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  1. My second season playing with Macae' (a Brazilian Third Division club), and my payroll has been slashed from 2.5 million down to 1.3 million dollars! Whaaaaat?... I was spending 2.6M during first season and the club finances were in the red, but a nearly 100% cut on payroll is something I've never seen before.

    As a remedy, I had to sell several top players and also loan many players from my parent club (Flamengo).

    Should I resign and restart the game?

    Is this normal?

    Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks.

  2. If a journalist asks how I'm going to play in the next match (shut the back, free-flow, attack and dominate), what happens if I lie, say, if I say I'm going to shut my defense, but actually command my team to be very aggressive in attacking? Would this surprise the opponent team?

    Overall, how should I play mind games during press conferences, towards opponents, my players and journalists? Any tips?

    Thank you.

  3. Yes, always. It helps me navigate the game more easily, and it's very logical (to me):

    Players: surname (If they have 4 stars, I write in CAPS)

    Coaches: Coach [surname] (atk, def, etc.)

    Scout - Scot [surname] x/y (player ability/potential)

    Staff - they become: Dr surname, Dir. Football surname, etc.


  4. Interesting pool results thus far: folks either play a few seasons only, or forever...

    I agree that starting at world-class clubs is a bit too easy (and boring). I start at lower divisions or at top-divisions in smaller countries and then develop an international career. Yet, I do like to complete my game with a final gig at a world-class club and a national team at a World Cup before retiring.

    Thanks for participating and voting.

  5. Since you set your tackling on Default or Normal, you can do any of these:

    - fine players (say, 1 week salary for a yellow, 2 week salary for a red...)

    - declare it was disgraceful at press conferences

    - train offensive players to stand on their feet when they tackle (not sure if FM13 still has this feature)

    - substitute yellow-carded players during the match, before they get the second yellow...

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