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  1. @Braumiller Great job mate. 2 promotions in 4 years is an awesome achievement.
  2. First 11 matches: -7 points lost in stoppage time -4 red cards -5 penalties against my team -Half of my team doesn't want to extend their contracts
  3. @officiallydeej Very good first season mate. I think that Vanarama National League is the most difficult division for this challenge. So it would be smart to stay few years in North/South and build a team capable of survival. On the other hand I am concerned about contract renewals and how can we build a team when we are going to lose 5-6 first team players every year. p.s. I have already reported a bug on this. It wouldn't hurt if you report it too (or at least leave a comment that this thing is happening in your save).
  4. Ok, I'm getting in. Meet the new manager of Kettering. Team has very good facilities for this level. Board already wants me to develop players using club's youth academy. Club is predicted to finish 22nd in Vanarama North, so I hope that we will manage to avoid relegation.
  5. Hm yeah. 1 year contracts are going to be very hard to overcome. One good season from some player and he's gone. And our careers are dependent on team consistency and trying to improve in small steps. Anyway, I'm really close to starting first proper attempt in FM16. "My heart is telling me yes, but my mind is telling me no" to go to England I had 5 attempts in England in FM14 and they all ended in Vanarama Conference. I still have nightmares about 24 team league, having 10 match losing streaks, losing money like crazy even with smallest budget of all teams... What's not to like?
  6. Just to double check with everyone... You can only offer 1 year contracts, right?
  7. Ugh, I hate beta... Half of my team is leaving to free agency... I think that something fishy is going on with contracts... Gonna try to start a game in Portugal or Italy just to see if the same issue happens there too...
  8. Anyone has trouble with contract renewals? My squad has 12 players and 6 of them don't want to extend their contract because my club can't match their ambitions...
  9. Ok guys, another question... When we are adding new manager... What should we select for coaching licence and previous playing experience (i guess none/sunday league)?
  10. Eh that sucks... p.s. I have tried to start a save in Sweden but almost all new teams have 13-14 players. Is it allowed to play gray players if I get injuries/suspensions and if I can't field 11 normal players?
  11. Could you go around this rule by leaving 3 sub spots unselected?
  12. I'm not posting an updates anymore, but I'm in my 23rd season in Portugal now (I started this save about a year ago in FM14)... So far I had 1 ok striker (who retired last season) and 2 meh-ish ones... On the other hand, I have some very good midfielders, wingers and full backs. Oh, yeah and I had 2 very good keepers and both are playing for Portugal (one was sold when he was 20ish). But yeah, good stiker - no show for me too... p.s. When I was picking Portugal for this challenge I thought that it will be pretty easy to establish domestic domination after some time, but nope... Ok, I managed to win league 5 times in last 10 years BUT Portugese Premier league is now rated as no1 national competition in Europe. Not only that I have to fight Porto, Benfica and Sporting every year, but Maritimo was bought by tycoon and they became Man City instead of Man City (they bought super team and they are now top 3 team in the world). My youth products can't compete anymore with that many superstars... They only chance I have to complete this challenge is to be very lucky in CL draw and avoid all this teams until Final AND then get lucky in that game...
  13. Shakes Though luck mate. Premier conference was my ceiling in FM13 two times. The jump in quality is just too big. You have lots of very good teams and your players just can't progress to that level (or it would require several seasons) because of poor facilities and even if they did, there is no chance of actually keeping them. I would like you to have one more try, especially if you can resign most of your team. Going back up should be pretty straightforward... Right?
  14. Yeah. My friend convinced me to start a star LLM-rules game... I played maybe for an hour or two and couldn't play anymore. Signing players feels like cheating to me now
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