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  1. OK. I ftp'ed the file "Freeze Ask Player" to the fmh folder. Let me know if you find anything. Good luck
  2. I'm having a hard time attracting good players to my club. I'm coaching Reggina (that's Italy's Third Division), but I got a good Transfer budget, and am focusing on attracting expired-contract veteran players or those from the division immediately above. Nonetheless, only a few players are accepting my Trial invitations or Contract negotiations (they have tough agents...). Any tips on how to attract those retiring stars or transferred players to my modest club? Thank you.
  3. Hi. My brand new save has crashed twice when I asked a player to recommend the signing of an assistant coach. (Not a big concern for me, I won't ask this again, but I thought I'd let you know). See image below, and good luck.
  4. What is the advantage of sending an older player on a coaching course? (I can't recall doing this, as I prefer to hire experienced coaches). Any insights on whether this is a good thing? Thanks.
  5. @MagicHat - Thanks for the offer to review my squad stats. Below you see some stats, with my players ranked according to Value. (However, I'm resigning from this save...) I just finished season 2025. I'd be runner up on the English League, had I beaten M.United in the final match (I ended up in 4th). On a high note, I won UEFA Europa 2025, beating Napoli 1 x 0 in the final! I'll start a new save, probably coaching Reggina 1914 (Italy C third division - it's from the town my ancestors came from...) Thanks. Keep having fun.
  6. It feels 5 times longer in season 5 than in season 1. Maybe 20 seconds instead of 3 or 4 seconds. Yes, I have logo and face packs by sortitoutsi. However, the game used to ran fast over season 1 and 2.
  7. OK. I agree with the formula(s) above, but there is another major approach that no one in the thread has noted yet. I actually spoke with some management consultants about this topic (in the past, as part of a business case class). Their approach is not the intrinsic one. Instead, they would resort to a capitalistic valuation: they'd estimate the market value of a player based on the impact that he is expected to have in *increasing the total revenue* of a club over a period of time (contract and even beyond). A share of such a major revenue increase would then go into paying for the transfer. (Obviously, this impact depends on the intrinsic quality of the player, but an external business approach is also needed, as we are talking about *market* value). The whole point is, therefore, whether SI developers have taken into account both the intrinsic and the capitalistic approaches when coding the algorithm that estimates the market value in FM...
  8. For older players, I look for Speed and Stamina. (I'm assuming they will have superior mental and technical attributes). In general, I look for Passing, but I also like Vision. In defense, I always look for a nice trio on Heading, Marking and Tackling.
  9. Funny I was just thinking about this today! I'd also like to play during the 1980s... A time machine... See Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as regens... I wonder if SI could develop something like that... Maybe someday...
  10. Thanks for the face pack tip. Real people faces makes the game look much better. (A shame the pack has minor issues with race and ethnicity, but a big improvement nevertheless).
  11. @Luke Rumble, thanks for your care. As you requested, the dxdiag text file is here attached for your review. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you. DxDiag0723.txt
  12. Sorry with the options... They are both weak... MLS clubs are rather regional anyways (and your USA options aren't even MLS!), so I'd pick Australia perhaps. But I'd also consider rejecting all options, and wait for another time: pick a premier club in China or Japan would provide a nice boost in merch sales... Let us know how it goes. Good luck.
  13. Thanks for participating, everybody. It is a bit surprising that nearly 40% of FM gamers play up to 5 seasons only. That seems an awful short period of time, just to set up a team and then drop it a couple of seasons later... On the other hand, I understand that regens seem to be an off-putting feature for many gamers, as decades pass by... (and specially when most look exactly like my avatar does! :-)
  14. zlatanera post has very good advice. Argentina has tremendous youth talent, probably more than Brazil in relative terms (Brazil will have more talent just due to its sheer demographic size). Your question is too specific on youth development, something I'm not particularly keen (unless I enter some contract agreement I'm forced to...). I never played a club in Argentina - but poach lots of youth talent from there, regardless of the country I play! :-) I often fancy starting in Brazil, as local clubs play in their regional leagues before the big national league (e.g., Flamengo plays the Rio State league and the national league; Recife plays Pernambuco state league, the Northeast cup, and the national league). Let me know if you have additional questions.
  15. Hello Beltsu, I know what you feel, as I sometime feel the same about what exciting clubs to choose from... On your defense problems, be patient, as new clubs struggle a lot in the beginning of a season but then improve. I fixed that more quickly by adding friendlies before the season, and also adding a few weeks of defense-focus on the team training calendar. That helped me a lot. On "easy" teams, you'd have to pick a relatively strong team. In Spain, it would be Barcelona or Real Madrid. In England, Manchester United. I admit I never chose to play with them (unless I'm offered the job during the save, as I like to start playing small clubs and then grow in my career with better jobs at bigger clubs internationally). In my experience, "easy" games are with regional powers inside Brazil. Flamengo is an easy choice in Rio de Janeiro State and they are also strong in the National League. Recife is an easy choice in Pernambuco State league, Northeast Regional Cup, but just an average performer in the Brazilian National league. Sao Paulo FC is very strong both in the Sao Paulo State league and Brazil's National League. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Enjoy...
  16. On the player profile page, where do I see if he has ever played for his national team?
  17. Now I have 17 leagues (down from ~30, I removed many over the years). 44,000 players. Computer performance: 4.5 stars Estimated game speed: 4 stars My laptop: ASUS ROG G750JW, Intel i7 2,4Ghz, GeForce GTX 765m
  18. Intro loading and file loading are fine. Match and graphics are also fine. It's the game time advance (after clicking "continue" button) that is very slow. It takes 15-20 seconds to cycle every stop.
  19. Nice to read your story. Welcome back. Today, FM has tons of new features, but also abundant options to automatize scouting, hiring/firing, training, etc.. It's interesting to see diversity of preferences, some gamers want to micromanage, others want a "hands-off" approach. (It seems gamers in the U.S. prefer the latter, but a complete separation between Coaching [sport] and Directing [business] is not yet available...).
  20. Very creative answers here, make me think! I always use my name and same profile, as I try to benchmark myself. (Whenever my Leaderboard is available). But I might take the more creative route next time...
  21. So sorry, but the game is incredibly slow without it... :-(
  22. Thanks for your reply, Luke. No anti-virus, but I admit I use Cheat Engine 6.4, so that's a contender I'm aware. I thought about posting it here FYI. Cheers.
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