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  1. Odd Player Demands.

    Thanks for the help, unfortunately I don't have a save game from right before, I kept playing to see how it would go. It wasn't a huge deal in the end as only one ended up leaving, most are no longer unhappy. The fact that everyone wanted to leave wasn't silly, actually kind of cool to have to work to hang onto your players, the reasoning just seemed wonky. Anywho, thanks!
  2. Has anyone else been seeing very odd player demands? I am managing Juve in a journeyman save. We are doing quite well, three straight scudettos and a deep run to the CL finals this past year. We are the third most reputable club in the world, behind the two Manc clubs. The day before the CL final 19 of my 25 players wanted to discuss moving to a bigger club. This included a 35 year old 1 star Wojech Scezney. None of them have had any major bids in the last two years, no interest from other clubs currently. Surely this is a bug, yeah?
  3. Is there any way to stop it aside from just giving in? Some of it just getting ridiculous, my second choice LB, who's squad status is backup, complained about lack of first team action. After the first match of the year. Which he played the final half hour of. My RW, SS rotation, complained, I started him for a few matches, he dropped the concern. Next match, he didn't start, immediately started complaining. The guy was a 77% fitness, didn't really have a choice in dropping him.
  4. I am running a 4411, that for a time was very solid defensively. Lately it has become a damn sieve. I have been watching matches, taking a look at the team report and all of my conceding (83%) comes from a through ball from just outside the area. I have tried fiddling with the settings, moving the CM(D) back to DM. Not much is helping. The CD's are constantly being told to stop closing down, but they always just take off running after the first man with the ball they see, even if he is already marked. The overall team closing down is not set high, only at sometimes. Any one have any tips to stop, or at least stem the tide a bit?
  5. Now this is back to what I am used to. 31 shots 18 ot, opposition 2 shots, lose 2-1 with both goals scored by former players. Welcome back FM! All kidding aside, it did look splendid whilst happening.
  6. Anybody else seeing a massive uptick in shocking defensive errors? Most goals I am seeing (scoring and conceding) are coming from just awful defending rather than attack movement. Whether it is a keeper slamming a clearance into a strikers face, a CB playing a perfect through ball to the opposition ST, it just seems like even top defenders have lost their minds a bit.
  7. It is long gone, lol. It was just a case of OIs actually. Anytime i used them the fullbacks would try and tight mark everywhere and always lose shape. No more OIs and drop the DL back down one tick to slightly higher seems to have closed the iceland sized gaps!
  8. When you watch matches from the overview screen is it possible to auto switch to the pitch view for replays?
  9. Seems solid, but it certainly murdered my tactic. 3-12 drubbing at home in my first match post update.
  10. I am in January of my 4th season, the leading transfer is Reus to Barca for 80 mil. The funniest though is Shaquri who went from Stoke to United after 1 season for 19.25 mil. After one season there sold to Bayern for 55 mil.
  11. I am getting pretty solid offers as Liverpool. Just got City to pay 78 million for Can after the first season. He wanted to leave and they paid up!
  12. It's really tough to play the counter. It has to be perfect. I play a very similar setup to roche and lose quite a few matches 1-0 where the other hits one from the halfway line. I tend to see many more missed cccs when i play the counter.
  13. No I don't want them to be goals, never said I did. A miss would be good. It's just absolutely absurd seeing how many times it happens. I watch on key highlights and it's a bit silly when every other highlight is a shot hitting the bar.
  14. So the final season stats for woodwork strikes was 45 games played 148 woodwork hits. opponents hit it 11 times in that stretch. A bit unbalanced I'd say.
  15. 12 was just a piece of cake. Any half way decent players and any normal ish tactic and you were gonna get some silverware. Also on that one in you could get ahold of a really pacey striker, then you got 40+ goals a year.