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  1. For a few years now, there's been an excessive number of offsides per match. (Try slow down the Tempo, and your forwards will be flagged every time). It's close to being a coded glitch actually...

    I've reported this in the past with mixed responses from customer service: either an admission to fix the problem, or a dismissive remark that I'm being "hyperbolic".

    I really wish you guys can fix it this time. Thanks.

  2. Do you use any simple math formula to evaluate the maximum price of a superstar?   In sports business, some quantitative models are used, usually involving some multiplier over time in years...

    For example, if I want to make a transer offer for Neymar, Messi or Cristiano, how much is the maximum I should pay (given he's not old yet...), including multi-installment payments, etc.

    Any rules of thumb? Thanks

  3. Sometimes clubs playing against each other wear quite similarly colored uniforms. (For example, Chelsea x QPR it's all blue, except for white shorts). You coded the game in ways that a club will use the away uniform if playing away, even if it's has the same color scheme as the opponent.

    Please code the game so to ensure that opposing teams wear clearly differentiated uniforms. That should be easy to fix. Thanks.

  4. Hi phd_angel. Yes Reggio Calabria is in non playable league like my team parma was. I had to simulate the first season as unemployed managed and hope Parma would win promotion for me to choose them to manage. If that doesn't happen what you can do is use the editor to edit the clubs details and make it have a sugar daddy owner to win promotion and then you can take control of the team.

    Thanks, fmfan74. How do you take control of coaching a club after a game file has started? (Don't you have to apply for the job, wait to be invited for an job interview, and pass it successfully)?

  5. Now I suck again :(

    I started of pretty good in the new season in Skrill Premier. 4 wins and 2 losses. But those ar now my only wins so far. Now I've played 12 games in a row with out winning. Mostly losses, 3 draws.

    I even lost in the FA Cup against a team in 21th place in Skrill North!!!


    Am I asking too much to think I should be higher up in the table?

    I'm in a similar situation but am turning it around. I'm coaching Millwall. Promoted it from L1 to Sky Bet: hired some great players, but suffered 13 loses and 1 draw before winning regularly again! Am about to take it out of the relegation zone. How am I doing it?...

    - Check/improve coach staff (and/or assistant coach);

    - Intensify training program to High with some rotation yet focusing on Balance and Team Cohesion. Don't neglect Defense training in the beginning (it pays off).

    - Sell good players who consistently under-perform (and Board and fans complain about); give chance to a younger player every so often.

    - Have 3 Tactic Formations and use/rotate them while making minor tweaks - this keeps your opponents (computer) guessing. (I've comeback down by 2 goals by simply changing Tactics!)

    - Give pep talks on the harsher side (higher expectations) but don't be nasty all time. Be realistic and nice too.

    Does this help?

  6. Say I have a young superstar currently valued at $100k. Bigger clubs want him and are bidding. How much should he be priced if I were to sell him: 500k, 1m, 10m?...

    My basic question is, what is the business rationale you use to value a player? (I suppose this would be an "algorithm" combining timeline, resale value, club revenues, etc...)

    Mind to share your thoughts? Thanks.

  7. Hi Scouters - Good question. Yes, I do the maths on all those fronts: salary, goal bonus, and competition bonuses. Low salaries keeps the board happy against the total budget. I also estimate the financial impact of an excellent striker (bonus per goal), and find that the percentage is never more than 20% of his annual salary. BTW, if I had a striker scoring 66 goals, I'd be making lots of money with ticket sales, merchandising, and league promotion!

    I also ask the board to find a parent team to get players on loan for free. Playing as Millwall, I got three 4 star players entirely for free from Liverpool as loans!

  8. I offer higher bonuses and lower salaries. For me, I like to add "one year optional by club" - something most agents seem to dislike.

    darkfng has some great suggestions up there. Quick question on "2 year optional extension": does it mean that when I click it, will it automatically add two years at once, or do I have the chance of making this decision once each year?

  9. I always have Brazil, England, Spain, and Italy.

    If I fancy starting with a lower-division club, I add more leagues and a few more smaller nations (Portugal, Holland, Slovenia, USA etc).

    If I fancy starting with a super club, then I only pick Top leagues of those few key nations.

    I think Medium size database suffices for me. I feel that a Large database gets too messy.

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