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  1. I recommend waiting, everyone. I was frustrated last night about the same thing, but I let it go. Once they have the site working and everything it will be great. Go ahead and start a game. I certainly miss the logos and facepacks though... the game really is different without them. For me at least!
  2. Nevermind. Apparently I can't understand GBP too well. xD
  3. Blah... really wish sortitoutsi would be back up!
  4. This tactic defensively is a little weak for me, but I'm chalking this up to the latest patch and its tactical changes. Any plans on an update? Before the patch it was fine.
  5. Aye... this tactic was the bee's knees in FM10. I hope you can come out with something similar in FM 11! I can never really enjoy this game until I find a good tactic. It's never fun playing as Newcastle without a decent tactic...
  6. All I get from this training schedule is injuries lasting a month or longer. This has happened to me all season and I'm now without seven first team players because of it. I appreciate what you tried to do here, but your training schedule has just screwed my team up the entire season. I'm going back to Tug's.
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