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    Town fan through and through

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    Shaymen town of Halifax

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    The SHAYMEN!!
  1. I have been promoted from the USASA Atlantic to the A1 North East, and the division has doubled in size to have 43 sides in it, while some divisions only have 9 teams!
  2. Luxembourg Lottery

    Name: Benoît Wallace Position: DC Preferred Foot: Left x3 attributes at 20: Tackling, Positioning, Heading Date of birth (must be 1995): 05/02/1995 Height: 195cm Weight: 82kg
  3. Would this save be available to download so we can pay it ourselves?
  4. completely unrealistic

    Nowadays the cup ends in round 2. Non-League teams are the spirit of the Cup, and make it what it is.
  5. Stalybridge are very poor side, I wouldn't play as them. Vauxhall Motors - all in the name. Fantastic outfit, would be a great side for a top manager
  6. Scarboro' missing

    Well they are, Brighouse beat them 3-2 on saturday
  7. That is true. However FC Halifax are set as 2010 and get in
  8. worst team in england

    Farsley is difficult. Start on -10, little money and a not so good squad
  9. I can understand this. For instance as a Halifax fan if I took over them at the start of the season I would hate to see Neil Aspin to have to leave the club
  10. Forest, Not The One You'd Expect!

    Alex Meechan used to play for Town
  11. Have Gillingham and Weymouth dropped down considerably since these managerial changes?
  12. Euro Cup/ECC Issue

    Yeah, Two, thats a number (Joking)
  13. Euro Cup/ECC Issue

    Have you not thought of common sense?
  14. Does strength not play a part in this? In the conference north with a pretty physical side I have had 3 injuries in game. All for people with strength less than 10
  15. Glenn Hoddle Academy ?

    In reality most of the players go to Level 7 or 8 clubs. Paul Harrison who is in the squad came to Halifax, and had a few good games. Set up the winner vs Droylsden in the FA cup, but was garbage for the rest. Left the club to Harrogate Railway