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  1. This happened 3 times already. A fault inside box (penalty) and the save freezes. See image. Is there anything I can do on my end? Cheers.
  2. Congratulations! (But how much did you have to cheat?...)
  3. I've been playing with the same club for several seasons in FM18 now, and am getting a bit itchy about starting a new save at a different league/country. Can you please answer the pool, and maybe share your reasons below as well. Thanks.
  4. Yes, I give free drinks every time Neymar falls. LOL
  5. I coach both Brazil and Southampton. As 2024 Premier League climaxes, I got the message below referring to my recent success with Brazil as an indication of future success with Southampton (see red underline). My question is, how does my performance with the national team may affect my club team (does it impact morale)?
  6. Thanks. You are spot on. I do use wingers to feed Lukaku in the box (a good number of header goals already). See my most common formation below (oftentimes I move my AP to play as CM or DM - depending on schedule, tiredness and opposition).
  7. Thanks, Neil. As always, you are the most helpful and respectful moderator in this forum.
  8. Just like in the offside case that pestered FM 16-17, (some) moderators keep criticizing players until someone in the Product team decides it's about time to fix the problem. In any case, moderators should be a little bit more open-minded and respectful. Thanks.
  9. Realistic frustration is OK. Unrealistic frustration is not.
  10. Training injuries is a frustrating -and unrealistic- feature. Every week I get some player getting seriously injured during training (for 3 to 5 months). Yes, I give off days collectively and individually, and the overall workload is already at MEDIUM. (Some fan site has developed a mod fix for this, so it's not just me...) Is the FM product team planning to tweak this feature for a more realistic result in any upcoming patch? Thanks for considering this.
  11. Hi. In case you are interested in checking, see below my Southampton squad in 2023. I just poached Lukaku from Manchester United free. I brought Sampaio and Miguel as kids and they became superstars. Other important recent signings are Ceballos and Miceli. I also bought goalkeeper Rajkovic really cheap from Maccabi Tel Aviv and he turned out to be a great player. Sule, Bernat, Xakha, and Moura are other great signings. My league standings have been oscillating between 3rd and 6th... Take a look and let me know:
  12. I was going to open a thread, asking if (all things being equal), a goalkeeper is less effective than a midfielder as a captain? My goalie (Rajkovic) has leadership 16, whereas my vice-captain (Fekir, a fairly determined attacking midfielder) has a 14 leadership. Should I promote my goalie to vice-captain? (Great question on the relation between leadership and squad dynamics. In my current save as Southampton, my captain (Ceballos) is a team leader and my vice-captain (Fekir) is highly influential. So it seems that both factors are mutually related.)
  13. Interesting updates. I just finished 4th place again (my best with Southampton was 3rd). What's your final league position? During matches, how much/often do you click on sideline shouts/instructions?
  14. I've been coaching Southampton for a few seasons, the best I got was 4th place. I can't recall leading any small or mid club to win a major national league anywhere. Is it realistic to lead Southampton to win the Premier League? More broadly, any other examples in other countries. If yes, what are the main strategies to achieve that? Thanks.
  15. It's all back to normal again. Google Drive was syncing/running on the background, which may have been the reason why loading was taking so long.
  16. I've been playing FM18 normally until last night. The save now takes about 2 minutes to load (the load bar grows then stops for 10-20 seconds, then it moves again). I then play it normally for a few minutes (submitting responses and clicking "Continue") and in the transition it then freezes. I'm on year 2022, and I must admit, I can only play it with Cheat Engine (version 6.4) on. Otherwise, it's incredibly sluggish. I've been using Cheat Engine for several years (real life). I wonder if you released some update that suddenly messed up with my save? Any help please is appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Did he get injured, or extremely unhappy with something (like you refused a better contract)?...
  18. My striker scores 3 or 4 goals in a game (brilliant), but will invariably play horribly in the next match. This happens to me on FM since always. Any tips to prevent my striker from collapsing after a brilliant game? Thanks.
  19. I got rid off my ageing influential players at Southampton, with little or no problem. Dynamics is important, the atmosphere needs to stay positive, but small hiccups aren't a problem - as long as your team is winning games. I currently have Southampton as a runner up in the Premier League!
  20. I sometimes merge squads, meaning: get rid of deadwood, and move all U23 players to the Reserve Squad, or move all U18 players to U23. Any thoughts on pros and cons (besides saving my time with squads I don't care about)? Why some clubs have Reserve Squads, while others don't?... A squad editor (to merge or create squads) would be nice....
  21. I always wondered if giving the favorite number improves morale or loyalty?... Any evidence?...
  22. I agree with you. Smaller leagues are fun, and 30 league games sounds very appealing to me (I never played Norway - is it fun?). I get bored in Brazil or England, with their massive 38 plus games...
  23. *Every* time I try to fix these unhappy players complaints, I regret dearly. Unless it's a major injury risk... just keep the whip cracking!
  24. What's the smallest underdog lower-league club that you ever led to glory in its main national league (Premier, Liga, Brasileirao, etc.)?.... I can't recall ever winning any major league with a tiny club over the years... :-( Just want t have a sense of how achievable these challenges are... Thanks,
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