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  1. When I sign a new player, I'm often posed with a new sign interview option. I usually take it and am intrigued by this: - "I don't care if he performs as long as someone else does." - What is the point of saying that?! How rude... - if I decline the interview... What do I miss? - Any tips to gain most out of this feature.
  2. My new facial avatar (generated by FM on my photo) looks a bit disgusting. Is there any way I can replace it with a real photo of myself? Thank you.
  3. Agreed. Everybody in my team is scoring, except the strikers (and the goalkeeper). I've been adding extra sessions of Chance Conversion, but results are yet to be seen.
  4. Director camera. Fm file uploaded, titled Oct 19 test.fm OBS: I just bought a new laptop, and reinstalled FM19. The lightpost also appears in the new laptop. Also note it only show at home games, in the stadium Oreste Granillo. Please let me know if there is any tweak I can make on my end. Thanks.
  5. Hi guys. Congrats on releasing FM19 on November 1st. The lightpost problem is still there. Any chance to patch that? Thank you.
  6. Same with temperature. I don't feel my players feel that tired playing on a hot 31C Mediterranean Summer.
  7. There is a huge light post blocking my view. That's Reggina's Oreste Granillo stadium. See image below. Is there a setup option to remove that? Thank you.
  8. I set my new save to not mask player attribute numbers. (My rationale is that, in the world of pro football, all players are basically known already...). My question is: do I need a staff of scouts? Granted, they come up with name suggestions, but what else do I get by having scouts? How should I use or keep them? Thanks for your insights.
  9. Not good. It has to have a dedicated graphic card, such as NVidia GeForce or AMD...
  10. In the Scouting Area, I'd like to set my "Offer Trial" Button to 4 weeks, instead of 1 week as default. Is there a way I can reset that? Thanks.
  11. An important, yet often neglected consideration is for how many years you plan to have a laptop into the future. My four-year old ASUS ROG G760JW, i7 4600HQ, 16Gb RAM, GeForce GTX765, 1T HD, still runs FM19 just fine, to the point that my next laptop will be, to a good extent, just for vanity reasons.
  12. No. Look for a gaming laptop with a dedicated graphic card.
  13. I am quite disappointed with FM19, to the point of maybe dropping it all. The new Training system is a monstrous micro-management whole I'm not willing to invest days to learn, again. Not to mention the new Tactics. The purple also looks like a quite arbitrary addition. Not to mention a couple of crashes. Unfortunately, I can't recommend the new game to anyone new or old to the game.
  14. @Smurf - Would a gamer laptop with Intel i7HK, GeForce 1060 (or 1070) and 512Gb SSD be overkill to play FM19, and, say, FM20?
  15. It's not just RAM, it's everything: the processor (H is better than U), hybrid drive (vs mechanic), and the graphic card is much superior too.
  16. I'm looking to buy my next gaming laptop (for the next 5 years). Here in the US, I see the usual big brands at BestBuy, but come across some obscure brands that look like a great deal. Can you please recommend the best gaming laptop brands in the US today? Is this EVO brand a reliable one? https://www.originpc.com/gaming/laptops/evo17-s/
  17. @Smurf - The laptop you recommended above has an AMD Radeon processor. Do you have any preference between AMD and GeForce, at the same level?... Thanks
  18. In defense of @Smurf, the same questions are being asked over and over... He is quite patient!... Can't people just read the previous, say, 20 messages. It's all there: models, prices, processors, etc... Peace.
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, but any new laptop model that has a GeForce GTX 1050 seems to be very good to play FM for years to come?
  20. Hello @Smurf - Thanks for sharing all your knowledge here! My old ASUS ROG 750JW (i7, GTX 765m) still works fine to play FM18. But would you please share your thought on this new ASUS model, whether it's a good choice for the next 5 years of FM: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-rog-gu501gm-15-6-laptop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060-1tb-hybrid-drive-128gb-ssd-brushed-black/6207900.p?skuId=6207900 I'm in the US and my budget would be in the range of US$1,200 to 1,800. Thanks again.
  21. Try Urbs Reggina 1914 (Italy 3rd Division - C). Also, try any Brazilian third-division clubs. Any of these have won nothing at all, but are lots of fun to play!
  22. You can deactivate Cortina and many other annoying MS features...
  23. As frustrating as FM can be, it is still awesome. Most of the features criticized for being too un/realistic and too complicated/simple can be CUSTOMIZED to fit the gamer's preferences. Customization is the keyword SI should pursue, as it alleviates some of the pressure from having to take sides.
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