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  1. Hi,

    I'm not going to post this as an FM14 bug because I am sure it was still present in FM13.

    I am playing as Spurs and am trying to sell Adebeyor. I have an offer of 3.8m from Liverpool. However he wants £36,000 per week for the remainder of his contract to leave. His contract is for another three years so this value is £5.6m.

    So, lets do the math, 3.8 in and 5.6 out. leaving a net loss of 1.8m

    How is that good business? Instead of having someone sitting around bench warming, who isnt to bad a player, instead I pay 1.8m to lose him.


    Thankfully I was able to cancel the deal, but how did my DoF think it was good?

    This is what my Director of Football thought was a good move.

    I placed Ade on the unwanted list and it costs me 1.8m..............

    Yes in the long term you lose 1.8m but save yourself 5.6-1.8=3.8m However you can also take the risk of someone actually fully buying him or it not happening and being stuck with him

  2. Hello fellow managers.

    My question is this: What team can I go where I will actually be forced to source players from the lesser leagues around the world?

    I mean, I have started many games with the aim of trying to replicate real life transfer behaviour with teams such as Rangers/Celtic or some of the smaller English teams in scouring eastern Europe and such likes for cheap but potentially first team players, but the trouble is that although there are many good low reputation players out there (in countries like Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic etc) and they are on low wages, they are also usually still relatively quite expensive (£2m-£4m).

    Also, as I'm sure you are all aware, after a season or two with just about any top league team, certainly in the top rep leagues, you are usually rich enough to take your pick of any number of international class players, which means it would be pointless and also quite risky to continue buying cheaper/lesser players for the first team.

    So I was wondering if any of you had the same problem, and if so how do you go about remedying it? I would love to stay in one of the four top leagues, but I suppose I would be open to trying out a lesser league, although I would still like to be able to manoeuver in the transfer market.

    I managed Ajax once. Was really fun - dominated home league , but champs league was the real test -> was ecastic when I reached UCL QF

  3. In Preferences there will be a box about moving games for TV tick or untick it and your games should stop all being played together (might have to wait for the new season to take affect).

    Thanks, just found preferences and it was unticked. Just ticked it. Hopefully games should be moved now, thanks again.

  4. Hi, so im stiill playing FM12 and it seems that all my games are all played on the same day, so in the EPL all 20 teams are all playing on the same day. I'm currently in decemeber and it seems every league fixture previous is like this. Champions League is also the same in the group stage.

    This is the last patch on my laptop, I have had previous saves on my desk top in earlier patchs and its been fine.

    Any ideas why it is like this?

    Edit: sorry if this is in the wrong section

  5. We could have had no complaints if we had lost every match - didnt control any single match because of a tactical system straight out of the Jurassic era. When you forwards are so far away from your midfield who in turn are sat on top of the defence you will never dominate a game.

    Less possession and less shots than both Norway and Belgium in games preceding the tournament. Pathetic.

    You can what he wanted to do though, get a 1-0 lead hold it. Unfortunately he dont have players who can play like that well.

    I wouldnt call that pathetic , I would say he ( hodgson) was trying to play with a system .

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