I still make a huge profit from competition wins etc, prize money , and not from selling players, Surely they would allow 2 more coaches?
  3. Its just the logic ...... 2 coaches not a damn army
  4. I wanted a couple more coaches!!!! Not £100m to spend on players........
  5. Did not know you could do this. Asked for more coaches and they said no. Said I might not be able to continue they said ok ... had two options resign or stay... Really I've reduced the wage budget won 6 titles in a row, 2 ECL's , 5 F.A cups and they would let me go as they wont let me have more coaches.. Crazy!
  6. Crashed out in the group stages the last two WC.... Not really good
  7. I would want to see Parker and Milner in the middle just to run around and tackle!
  8. I would like to see what happens in international games before this, and just a couple of questions if anyone knew the answers would help me understand whether the BBC hyped this up etc and well shouldnt do this as well it just spurs bad feelings towards. Do black players get abused during the match? Is there violence after matches ? But even if this doesnt happen in internationals, i would want Poland and Ukraine to massively clamp down on domestic issues of rasicm etc
  9. Nope, his value would put me off, I would buy someone better who is cheaper and more unknown and basically just get the players ready for next season OR massively improve the squad and hope to win every game to catch up
  10. Ruben , was 23 and transfer listed at Barca for £220k, bought him for Man Utd, first season unspectatular, second season scored 60+ goals led me to Champs league glory, 3rd season did the same thing again. But he got to big for his boots and wanted 200k+ a week , so sold for £50m to Inter , and bought in a regen called Ferrer for £35m who broke all Ruben's records. But I still feel I like Ruben more due to going from being a reserve transfer listed player to a world beater , and making me a massive profit in the end as well....
  11. I was thinking of having 2 roaming attacking players with fletcher winning the ball back, otherwise you would leave your defence exposed if they counter
  12. Bump.. Anyone had this problem etc?
  13. Yep, like i said its just the middle paragraph which is wrong, where it says he still plays for Barcelona and has spent time at my club...
  14. Hi guys I dont know if this has been brought up if so sorry! , but when i sign a player on a free, sometimes the Bio will says X has spent his whole career at Team A , and spent time at My team when in fact he has signed permantly at mine? The top bit where is it says his contract is worth and has X to run with me etc is correct though
  15. Erikson is amazing as an AP for me , and had the bonus of playing AMC, AML, AMR with good results if i need to change his position.
  16. Erikson when playing at CM is amazing for me
  17. Fletcher , Erikson , Ayew? Fletcher as a BMW, and Erikson and Ayew as AP, wouldnt break the bank either
  18. If you were looking at a normal business turnover would be sales etc. so on FM , thats player sales, ticket sales , prize money etc
  19. in what way? Liverpool payed £20m for Downing...... £35m for Carroll.....
  20. Just started Bayern Save, in September. Ribery was injured when he returned , first game back Robben out for 5-6 weeks, next game Kroos out for 5-6 weeks....
  21. Thanks , I reckon I will try Anderlecht
  22. I know this may sound boring but I need help deciding who to play as , if anyone can help , I look for team who dominates the league but isnt a big player in Europe or just not as good in Europe . So on FM11 i played as Ajax who I dominated the league and got to the Quarter Final in the ECL.. Any suggestions would be great.
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