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  1. We'll ive just finished my first league match as manager of Man City. Played United away and i won 2-1. Tevez and Adebayour. The year's game is a bit too complicated for me. By the way how do you change tactics in a match without it having to be showing a key moment? And im still disappointed as Wigan got just under 25,000 for there first game of the season against Wolves...never in a million years would that happen... its the same every year, attendences for clubs such as Wigan and Blackburn are unrealistic compared to real life...
  2. Just downloading it now. Cant be arsed reading through the pages so can anyone tell me. How much dosh do you get to spend at Notts County?
  3. Who do you support?

    Bolton fan forever!! So many good times!! This is probably one of my favourite memories. This is from before the game at Bayern Munich http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETCUlM2Bwww&feature=related
  4. Bolton to start with... then onto Bury, then onto scotland with Rangers... then ill finish my managerial career with Leigh Genesis...
  5. In approx 7 minutes:thup:
  6. I think it's a disgrace they appointed Sheridan as manager in the first place...from Peterborough to Ireland?? haha