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  1. Basically my team is going well now in an adapted 442: one defensive midfielder, one player maker in the middle with two wing attacker midfielder and a deep lying forward accompanied with a poacher. However my DLF is getting on a bit (over 30) and he's still playing well but I want to plan for the future I have 4 or 5 prospects through my academy however they are all poachers, I do have Jovetic but in my team he seems to play better as a left winger which means i can re-organise in the short term for injury and suspension but I feel like I need a long term answer So what would you guys advise? Buy a new guy to play along with the poacher i.e. a new DLF? Shift Jovetic to Trequarstia ( plays well but plays better as a left winger) and buy a new winger, or play two poachers? Any help would be greatly recieved , Thanks !
  2. Club: Man Utd Budget: Anything Looking for: Antonio Valencia replacement With: i would like a player who can be as good in crossing , etc Other: Young really , so 18 or 19 years old Season:2nd Season + Club: Man Utd Budget: Anything Looking for: Evra Replacement With: Good attacking capablities Other: Would be ready to step into Evra's place whenever needed Season:2nd Season
  3. Really ???!!! First save on FM12 , start with man utd. Rooney is playing well scoring all my goals , and then England friendly in september injured out for eight months!!!!! Is it worth just selling him for as much as possible when he returns ??
  4. There's football outside of England , that cant be true . It would be like their was football before sky sports
  5. Thou shalt always end youth players careers one day in if thou not good enough
  6. see if you could get a higher rep'd feeder club or if they have a few years on their contract offer them out to buy as you often get loan offers from clubs
  7. In year 2/3 everton got took over and have spent over £100 million , but yet to start full season to see how they play
  8. on europe away games or away games that are a distance you having to pick X amount of players to take with you and you can only pick out of those players (sry if been mentioned)
  9. if i was going to troll i would say watch this vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnhF1QAEZjU but i wouldnt watch it though
  10. bebe was a joke as well he must be up their as one of the worst signings so far( fingers crossed) but with brown he is 31?32? he should be challenging as hes experienced and not that old so he shouldnt be content in not playing as in my opinion is better then smalling and should try and leave Man Utd
  11. cause he's willing to sit on the bench and bebe is a has been, he was decent at his old club and now hes awful
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