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  1. I'd like to see more options on the manager's personal life, maybe options like go and play golf with the team, dating, children. something like being able to buy houses near the ground, or investing in the team. I'd like to be able to take money loans out aswell, maybe ask board for permission to get a loan?
  2. This will probably never happen on FM but i'd like just an overall attribute. i know there is the assistant reports, with the stars, but sometimes its not that accurate. if the people behind FM want to keep this feature maybe they could have an on/off button at the start of a new game, like the attribute masking feature
  3. Should definately have manager team bonding activities, like take the team for a meal if they win a derby game or something, also have improved youth set-up, like youth camps all over the world, and training camps. FM09 makes it quite hard to sell players sometimes too, i'd like that to be improved so i can afford some young tallent! lol. i would also like to be able to be able to declare intrest in jobs even if the clubs current manager is very stable etc. Affiliated clubs should be able to be chose by the manager, like the pick as favourite team option. And also a nice effect would be if a player is injured the manager can visit, or on a players birthday, just some manager-player time