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  1. You can deactivate Cortina and many other annoying MS features...
  2. As frustrating as FM can be, it is still awesome. Most of the features criticized for being too un/realistic and too complicated/simple can be CUSTOMIZED to fit the gamer's preferences. Customization is the keyword SI should pursue, as it alleviates some of the pressure from having to take sides.
  3. i'm playing Reggina in Serie C. It's really bad enough... :-) Only problem with downloading leagues is that you no longer appear on the Leaderboard (if it matters to you...)
  4. Congrats! I have a friend who is a scout for Chelsea and his profile is also in FM. Did you use your SI FM skills to become a coach? Is FM skills seen as "legit" or a joke among coaches?
  5. OK. I prefer to play small or mid-sized clubs (Reggina, Flamengo, Southampton, etc.). One of my challenges is how to best allocate my transfer budget. Should I spend it all in one or two super players each year, or should I invest in a larger number of younger average players?... Also, do you prefer one-time payments or are you willing to compromise your club's finances with a three year plus add-on fees for the selling clubs? Any hints are appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Wow, can you explain how did it happen? Did you have to edit or something?
  7. I was a coach for AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization), but gave up because dealing with annoying parents and uninterested children (pressured by their parents to play) was unbearable after a while.
  8. Nice speculation. Your take demands that the branding team is closely familiar with (and instructed to focus communications) on new product features. More usually than not, these trailers tend to focus of exploring addictive/emotional drivers of consumers. So, it is emotional or functional - maybe a mix of both product features and emotional pandering, me thinks...
  9. I just saw FM19 trailler (congrats, nice production), and wonder, has any SI FM gamer actually got a job as a coach or ass coach IRL, based on skills gained with FM?... (I recall I might have watched a video about that a couple of years ago, but it was a bit vague...). Interesting...
  10. Good topic. I believe I've delegated it to the ass coach, as I never use it. I give pep talks, and change team instructions throughout the match. Among so much "noise" (ineffective advice from staff, and some game features I'm skeptic about), does pre-match briefing really matter? For example, would it help me stop being scored during the first 10 minutes, as it has been usually the case with my current team?!
  11. In the animation, right before the match, my avatar usually shakes hands with the AI coach by the benches. Sometimes, they high five, or even touch on the arm, but, in a few cases, they totally ignore each other. Is this animation indicative of how their relationship stands out of the match (from interviews, transfer negotiations, comments, rivalries, personalities, etc.)?
  12. Not sure that's the cause, maybe. I only use two formations throughout the season (the ass coach says we became familiar with them). I rotate players and try new Team Instructions, perhaps more than usual as I'm coaching Reggina (it has many players who are mostly quite mediocre). But as I said, I've used Team Cohesion in team training quite a lot. Strange...
  13. How do I solve the lack of Match Cohesion? (See image of my Dynamics below). I'm 2/3 throughout the season, played a bunch of friendlies during pre-season, and set my group training on team cohesion pretty often. I'm at a loss here. Any advice is appreciated. PS: is match cohesion = team cohesion?
  14. Thanks for the note regarding the Contact Us form. Correct. I read @Neil Brock stats, and made several tweaks in the training, and injuries decreased.
  15. @themadsheep2001 - Apologies. No attacking to moderators. But I'm sending a note to Miles to see if he can try improve things over here.
  16. @Svensenhas a good point, as I have also raised it before. This defensiveness among some moderators is baffling. I work in marketing, and wonder whether SI ever gives any basic training on customer service... The tone of moderators in this forum often comes across as rude and alienating. Moderators should demonstrate more appreciation for the feedback given by gamers.
  17. I started doing something similar. I give more rest days, particularly to players under "Very High Risk" of injury. I tried to reduce team training load from Heavy to Medium, but team performance declines dramatically, so I don't feel I can change that, do you? Thanks.
  18. That's over 17 GB. It would take days to upload all those files I listed above. It may be better to download them from sortitoutsi.
  19. Correct. With or without those packs, the glitch didn't reoccur in either case.
  20. I dislike sending young players to affiliates, because I'm still paying the salary, and I can't train or tutor them individually. It's a bit dilemma for me...
  21. OK. I made a test. I deleted all packs from the graphics folder, and played for a while. I then reintroduced them played some more. (See image below for all image packs I have installed) Results: no difference in game speed was felt. No glitches happened. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other requests. Regards from Chicago,
  22. Thanks. So, is the analyst's report more comprehensive and more valuable than the scout's report? Also, any idea of which one is less expensive?
  23. Hi. Can someone please clarify the difference between a scout report and an analyst report? What's the purpose of each? Thanks in advance.
  24. DIdn't you watch Shaolin Soccer? That can only be Buddha reincarnated as Pele'.
  25. Yes, logo, face and stadium packs from sortitoutsi. The bugs I report are quite rare actually, so they don't bother me much. (I have auto save for after each match, so I never lose much).
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