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  1. Last update! I went back to FM 18 in the end. I am loving watching more of the matches, but with that tactic on 19 is was just too much nothing. With tactic no matter what minor tweaks i made we just never clicked. Went on another 9 match scoreless streak and at the point i put it down had scored 11 from 33 played. It just wasn't any fun, it just turned into my WBs slamming crosses into their WBs for 90 minutes and could not figure out how to stop that. But on a truly bright note, comprehensive highlights is amazing and makes the game so much better. Thanks again all, you are all excellent!
  2. So results have picked up, I am still not great tactically but this thread has lead me to something. I am a pretty long time player of FM, started in 08 I think. I have always treated it a bit like a race, the matches themselves were simply a means to see what I was really into, the statistics and team building. I always played matches on either key highlights or commentary only. Well, holy hell playing on comprehensive highlights really does make it a different game. Now that one goal win isn't a crap result, I saw what a nightmare slog fest it was for the players and I fist pumped that one goal. Whereas on key or commentary only, that match is a "damn we suck" match. Anywho, ramble over.
  3. So I just watched a match on Full, minimal TIs, A higher line and LOE, Shorter passing and lower tempo, then counter press and counter. Thats it. We just don't move. 90% of our possession and attack is the ball goes to either the IWB or WB and they stand there. Everyone else also stands there. After a few seconds, they either smash a long ball or get dispossessed. I have no PIs added and looking at the players PPMs i would think we would get some movement, but literally all forward and midfield players just kinda stand there. They make little 2 foot runs then go right back to where they were. I have zero clue how to solve this. I swapped the MCR to a DLP-S. I felt like we just had no one holding the middle directing traffic if you will, everybody was just trying to make a run. Positive signs in the first match.
  4. I'll usually start with a higher press and line with a slightly higher tempo. If they are packed in deep and just holding I'll pull the line back, drop the tempo down, try and open some space between their mids and def, try and get their mids to chase mine, sort of. Rather than just throw players at them, like wave on the beach. On the other hand if we score and take a solid lead, I'll drop the line and tempo to more standard modes, basically tell the team to not run around so crazy, take it easy we are in control. If I am getting battered, I try and make sure we are stable, I do something that is maybe insane, but if we are getting just shredded, I'll drop the LOE but keep the Dline at standard, the though being, "Lets load up the midfield and try and get some control" I'll also adjust width depending on where the battering is coming from.
  5. 2 were just errors by my defense. The other two were counters, that looked to come from the fact that the ball seemed to get hung up with the IWB and WB-A just passing to each other slightly ahead of the DM strata. They were in the half space and just sat there passing back and forth until somebody took the ball off them. That was the impetus for both of other two, they won the ball drove right at my defence then simple through ball to the flank and a first time finish. Next match, played better, 4-2 win. Both conceded goals came from bad individual defending. I did sort of combine the two base formations we looked at. Playing around with this: F9-S IF-A IF-A MEZ-S CM-S HB-D IWB-s CD-D CD-D WB-S Played that for 5 matches, 3 0-0 draws a 1-0 win and a 1-1 draw. Both goals scored were own goals and we haven't created a single CCC of HC in the run. The defence seems to have stabilised.
  6. Giving this a go. First match, spanked at home by a ok Arsenal side. We created nothing, they scored 4 from 6 shots. Also dropped the pressing, will only use it as needed or as the match dictates. Thanks again!
  7. Welp, played a handful after work, got canned after 12 matches with that default system. We still created nothing, but now we conceded 4 or so a match so thats good. I reverted to an old save pre-sacking and am just going to download a few tactics. Truly thanks for the help folks.
  8. Played a couple on lunch, not really any change, except i concede now. Last match against Spurs for example, it basically played out like the past few seasons, we created nothing, but we also had issues defending the long ball, which was new, so they thrashed us 3-1. We scored from an own goal off a corner. Small sample size, so i am just gonna keep testing this and seeing where to make small adjustments. Played one more and had a really solid result. Playing Swansea (they played a super deep 4141) we actually put 5 past them. No CCCs or Even Half Chances, but hey that is nearly a quarter of last years goal total! Thanks again!
  9. Thank you guys for the detailed feedback, that is excellent. I made some role changes, trying to get players moving and creating some space for each other. Lets see how it goes. Would a Carrilero do a better job of pivoting with the AM, rather than the CM-S?
  10. I kind if give up, after 5-6 midly interesting matches, we have now gone fourteen with scoring (Haven't conceded either!) Have not seen a single highlight other than VAR checks in four matches. There also has not been a single half chance or clear cut chance for either me or the AI in that span. Wackiness. Is anyone seeing any massive issues with the roles and duties? You'd think that world class players, playing with an attacking mentality would, be able to attack. Is it a case of needing to micro manage the PIs to an extent that i just need pause every 10-15 seconds and adjust them? Played two more, yeah I am done, just no fun to be had. Two more nil-nil draws. Currently through 27 EPL matches we have scored 11 goals, this is with a team full of world class players mind you. My main striker is currently on a 39 hour scoreless streak. Back to an older version I head, thanks for the help though folks!
  11. For some reason I have gotten better play out of the two MRs i have from the deeper strata. They do get pushed forward occasionally. The LOE and D-Line I like to keep High, occasionally much higher, but thats match to match. I have been doing a similar thing with the pressing, it changes as needed. On the right we have stayed pretty stable, the Anchor Man limits the threat. Its also a risk I am willing to take to find some excitement
  12. So with those adjustments, we are less boring. games seem at least a bit more stretched and a bit interesting to watch. Thanks everybody, much appreciated!
  13. Yeah, I had swapped the DLP for a DM, then an AM prior to even using it. Also swapped to an AF up top, although that does change from time to time. Based on the fact that that both my primary MRs are two footed, I switched them to IWs to try and get some variance for the WB on the right. Playing better, scoring a bit more. As for the TIs I do want the players to do whatever they want in the framework of the roles and duties set out. I knocked the counter instrucition off, i felt like it just made us get going way way too fast, and the team could never catch up with our own counter if that makes sense. With that, I also shortened the passing one tick, to just reinforce the idea of getting, then establishing possession. Anywho, the work continues.
  14. Ok, made the switch to that new more attacking system. Still not really seeing anything at all, 1-0 wins from a set piece, so far, in all three played. Could it be an issue that the counter instruction just gets us going too fast? Too fast for anything to happen? I watched about 15 full minutes of the last match, a cup match against a championship side, and nothing happened, i mean nothing. No forwards runs from any player on either team. They were playing a 541 and basically our center mids would win the ball then run and have a cross to no one blocked, both ways. Thanks again for any help!
  15. So I going to give this a run of games. One change from the screen shot is the DLP is moving to just a DM, dont want the ball getting hung up with him.
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