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  1. Since the last update I cannot move players from B team to main squad directly, luckily I found a work around, I move them from B to U23, and then from U23 to main squad. Any one else with this issue?
  2. That's beautiful, a real life coach who plays FM, cheers mate
  3. This is good, in FM2020 I scraped great victories against much stronger opposition, once my goalie made 12 saves and the rating was 6.9 with a score sheet 1-2, and it still amazes me that he didn't get MOM award
  4. About player registration in Portugal, I don't think there is such a rule that limits U23 players to a maximum of 34. This cuts the chances of developing youth talent. And I saw no mention to this in the federation rules IRL
  5. My review I just played almost 2 seasons of the brand new FM2021, as usual I start picking the dream job at my forever favourite club, FC Porto. First thing I did was taking a peek at my finances. Blimey, 0€ available for transfers, and a 2.7M€ available for wages and a wage allocated of 2.9M€, so a whole 200k€ bellow par. It's fine, the house is on fire but all is just fine. No problem here. I'll try to capitalize a few bucks selling one or two first eleven starters to wing it. Next step, the board expectations: they want me sign big name players. How? With fish and chips? I can't e
  6. A lot of new stuff that doesn't impress me, seems it will be a FM2020 v2.0, way too bloated with unnecessary features. Kudos to the graphics improvement anyways, and the new post match report seems interesting. We shall see further down the road if I should have bought a new pair of trousers instead of this
  7. Hi Louie I tried to take a SS of this occurrence but run the game for a fee weeks ingame and played a couple of matches and nothing happened. But in case this happens again I'll take a SS
  8. Thanks mate. BTW, just out of curiosity how many seasons did you play in your longest save?
  9. Hello guys Since my longest ever savegame only lasted 31 seasons, I have a question for anyone that has ever played 100 or more seasons. What happens to your manager character? Does he retire, ever, or just keeps on managing with 100+ years old? I heard that a guy once played 1000 seasons (in FM18 if I remember correctly) but there was never a mention about this subject
  10. Hi guys I'm experiencing a very annoying toast notification "transactions restored" every couple minutes. Any solution?
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