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  1. Thanks @XaW. Good point. But won't I have to do this every week?...
  2. Thanks, @gunner86, but I can't find any Development option under Squad screen (it's not under Players). Please take a look and let me know if I'm missing something. Many thanks:
  3. How do awards affect the players or clubs? Do they increase the value or attributes of players? Should I always vote on award elections?
  4. Sorry, I can't find/remember how to stop making my first-team players being available to U18. (Obviously, I don't want to right-click them every week). I looked in the Responsibilities Page but can't seem to find the option. Please help. Thank you.
  5. My problem, still in VNS, is that fantastic spells (10 or so victories in a row) are followed by horrible streaks (5 defeats in a row). I can't figure out why.... How can I stop that?... Training - in specific, what types of sessions should I focus on, or should I let AI dictate that? (Yes, I tend to favor physicality, and also set pieces). I'm coaching Alfreton. I can't even get promoted in two seasons, let alone swap players with new contracts. Thanks in advance.
  6. There is a thread to discuss computer specs and budgets. Check it out. But I think the problem is your graphic card not being dedicated.
  7. Based on marketing campaign best practices, the announcement should come up in the following weeks. The pre-release should happen in November, planning for a sales spike in December. Other than a massive problem in the development/product teams causing some unexpected delays, the marketing team should be following the timeline above.
  8. I think that FM has a few coding problems: - Wingers have not been crossing as much as they should. I posted a thread on this topic a couple of years ago. You need to try really hard to be able to make them cross. "Good luck with that". - Stupid throw-ins, as well as excessive offsides, are a known bug issue that SI dev team has been trying to fix. (Zealand's video you are referring to was before the throw-in bug took over the game). I also posted about this in the bugs forum and moderators took notice.
  9. Great observation. Indeed, 90% of the time, ratings stay between 6.2 and 7.5. That's only a 1.3 margin! It could definitely be revamped, for example, 1 to 5 but wider a broader range. I have issues with the rating itself: a player who plays poorly but happens to score a goal immediately gets a green rating. Also, I've seen goalkeepers with a 7.0 but only 1 save! Something strange... Maybe the SI team is thinking about the rating system. Sometimes they revamp things in surprising ways (for example, getting rid of the fitness percentage for green hearts...).
  10. Journeyman starting at the lowest league in England, Brazil or India, as always.
  11. I keep getting progress reports that players are unhappy with specialized training sessions and they feel not to be progressing. However, oftentimes they are progressing across various attributes, including the ones assigned. (See the example below). How seriously should I take these reports?... Any tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. So, the game is supposed to be realistic and escapist at the same time... "Fascinating" (Mr Spock)
  13. Hello. Every so often, this question is asked in the forum. I did a poll during FM18, and found that 21% of forum gamers play 21 seasons or more! See below the poll results and answers. Cheers.
  14. It's difficult because not many contracted players want to play in such a low division... Most loanees willing to play are usually young kids who never even played for their top clubs... The easiest way to find out if players are available for loans is in the Scouting area, where there is a filter for loaned players (see image below). Hope this helps.
  15. Great test with a concerning finding, as FM team likes to be politically correct. Not sure if this should be in the bugs forum, but moderators should take a look on this game aspect. Maybe @Neil Brock can help us?... Thank you.
  16. Instead of a ludicrous challenge (like only Charlies or only that), how about playing all matches on Key highlights only (so it's more difficult to diagnose in-match developments)? What's the secret of back to back promotions, over 5 seasons?!... I sincerely find it a bit hard to believe unless one has applied or downloaded some cheat-sheets or formulas learnt from some hackers, or reload saves if scores go the wrong way, etc.
  17. This is interesting. I always thought about coaching in Germany lower leagues. How is it any different than other lower leagues in major nations? Would you please tell us why? Cheers.
  18. You posted a challenge followed by your own multiple posts boasting a long list of championships. Sorry, but that comes across as suspicious and self-serving, quite frankly. I'm more interested in learning how-to-do something, rather than bowing to the masters of the universe...
  19. Exactly. Nothing wrong with a bit of bragging rights, but the point is to have fun. And, hopefully, we can also learn a bit in this forum. It is just a bit disappointing that when you ask for tips on *how* you did something, you may get some useful answers by some nice people, but also a good amount of ego-centric, rubbish or rude answers too...
  20. Apparently, only one guy was able to win this challenge, and it was the challenger: Metropolitan Police champion of Premier League for thirty years in a row?... Hmmm, smells fishy...
  21. Hi. I just started a new save coaching Alfreton Town in VNR North (6th division) and wonder how high I could take it via promotions. Have you ever taken a club from the Sixth division to the Premier League, and even European leagues?… How many seasons did it take? And how did you do it? Any screenshots… Thanks
  22. As others mentioned above, his stats aren't a super star's. Yet, does he speak English (if not, did you give him language classes). As importantly, it may take a season for a player to gel with the team. Also, take a look on social groups to see if he's geling or not. Good luck.
  23. Thanks for the test video. 200 countries?!! Wow! Is it playable or is it running by itself just for the test? A few strange things to consider: - Players' profile ability stars are empty (see Joao Felix image below) - Sharp decline of Chinese league in Asia. - Extreme dominance of Flamengo in Serie A for many years is not realistic. - I missed your review of Argentina... Request: please post the links to your skins and packs under your YouTube video. Thank you!
  24. Yes. Italian first league, my top penalty taker could miss 50%. Something fishy here... PS: But after I set his individual training to penalty taking, he did improve.
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