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    I was born in 1975, but started living around 1992 when I found out Championship Manager for my Commodore Amiga. That's it

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    Sintra, Portugal


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    FM06, FM07, FM08, FM09, FM10, FM11, FM12, FM13, FM14 and guess what?! FM15

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    FC Porto
  1. I am not ashamed to admit that this season I'm very eager and excited to get my paws in FM, I got them all, since 2005, but it will be the first time ever that I'll wait for the price drop somewhere near Xmas. But it all seems quite promising. Cheers to all of you FM addicts
  2. More drama please

    Aren't you being a bit of a "drama queen" right now? 3 or 4 years of service to a club shouldn't be such a big deal. I'd agree with you if said "some drama in the media after 15 or 20+ years of dedicated service to a club", like Sir Alex for MU, or Lobanovsky for Kiyv and USSR, that would make sense. 4 years is a just a breath
  3. I'd like to see above all, when you use add/remove leagues, when adding a new league mid-season, there should be the option to add as "non playable", just like when you start a new save, and also, for those who start a new save as soon as FM is out in the stores, and play it for 30 or 40 seasons, there should be the possibility to include customized DB without having the need to start a new save
  4. IMO, you're getting emotional about your players. They're just bits and bytes. If they don't want to stay, sell them, drop them, and if you want to refuse a pay rise, just say no. You'll find quite challenging if you don't give in to every request they make. You're the boss. Do what you want. And you'll find yourself enjoying the game and feeling motivated.
  5. You almost got me agreeing with you Neil, but you lost me with "two amazing players in each position as they're more likely to be unhappy if they're not starting every game", because in my experience, even the second choice (or third, in that matter) nag all the time demanding first eleven football. Crappy players with squad status "reserve" or "not needed" bitching to play, and I put all my best efforts to maintain a 23 player squad to avoid this type of claim. It's useless. And this is the thing that annoys me most in FM15
  6. Read this post, I was attracted by the subject, a player in FM loosing weight, and ended up face palming myself wondering why would someone want to clone Suarez. One of him is already too much
  7. Hello everybody Started a new save game since I've update to 15.3.1, and let me give you my feedback, just made my 150th official match, which is a perfect milestone to make a nice assessment, and because I've noticed something that really gets to my nerves. The amount of injuries in-match and the amount of shots to the woodwork. So I made my own record. Here goes as follow: 150 matches, 139 injuries that forced me to sub, the record for a one match only was 5 injured players, I ended up with just 8 players on the pitch because I already started limp due to a sending off at minute 13th. Fun fact: right after I used the last sub, one player injured, it happened 36 times. What are the odds? 150 matches, 192 shots on the woodwork,not on one single match I missed the posts, the record stands on an incredible 9 shots on the iron in the same match, and yes, I lost that one despite my team shooting 58 times, 31 times on target, managed to score 2, the opposition shot 3, hit 3 on target and scored 3 goals. I'm not gonna mention that old discussion of CCC vs half-chances or no chance at all that end up becoming a goal. Not gonna whine, won Champions League last season, 74% wins, 17% ties, only 7% defeats, +247 goal difference, but as much as realism goes, this year FM has utterly failed to convince me. My team will eventually fail to deliver the objectives in any given season, but it's kinda sad that those moments will be because in some matches the woodwork was the Man Of The Match and/or I end way too often with one or two man injured
  8. Since the 15.3 update the injuries are absurd. 18 players injured, and the body count keeps rising. 26 games within the season, and I can count as up as 3 the matches where I didn't have to sub an injured player. One match I had 5 players injured, forced out of the game, since there are only 3 subs, ended up in all kind of troubles, eventually lost the match. And the amount of injuries in training is also absurd, not one single week without 2 or 3 injuries
  9. I'm starting over a new save, but if that occurs again, I will send you the save game, funny thing is, this is becoming quite often in 15.3.0. Just happened, but since I didn't interact the young player yet, can't say for sure if he is mad with me...
  10. Nothing wrong with that for me, just one minor little detail that I don't agree, it happened twice for me, the young player became angry with his tutor, and latter on he refused my proposal to renew his contract because he was angry with me. Now... I didn't order, demanded or even requested this tuition duty, so why on earth is the hot prospect angry at me? That's idiotic, he should be unable to work again with his tutor, but mad at me? Unrealistic IMO
  11. I'm starting over a new save game due to the winter transfer update, starting with aprox 90k players, I'll post my assessment later
  12. FMC15 (as in full mode) you can go on holidays selecting not only "use current tactics" but also "use current team selection whenever possible"
  13. I do sometimes, usually when I've failed all of the season objectives and want to rush to the start of the following season, in that case I spend my time scouting and negotiating players and prepare a squad revolution
  14. Game won't save

    I'm afraid I don't agree with you Neil, about the AVG interfering with FM and/or Steam. That issue never happened before, and never again since my complaint, it was a first and last time. I'm playing a new save and everything seems just fine until now. Go figure
  15. Game won't save

    Thanks for the answer Neil... I had to start another save, and so far so good, that particular issue is not replicating. As for your questions... I was trying to save the usual way, the usual folder, as it failed tried to save to the steam cloud, it didn't work, the last try was on a USB pen drive, unsuccessful like all other attempts. The anti-virus is AVG free, never gave me trouble with neither FM I've ever played. My game version is 15.2.1, and now that issue doesn't matter because the game crashed, unless you want the crash.dump