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  1. Fair, and I broadly agree. I've just got one comment on: This didn't always used to be the case. Im sure many of us on here were brought to the CM/FM series by friends playing the game; word of mouth was key to the success of the game; a few versions ago, students at every university would play huge network games and I don't think this happens as much anymore.
  2. It's possible to add future newgens to the database with basic details (name, date of birth, nationality, favourite team) using an EDT file. Fedorico Dominichioni must be one of these.
  3. I suggest you combine your FM playing with another activity at the same time. It's easy to work out while playing. I often used to play while cooking dinner. You only get so much time on this earth, so make sure you give the important things in life like FM as much time as possible
  4. If I get FM13, I'll do what I always do and manage with the lowest rep team in the EPL (Norwich?) and play a season with no transfers. If it's too easy then I won't bother with a career game.
  5. Maybe the injury proneness attribute shouldn't be part of the scout report and only found out at the medical stage.
  6. particularly if aerobic and strength training is high
  7. Full match, every match, including friendlies, reserves and youth games.
  8. Update: I'll be doing this with the 10.3 database instead.
  9. I am trying to import the FM10 database into FM07. I am sure this will appeal to anyone with low-end computers and those who find FM10 too bugged. I mainly want this to be a rehearsal for FM11Lite, when the world cup etc. will be on the correct season. I am basically emptying the FM07 database and then copying the data one field at a time from the FM10 editor into the FM07 editor. This sounds like a mammoth task, but I hope to keep the man-hours involved to a minimum by using macros. So far I have: emptied the FM07 database of people updated continents updated languages updated weather updated injuries started moving clubs into their current divisions I will be correcting dates (e.g. birth dates) by subtracting 3 years. Where possible, I will use real competition & award names and fixtures. I am considering using Gillsman's injury model. I will correct any data errors I become aware of e.g. Stephen Carr. I may try to include the nation of Tuvalu which is in the FM10 database, but not 7.0.2. I am not going to try to change anything that is hard-coded, e.g. UEFA cup structure. The main difficulty I foresee is creating a macro to copy the personal relationships between players. If I can keep the computing time down to a few seconds per person/club I could theoretically have the update ready by January.
  10. Would it be backwards compatible with other versions of the games?
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