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  1. I spent 40 minutes with the game for a comprehensive feel. Played one friendly with a lower-league English club.

    The game engine feels better, more fluid, new moves, and I didn't see any of the crazy offsides or broken set pieces yet.

    Data Hub is new. But only works after 3 league matches. Curious to see.

    The rest:
    - nice interface, more elegant, modern.
    - dark skin is not nice. too dark. Why not more skin options?!
    - need to recreate all my FM21 settings (formations, tables, set pieces, etc.) - bummer
    - need to reinstall all facepacks and logopacks and remove name restrictions - bummer

    Press conference - same experience. maybe a few answer options were rewritten.
    Squad, Dynamics, Tactics - all the same
    Scouting center - same. a new option/filter by letter rating
    Data hub?! new to me. need to explore
    Training, Medical Center - same
    Schedule, Competion - same
    Scouting, Contracts - look the same
    Recruitment Meetings - better! Recos are better visuals

    Team screen - same
    Pep Talk - same, maybe a few rewritten options
    Tactics - same, didn't find anything different
    Dressing Room midgame pep talk - same, more/different options

    All in all, FM22 is minor database upgrade with a few improvements. It's more of the same, a bit better. Don't expect anything "revolutionary".


    * PS: Next day playing, I found that Weekly Meetings with staff is a very good addition as it compiles a variety of staff issues I need to address all at once.

    I'm intrigued still by the new Transfer Value ranges (instead of a single set value). Not sure I like it yet.

    Game processes faster apparently (compared to new saves in prior FM editions - let's hope it stays fast!)

    Some UX issues: Recruitment profiles do not show player Attributes! Instead a big empty space for Agent demands. I have to hoover player to see attributes. Doesn't make sense not to display attributes as the main dataset on his profile.




  2. As we are all excited about the upcoming FM22, I wonder what you are going to do with your current FM21 save? Just stop and drop it?

    Also, sorry if this is a dumb question, but a FM21 save file cannot be reloaded onto the FM22 game, right?... (It would be nice to keep my current FM21 save going...)


  3. I often rename my players and staff using Edit Nicknames. If you use it, can you please share some suggestions that you find helpful or fun to use?

    Here's what I often do:

    • Rename all first-team players to their last name
    • Use CAPS if the player is 5 stars
    • Use nicknames to differentiate players (ex. John and Lil' Joe; Lane and Pennylane)
    • If I add an X to his name, he is to be sold or sacked.
    • If I add an * to his name, he is to be hired or renewed immediately.
    • If I add an * before the name, he is to be called up to my National Team (when I'm coaching a country).
    • All my staff is renamed as "Job-Title Last-Name Main Rating", such as "Scout Smith 15" or "PT Brown 20".


  4. 3 hours ago, Platinum said:

    yh they mean 240 hours

    Yes, in hours and not in days is a bit more precise, and avoids confusion. (The game's time log should be avoided too, as it keeps running even when the computer is on sleep mode).

    I estimate it takes me a week (or 20 hours) to go through one season. I use two-second interval (sometimes adjusting it to automatic when I'm really impatient).

  5. 9 hours ago, rusty217 said:

    Villarreal and Hoffenheim are both tiny, yet have teams that have been in the top flight for awhile and competed in Europe.

    It's very rare, and had some outside investment in Hoffenheim's case, but it's certainly not impossible.

    Not sure I agree with your definition of "tiny":

    Villareal has 50,000 population but it's part of Valencia metropolian area. Has big companies, and its stadium fits 21,000 people.

    Hoffenheim is deceiving. It's a "village" with 3,000 people but it's actually in the suburbs of Heidelberg (population 160,000). The club stadium fits 31,000.

    So, while definitely not global cities, I wouldn't say these are tiny rural clubs in the middle of nowhere either...

  6. Nothing against that, but I usually start a new save after 10 seasons or so (3 months IRL). Yet, the idea of playing a single save for the whole year is intriguing. It's just that I don't enjoy the game as much after 20 seasons, because all players become artificial and the whole experience starts feeling a bit too abstract to my liking. Back to the future...


  7. I'd add that the Coaching License courses are a bit broken: it's way too easy and too fast to become a Continental Pro coach with super high ratings - in just a couple of seasons! That doesn't make sense.

    There should be some barriers or conditions to keep advancing. Maybe some time limits (as experience) and better-quality clubs could be used as conditions for further license/rating improvements.

    As a result, this would stop with some unrealistic interview and job offers.

  8. On 23/09/2021 at 02:02, Yuko said:

    Average on Steam era where I have the data is somewhere between 2-3k hours. Lots of inflation there as I tended to hibernate my PC which still logs playing time. 

    Definitely played more of the older games though except for a couple of 2010s versions where I have over 3k hours. 

    So, sleep or hibernation modes keep FM logging hours... That's a shame as I also set my laptop on sleep mode when I'm away. So, I'd guess that my *real* hours is only a fraction of the number of hours displayed on the library screen...

    It would be nice to have a count for the actual number of hours played... 

  9. I've logged 1,300 hours on FM21 thus far. On FM19, I logged 2,860 hours in the year, until FM20 was released. (I'm actually happy to see that I'm spending less hours with the game...)

    How many hours do you typically log on FM? (You can check on your Steam Library). Thoughts? Insights?


    *** PS: One important thing that it's unclear to me is whether FM keeps logging hours if my computer is on sleep mode. Anyone knows?



  10. 6 hours ago, Johnny Ace said:

    Just got into the Vanarama myself & all I can find is 18 to 20 year olds, even the oldies aren't interested. Think I'll be stuck here a good few years while I slowly build the squad & rep increases a bit  

    Agree Johnny. I'm not the best gamer but was able to get promoted in my second season in VNN.

    I think the trick is to have a good scout system to find and hire/loan good players (87+ score) who get desperate towards the end of the hiring window. If you can get two good players like that, then your chances to climb the table go up a lot. 

  11. I'm coaching in Vanarama, and am having a hard time convincing any good players to come play for me. In fact, I have tons of cash in my payroll/transfer!

    How can I attract a super player to play in a lower league club? Also, when searching players, should I use or ignore the Interest filter (see below)?

    Exaggerating "a bit", what would happen to my club if Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi were playing at Alfreton VRN?... 



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