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  1. it works for me, have got any other data updates loaded that it may be clashing with?
  2. Can't you delete the original leagues and create the world leagues from scratch?
  3. Why are there wage caps in divisions 2 & 3?
  4. **** sake, lost 1-0 to another og.
  5. i am seeing more own goals from corners than actual goals!
  6. it is now seems impossible to score from a header. (unless it's near post from a corner) also players keep dribbling into opposition players.
  7. I had the same problem, can't remember if i saved the game after accepting the terminations though.
  8. For some reason i'm blocked from following you?
  9. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/leektown/news/clean-sheet-paves-way-for-vict-811975.html 2 goals from through balls, 0 through balls went out for goal kicks, 1 cross went out for a goal kick and 0 shots went closer to the corner flag than the goal. Through balls, crosses and shots were a lot more accurate IRL than the ME, and this is non-league. Players were more aware of space and team mates runs. (sorry if this is double post but the first is not showing)
  10. this patch is just idiotic: players trying to win throws or corners too often (When there are better options) and failing and giving away possession too often (I had a player run up the byline, beat a opposition player and instead of pulling it back for two players running into the penalty area he waits for the player he beat to come back in front of him and tries to win a corner off him but misses ), players hit balls out for goal kicks too often (when their not under pressure) (wingers do this a lot trying to pass to the striker), shots and crosses are miss-hit way too often (this is just ridiculous how far off reality this is), off-the-ball movement isn't good enough, through balls aren't good enough (in fact most passing), sometimes the midfield don't try to get behind the ball when the opposition get in the space between midfield and defence, wingers hit crosses from deep when there is no one to aim for, sometimes too many players close down the player with the ball, players shooting is just all kinds of wrong. Also off-the-ball movement from set-pieces isn't good enough (all headed gaols from corners come from player set to attack near or far post, none from players set to go forward) and goalkeepers miss the full backs when passing to them too often. FYI, i'm playing in the BSP and watch matches on full highlights. How SI have released a patch this bad at the time they did (right before Christmas) i don't know (probably rushing to get it out before christmas) but i have faith they will get it right with the next patch.
  11. dafuge's FM13 challenge

    yeah, i wouldn't update, i don't understand how SI have released a patch that makes the game worse.
  12. dafuge's FM13 challenge

    he is using it to refer to patch 13.2. edit: beaten to it.
  13. i drew 0-0 in my first game and the only shot from a free kick went into orbit, i think downloaded a different patch than the rest of you.
  14. Something happened to the tactics screen. The goalkeeper is partly off the pitch and the lower-right panel is shorter than before the patch.