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  1. When a players asks for more playing time, what does it mean exactly? More match minutes or starting more games? Also, does it count if I send him in toward the end of the match?... Any links to explanations are appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Agreed. I wonder if there is a column we can add that clearly indicates the national registration condition. There is a "Player Status Information" column that indicates that, but the tiny badge is so often scrambled with other badges, you have to be careful.
  3. I always keep veterans if they have great fitness (Pace of 15 in veterans is common these days...). I answered the survey, and think the game could improve pro/con analysis, and have higher complaint rates (and penalties) by fans and sponsors.
  4. I usually do disable transfers in first season. However, if I'm starting a save in a very low division, I enable transfers. Given that these are obscure clubs with unknown players, I don't think it "feels" unrealistic, and I can make a more immediate impact.
  5. Don't worry. That happens often. I'd focus on staying within the payroll budget (a big criteria used by the Board), and it seems you are doing well here. You may want to sell some players (with high salary but redundant positions). More importantly, think in the mid and long terms: if you win the league, you'll be promoted, so there will be an influx of cash/revenues soon. As long as you deliver in the field, the Board will consider that positively, and inject more cash. Keep us updated on finances after the season. Good luck!
  6. I agree that cheating is not ideal, but the game often fails on its premise of realism (no software is perfect). When FM generates some really crazy performances, I'd be open to consider cheating as fair remedy for the lack of realism.
  7. Good think, but not really a subscription because you actually end up owning the software. It's more like paying for the rights for an annual upgrade.
  8. Thanks, but that requires my changing from Card to List mode, so it's not the best solution. It would be even easier to just add the extra button on the player card...
  9. Though I play on an Alienware laptop (i7, Nvidia GTX 1070), my FM21 match engine still shakes and lags frequently. Believe it or not, if I open my Chrome and leave it running in the background, it sometimes fixes my problem. Bizarre... Would someone know why?
  10. In instructions for deleting cache folder, in FM21 I found a folder named "Caches" (with an s, which I found to be a strange detail). Should I delete "Caches" folder?...
  11. If you are a heavy FM player, then yes, you should purchase FM21 at a discount (there is a 40% off as I'm writing this post). If you are an occasional player, then maybe stick with FM20. But since money is not a problem, I'd go for the FM21 at a 40% discount. It's all about how many months are you willing to wait until the next release in November. Have fun!
  12. It's not a "new game" every year. It typically is the same game with improved features and updated database (along with a new marketing campaign and branding refresh) each November, closely following the yearly cycle of football IRL. Major overhauls (or, the developers' equivalent of a "new game") happen only once or twice in a decade, for example, when you see a completely new match engine or major new systems (e.g., new training and player development areas).
  13. This should be in the list of Achievements...
  14. For several years, I've been asking SI team to add animations of invading dogs, vultures and the crazy dude on the pitch, to name a few possibilities, to no avail... Maybe some day...
  15. Not sure the media buys the idea that a coach "leaves gracefully". The press will always speculate and put a spin for salacious effect. Therefore, all resignations are equal.
  16. Back in the early 1990s, there was a prequel to FM (called "Championship Manager" if I'm not mistaken), where you could decide the price of food, drinks and tickets; and transfer bonus options included a sports car and a villa overseas. I'd love to decide the price of the hamburger again... That sounds like something that Jose Mourinho or Guardiola would be obsessing about... PS Errata: the actual name of the game probably was "Premier Manager", thanks to @XaW for the note.
  17. Best packs are available at Sortitout.net, such as the TCM Logos megapack and Cutout faces megapack. I get mine there nearly every year.
  18. I just lost one of my best players to Inter Milan. I didn't sell him, he just didn't want to stay at Roma and signed as a free transfer. Villar is 29 year old, DM, 4 stars, pretty good stats, av rating ranging from 6.8 to 7.2 over the years - but valued at 2.5 million euro only. (Most of my 4-star players are valued between 20 and 55 million euro!). Any explanations on why he was valued so low in the market?...
  19. This thread is old, but I'm curious that you decided (and why)... I come across similar situations sometimes. If I made an honest mistake (such as, I didn't notice an automatic change to my starting squad or the bench, and I'm sleepy late at night, then I restart the match). Honestly, if the AI goes totally crazy and does things that have no connection with reality, I may restart the game.
  20. I'd pick Chelsea. It would probably mean that I can loan their players for free.
  21. Maybe Ivory Coast is hosting the competition, or has rights for being the previous champion? (Don't know, just guessing...)
  22. Yeah... It's confusing. I'm playing Roma, and just decided to scout and purchase EU citizens after a while...
  23. I also suggest resetting your filters in your Squad page. It occasionally gets glitchy and hide your sub-squads. Good luck.
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