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  1. Hi everyone! i start the game uneployed at gafanha (3 division Portugal) 2018/2019- i saved from relegation 2019/2020- promoted to 2nd league 2020/2021- promoted to 1st league 2021/2022- 5th place 2022/2023- 10th place and 1/4 final europa league however i have never been invited to other clubs and i am never chose to the clubs wich i apply like Guimarães who finished lower than me
  2. can you guys recomend any defensive midfielders for my Aston Villa save on the 1st season?
  3. Sell Eliseu and buy Afonso Figueiredo (Boavista)
  4. After your advice i change my tactic for this: The result are better, thanks a lot!!!
  5. Mentality - Attacking Hello Tactical masters I am having difficulties since the 16.2 update to have results, can someone help me? Merry Christmas
  6. What do you guys do to rescind with joe cole and Given?
  7. Aston Villa The last time I played with this team was in FM08 where they had a lot of money, very different reality from now that even the leadership was replaced in November and came to be spoken I be fired. With the lack of money just was possible to sign a player, a well-known forum here being that only had trained in my EMEM the save half epoch in Paderborn and did not yield to assess very well. Outings in a lot of guys borrowed to save wages, and of course the best of all was to have delivered me from Bent who was the more salary earned, and we still have here Given and Joe Cole more. The squad is not much out there beyond, and worst of all is that the save begins with Benteke and Kozak still injured for a while, but when they were available and to get into the best shape Benteke asked to leave and Kozak was injured 3 more months. Also noteworthy was that Andre Green with 16 years whenever q is possible we will give you minutes and Grealish that by injuring two months was titularissimo the far left, two pearls of our training! The results you do not see well are winning 1-0 against City and thrashed 6-1 at Chelsea. However with good campaign already committed myself to the direction to qualify for europe league, and personally believe in the UCL. As for the transfers market spent the last pennies to ensuring that Luka Jovic also very ja here was spoken but have not had the opportunity to train. Young Traoré European gold Ja now what are the best players that are cost 0 at the end of the 1st epoch?
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