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  1. Hi. In five seasons, I've come across one or two youth intake players that became 4 star players. You need to keep an eye constantly, and then let them play, and it's rare, but it's possible.
  2. Both clubs playing with the same color scheme. Can you please check this doesn't happen as often as it does? See image please. Thanks.
  3. Well, Qatar is a darn hot place, so it probably helped Mali against Argentina... Can you see the temperatures?...
  4. The game already does a good job on visualizing revenue and spending, but I'd love to see more: graph charts plotting market and finance indicators, such as: - club market value overt time (compared against other clubs and league) - player market value over time (compared against other players of the same position and/or league) -player salary over time (compared against other players of the same club, position, or league) I can think of more specific suggestions. If interested, I'd be happy to help more. Thanks,
  5. High Profile Players - I'm almost sure hiring high profile players for small clubs has an impact on stadium attendance. It certainly help sell more merchandise. Mega Clubs playing at Home - Obviously, arranging friendlies with mega clubs will have a direct impact on attendance, at least on those games (I don't know if the effect lingers, but why not...). Trial Days - Per feedback from club board, if you win those special matches, you may have some little incremental impact on attendance.
  6. Thank you. I'll check this out. This is bizarre because I've just reinstalled Geforce Experience and updated drivers - before sending you the Dxdiag. But I'll check this again. Thank you.
  7. Yes, the problem appears after my laptop comes back from sleep mode. I then need to restart it before running FM. Dxdiag attached. Looking forward to your advice. Thanks. DxDiag06062019.txt
  8. After 30+ interviews, I was offered the head coach position at Cincinnati at the MLS. My job interview answers were no different than usual. The fact that I largely exceeded my current club's expectations at the end of the season may have helped. But I decided to stay (for the time being...) and declined Cincinnati's offer.
  9. Problem reappeared. I then tried Neil's NVidia edits, but it didn't fix it. I already fully reinstalled the GeForce Experience app. I'm playing on a Alienware 17 R5 with Geforce 1080. Please help. PS: A piece of info, when I restart the laptop, and run FM, it plays fine. But if I put my laptop on sleep mode and then back, that's when the problem of freeze-framing during 3D matches occur.
  10. In my experience, only "show some passion" and "demand more" tend to yield positive (green) morale results. The rest is pretty much "frustrated" or "pressured". I agree this needs some improvement.
  11. I fixed it on my own. I went to Steam / Properties / Verify Integrity of Game Files. It identified some 60 missing files and fixed it. 3D match play now runs fine.
  12. My 3D match play became jagged (freeze framing), since the new patch 19.3.5. How can I fix that please?
  13. This is interesting. I'm realizing that media exposure may play a role here. I've been trying to attend more press interviews and be friendlier to journalists too. Can you please elaborate a bit more? TIA.
  14. My adaptability is 15, which should enable me to move across countries (I started my save in India, am now in England) My salary is low (6.500 pounds/month) and am at the very end of my contract, so cancellation fees would be very small. Yes, my answers are all optimistic and positive. (But given nothing worked, I also tried arrogant answers, also to no avail).
  15. Maybe you can help me with some insight. I'm successfully coaching a small club in a lower league in England (Macclesfield). I'm being bombarded with invitations for job interviews from other clubs in UK and Europe, but I'm failing in all of them - over 20 clubs have interviewed me thus far! My reputation is nearly 2.5 stars, my club is 2 star regional, and these bunch of clubs are 2 or 2.5 star national or regional reputation. Of course, I'm picking the obvious answers, and have even tried with a few ruder answers and/or requests, but I predominantly give very correct/polite answers... How can I change this situation and get a job offer? Thanks in advance.
  16. Thanks. Yes, I understand. But what if the player is an aging, retiring and contract-expired superstar that I may still be able to attract to a smaller club in a lower league. He might count as "high profile" but what's the threshold, right?... Thanks again.
  17. Yeah, totally worth the annual fee.
  18. Sorry my friends, does anyone know what defines a "high profile" player? Any guesses?... TIA.
  19. If you click the league in question, then Rules, then Structure, you may see the leagues above and below. It seems to me that lower leagues in Spain have hundreds of clubs from multiple regional leagues competing for just three promotion positions during the playoffs.... It's nearly impossible to be promoted.
  20. Have aggressive altercations with the Board and players I hate, while applying for jobs overseas...
  21. Yes, handball penalties are rare but do happen.
  22. Not sure if this is a solution, but have you tried playing with Preferences / Interface / Skin Colors?
  23. What's the definition of a "high profile player" - by the club board when their signing is set as a coaching philosophy?... I love attracting big-name players regardless of philosophy anyways, but wonder how the game defines a "high profile" player, once this is set as a philosophy. (I'm running for a few jobs and am thinking about proposing this philosophy) Thanks.
  24. Without reading all the details of this specific example, I have to say that many conversations are not only unrealistic but also illogical. Three examples among many common situations: 1. The board decides to waste money on something huge, but then denies you something minor due to "financial problems" 2. A player under-performed terribly and accepted your fine, but then rejects your claim that he is under-performing in a conversation next day. 3. You have money to spend, but the potential transfer player refuses to negotiate with you saying that you don't have money to offer (before even listening to your offer). Thought not a top priority, SI developers could take a look on this, maybe polishing a bit the algorithms would help a lot here.... Cheers.
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