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  1. Typical, same as ever. Terrible second half and Flanno had a dreadful game he just ain't ready yet imo.
  2. Downing and Adam have been great so far, we need to get a second otherwise I fear we'll get stung.
  3. Line up for today: Reina Flannigan Agger Carra Enrique Henderson Lucas Adam Downing Suarez Carroll Some surprises today, no Kuyt, not sure why Flanno is playing ahead of Kelly and no Aquilani in the the middle either.
  4. If anyone thinks we can sell Aurelio then people to need to get real, last summer he was available on a free and no one even expressed interest and we ended up re signing him. He only has a year left and yes his injuries do limit him but he's the sort of player who can come in after even long spells of injury and seamlessly slot back in and provide quality that we know he possesses.
  5. His move to Sunderland fell through due to wage demands and from what I've gathered he simply wanted his contract matched. I personally reckon he's on between 30-40k a week. I'm pretty happy with the Enrique signing, finally a solid reliable option at left back and he's very quick which will inject some much needed pace into the team/an outlet.
  6. One compilation and another which shows his performances in one game out of over a hundred he's played for Arsenal, it's not an indicator of his consistency or ability. Even your fellow supporters think you're an idiot. I have no intention of ruining this thread for the rest so will not post anymore.
  7. Are you a bit dense?, if it's not up for debate then why post an opinion on a public forum in the first place? I've stated my opinion on Arshavin with a fair bit of detail and all I get is spammed with youtube videos then called a fool. Try and have a reasoned discussion in the future rather than a hissy fit.
  8. I love Aurelio's ability to seamlessly slot back into the starting line up like he's never been out injured, such a shame he can't stay fit. Anyway was a solid if unspectacular performance, nice to keep a clean sheet and Downing is looking good so far and offers the width and pace we didn't have before.
  9. Darrent Bent is not one of the top strikers in the league, top goalscorers yes but overall ability he's not even close. I'd have Tevez, Rooney, Berbatov, Aguero, RVP, Suarez, Drogba, Torres, Anelka and probably more over him, he's on a level below the ones I listed. I'm afraid RVP is not the best striker in the world just for the sheer fact he plays about half your games and in my opinion the ability to stay fit is an important factor in rating players. I'd also have Tevez, Eto'o, Rooney, Villa, Ibrahimovic and Drogba over RVP if I was comparing him to players in Europe. I also have no intention of watching any youtube videos that can make even Jermaine Pennant look world class and that add absolutely nothing to a discussion/debate.
  10. Statistics don't paint the whole picture whatsoever because using your logic I could easily say that Darren Bent who got 20 goals in 39 games last season is one of the top strikers in the league. Also Suarez plays a completely different role as Rafalution stated. In response to others Arshavin is known for his brilliance half the time and also for his complete anonymity the other half. Arshavin's statistics are impressive but I'd bet my house on the vast majority of his goals and assists are in routs against bottom half teams when the team are in a comfortable position, his complete lack of work ethic is also a detriment to the team and its no coincidence that Clichy who was once very promising was left so exposed, he's very much a luxury player and in terms of meaningful contribution when the team needs it he sorely lacks in my opinion.
  11. You mention a 4th choice centre back and Diego Capel who is **** hence why he was sold for pittance to a mediocre league you then proceed to criticize players that haven't even played a competitive game for us yet, feel free to point out any relevance your post contained.
  12. I'd say his form over the last year is equal to that of RVP with the added bonus of not been made out of glass and the fact that Suarez can operate from the right and left forward, much like he did for Ajax with great success.
  13. I was merely insinuating that Suarez is far better than any of your strikers apart from RVP and if you owned him he would get in your starting line up. You'd do so much better with his tenacity, workrate and determination to go along with his obvious ability rather than your bunch of spineless players.
  14. Don't be stupid its clear that Bendnter and Chamakh would start ahead of him.
  15. So in conclusion you mention Kyrgiakos who was purchased as a 4th choice centre back for 1.5m at a time when we barely had two pennies to rub together and the other players except Carroll have yet to kick a competitive ball for us. Stewart Downing is also quite a bit better than Diego Capel. I fail to see much relevance in your post, continue with the 'Arsenal delusion' because that's what it is.
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