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  1. Starclaws

    Far Cry 5

    It’s Ubisoft so two of the three bosses are glitched for me meaning I can’t even complete it to get the glitched ending
  2. The fact that games came in huge boxes with huge manuals. They did on the Amiga anyway and I miss them.
  3. Starclaws

    Far Cry 5

    At least you can get the endings
  4. Starclaws

    Far Cry 5

    So I still can’t get Faith to appear and now I have got the required amount of points for Jacob and he isn’t coming for me either. What have I done to them!!!!
  5. Starclaws

    Far Cry 5

    Convinced it’s bugged out for me (like a couple of other missions). Will move onto the final area and work through that and come back to it at another time.
  6. Starclaws

    Far Cry 5

    So how do I meet Faith i have enough resistance points but no mission coming up to meet her. I’ve defeated John - just can’t seem to trigger the faith mission
  7. Starclaws

    Far Cry 5

    I’m really enjoying the game but I’m literally just treating it as a world to spend an hour or two in and try to complete the outposts as stealthy as I can. the only issue I’m hitting is a number of quests seem to keep breaking - I.e, the next part of the quest doesn’t trigger. Last night seemed particularly frustrating for this
  8. I make it 2. But it’s all about the co-operation
  9. Haha yeah I had the same thing - @cms186 can thank me for most of the achievements from our run through
  10. Really enjoyed A way Out Great co-op fun to be fair
  11. Thinbleweed Park is also really good too. Mad Max I played on PS4. Remembered enjoying it far more than I thought. Didn’t do anything spectacularly - but what it did it did really well.
  12. Recently played through Life Is Strange before the storm which I didn’t enjoy as much as the original. however it did make me want to play through the original once again and I forgot how great and impactful some of the story elements were
  13. Mafia 2 and the original Prey now backwards compatible
  14. Starclaws

    General Laptop Thread

    Yes my mistake it is an Acer laptop I have! will have a look at hot uk deals - cheers for that
  15. Starclaws

    General Laptop Thread

    Looking for a new laptop - don't want to spend the earth so looking at £400 max. It's just to be used for general browsing and office type applications. Currently have a Dell Aspire ES 15. But find it's generally dreadful - really slow, some webpages just load in really slowly etc (no viruses or malware) so yeah wondering if there are any recommendations. I'm able to get a Lenovo Yoga 510 with intel core i3-6006u processor and 4GB ram for £380. is that a good laptop/price? any other recommendations appreciated.