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  1. I just played a season in the Jupiler League (second tier Dutch league) and was awarded 2.3 million euros for coming second. The TV money was also quite good, about 150k a month and 850k at the end of the season. I was pretty surprised to find this, since the Dutch league is comparatively low reputation. I've played a few seasons in the Portuguese premier league and the prize and tv money is worse, and it's the 5th best league in the world! Are there others out there that surprised you guys with how low or high the prize money is?
  2. Where can you see league reputations with star ranking etc in FMT? I can't find it!
  3. Does anyone know which leagues have it? is there a way to tell ?
  4. Hey guys, can anyone answer me some questions about the A-League in this version? 1) Does the salary cap scale up like it should? 2) Is the 2 international player marquee rule implemented? 3) Are there any league reforms that happen overtime or does it just always have the same restrictions. IIRC in a previous version, all restrictions were removed in 2018
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