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    I was born in 1975, but started living around 1992 when I found out Championship Manager for my Commodore Amiga. That's it

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  1. The game just got updated, and guess what? I've seen goals being scored from dfk
  2. Of course I want realism, so I can face it with realistic tactics. You missed my point
  3. Hello fellow FM addicts Finally after 30+ seasons played in this latest FM instalment my final assessment is as follows: - This is the FM where you can get past your toughest tests and opponents with the most idiotic and unrealistic tactics, for example, that minnow team in your league that always manages to give you an upset, just face them with a super defensive formation and you've done it. No more upsets. And what about that Man Utd impossible match right up ahead? No problem. Just play without strikers, offside trap with your defence all the way up, just passing the ball through into space and pronto, no mountain high enough to climb - The SS are from a UCL group stage match, my FC Porto side against MU at Old Trafford, my strikerless tactic absolutely devastated the red devils (despite the fact they ended up with one player sent off and an injury after using all of the subs) - It was by far the most disappointing FM to date, I'm going back to FM 2016 or FM 2017, hoping to get back to this one if by any chance you guys at SI decide to improve it especially at the Match Engine level. Absolute disgrace. What ever happened to direct free kicks? The only cool thing is that as much as my team doesn't benefit from free kicks, I go by several seasons in a row without conceding goals from that stance, but so much for realism - I believe that you tried to make game harder and more difficult, but created a lot of exploits that you can access simply by creating unrealistic and idiotic tactics - Sorry for my bad english
  4. Thanks for your advice, guess I'll start to train that PPM on all my best FK takers
  5. mitzra3l

    [FM18] The World Is Not Enough

    Not much time left before the transfer window closes, so I guess no more players in or out, despite receiving some offers, none was relevant enough to concede and sell players
  6. mitzra3l

    [FM18] The World Is Not Enough

    August 26, the first 4 league games are gone, Paços Ferreira (h) 4-0, Estoril (a) 0-0, Feirense (h) 2-0, and Boavista (a) 1-0 were the opponents, so 10 points now, and sitting at the top of the table
  7. mitzra3l

    [FM18] The World Is Not Enough

    As for the tactics, my first choice is always 4231 with wingers, I've got some work to do with Danilo Pereira, who is a valuable midfield asset, but currently needs some adaptation to play at full potential
  8. mitzra3l

    [FM18] The World Is Not Enough

    The pre season is over, after 7 friendly matches the squad is ready for the challenge. On news from the player camp, Oliver Torres has being trained as a MOE, so far so good, next he'll learn MOD
  9. mitzra3l

    [FM18] The World Is Not Enough

    I need another CB, but since money is short, Axel Tuanzebe has been brought over from Man Utd as a loanee until the end of the season, never heard of him but he was well recommended by my scouts
  10. mitzra3l

    [FM18] The World Is Not Enough

    Fabiano is on surplus, so I made a deal with Santos FC, 1m for the transfer, it will be made efective on january 10 2018
  11. mitzra3l

    [FM18] The World Is Not Enough

    Making myself at home, knowing the club's reality. The Chairman has handed me the financial report, around 250k available for transfers, and 3.2m used on a 3.4m wage budget. So I can't really go on the market and buy some new players
  12. My goal in this new save game, is to coach the best teams of the world, starting my first job with my all time favorite team, FC Porto, and despite the 4 previous seasons without a single title, the pundits say I'll be top of the league. Here we go, wish me luck
  13. That's my opinion at least, but my point is, it's very rare to see a DFK going in, or at least framed between the posts when you're watching the game
  14. Good news folks, finally after 387 matches later I finally saw live a direct free kick goal. And yes, you guessed it, against my team. And it wasn't scored by a player with decent attributes for free kicks and technique. 14 in FK and 14 in technique. My "specialists" on my own squad have 18 in FK and 17 in technique, and the other one 17 in FK and 19 in technique haven't got one yet. Thanks for your opinion herne79, but so far it seems that Free Kicks in FM2018 are all about randomness. BTW, the player that scored that goal against my team has scored his first goal for the last 73 matches
  15. mitzra3l

    [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Exactly my point, in the first season Abou is not in his full potential, this is from first season, he hasn't scored in Champions League, and still no games in domestic cups, but 10 goals in 7 league matches, he is not weak