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  1. 1. There's not enough good regens anymore to support a long save compared to previous versions of the game. Eventually there's so little talent there's no competition for the top teams any more. There's also too many "filler" regens with no potential, meaning there's no leftover talent for the lower leagues. Lower leagues get progressively worse throughout a longer save. 2. A club manager can convince a player to retire internationally, but an international manager can't persuade players? You should have the option ask someone to come back to international football (even if the chance is small). You should also be able to persuade players with dual nationality to play for your nation, even if your nation has a lower reputation, assuming you have influence either by having a good reputation yourself or having a good relationship with the player. 3. This one is the most important to me. AI managers and teams need to value potential ability more. Youngsters so rarely seem to get a chance to play on AI teams. Even on teams that value producing youngsters. If a board expects you to develop young players, they should expect it from AI managers as well. I realize some managers are short-sighted and care mostly about results, but youngsters still get the chance to play more often in real life than they do on AI-controlled teams on FM. As it is right now current ability is given too much weight when setting lineups and potential ability isn't valued nearly enough. You see teams valuing PA when signing players, so why don't they when they set line-ups?
  2. Do you have any official source for that? I can't find any information confirming that this is the case. However I know for a fact that Nuri Sahin made this debut at the age of 16 in 2005. I also remember being able to field players that young in Germany on FM09. So if this is true, then it must be a recent change. If it is, I find it strange that I was not able to find anything about it through google.
  3. I have all the European leagues as playable. Doesn't help at all. I never see players as good as what ACMilanBra posted. I've seen a few who are close, but most of them I've developed myself. The problem isn't just how many players are developed correctly, although that is a problem as well. I spend a lot of time checking thoroughly for talented newgens, and this season I hardly found any good ones at all, none with truly world class potential. Believe me when I say, I would have seen them if they were there.
  4. I'd like to see better newgens/regens. As it is now, there are less and less good players the more your save file progresses. Makes playing past the careers of current players kind of pointless. It definitely needs some tweaking in my opinion. Bad regens should be slightly better. I mean, a lot of the generated youth players generated are so bad a big team wouldn't even consider them as a backup for their youth squads. There should also be a bit more of the really good regens (why: see above). I'd also like to see scouting and feeder clubs having a slightly bigger impact on what kinds of players you get through your youth intake. I would also like to see some fixes to player generation. Such as players with second nationalities having names corresponding to the wrong nationality (Bosnians with Swedish names for instance) or players with names that don't match their nationality (players from French overseas territories like Guadeloupe/Martinique having Spanish names in stead of French for instance). Edit: These examples are how it is currently, it should be reversed.
  5. I have the same problem. No good youngsters coming through any more. Not just for my team, there's a global drought when it comes to talent. This season I've been reloading saves over an over again to see if I can get any good youngsters to come through. Most of the time I'm left every disappointed. It seems for every new version of FM I'm finding less and less talents. It seems like the devs have been nerfing this more and more over the years, and it's making the game a lot more boring than it should be. I've bought every version since '07 now, but if this doesn't get fixed I might just go back to playing '07 were I actually found quite a decent amount of good young players. As it is, this is taking a lot of the fun out of the game the more your save file progresses. It gets to the point were there just aren't any good players around any more.
  6. Took over Chelsea nearly mid-season when they were mid-table. First season with them is nearly over and I'm in 4th, so things are going pretty good. Mostly took over at Chelsea because they had this newgen: Sorry that it isn't in English, forgot to change it before I took and uploaded the screen
  7. Vi hata Tromsø - Å Å Vi hata Tromsø – Å Å Vi hata Tromsø – Å Å ÅÅÅ Og Tromsø hata oss… Just a short song from Bodø/Glimt's supporter club website, since you didn't mention any rivals. For those of you who don't understand Norwegian, the song basically says that the clubs hate each other
  8. I'm only in year 2016, but I have to say I'm struggling to find decent young talents. It's not as bad as it was for me on FM11, where I had a few good ones and one absolutely world class but couldn't find any for my youth team after that, but I still can't find nearly as many as I used to on older versions of the game. It reallu sucks
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