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  1. Hey there, I am not quite as much around nowadays but will provide an update after the transfer window closes.And after that i hope i start my long project with Hammers
  2. Nice seeing some people are playing with Hammers. My first season was quite good to say the least: After quite a lot of wheeling and dealing i finished 3, 8 point behind Man UTD that won everything in first season.I managed semi final of Carling Cup where i lost on away goals with Chelsea.Will provide SS later.Most of the season i played quite regular 4-DM-4-1 formation. On the last day of season i lost on purpose to Hull City.Why? Because losing to Hull would mean that Liverpool would be relegated. So i liked the challenge and ATM i am a manager of Liverpool in championship. I have West Ham save on computer which i will continue on a later date. PS: Maybe thats called cheating or whatever but there is one trick how to get rid of high salary players.I was desperate to get rid of Collins in start of season.No one would take him even for free so i started looking for straight exchange with other teams.That way i managed to sell him to Fulham and in another way came a youth prospect Noe Baba.I got rid of Collins wage which enabled me to sign Milosevic from AiK.For some its cheating for me its wheelin and dealin
  3. If anyone would like a challenge: After season 1 Liverpool was relegated to Champhionship. SAVE GAME DATE: 11.5.2013 Leagues loaded: Only England up to league 2. 14.000 players count.
  4. Ravel will not develop much because of his low professionalism attribute.And he will reject every single mentor no matter what.
  5. Can you provide SS so we can see how did you set up. And yes, Ravel reject everyone you offer to tutor him. That is because he has low professionalism attribute.
  6. Will try to because i had to format computer and i hope i have the save on dropbox.
  7. Its not about how quickly you should adapt to different country.Being there for almost 2 years you should have higher knowledge of football in Scotland.But the bar is still in the same place as in the start of game.
  8. This is probably a BUG but just in case: As I started the game i choose Irish nationality.I am now a manager in Scotland for almost 2 years but the level of my knowledge of Scotland did not rise a single bit.
  9. Please write a bit more info about tycon save you have.For example number of leagues running+players. I have one tycoon save if anyone is interested. Club: Charlton When: End of second season Status: Promoted to Premier league Game INFO:English league loaded (up to League 2) + players from Scotland premier division.
  10. OK here is my first match; it was against lower league team so they should not posse a problem: Easy victory with a lot of shots and 4 CCC.Nice start.Lets go into more details. During the match i noticed Mark Noble is shooting to much. NOTE for next match.Change Mark Noble shooting to less often. Here are all the headers from Andy in 90 minutes.Quite happy with it so no changes there. Next are crosses from our wingers: Again quite happy with them.They stay out wide and look for Carroll in the box. Few notes: -make wingers to mark their full backs tightly.That way they will put pressure on them,aiming to quickly won the ball and feed it to Carroll. -make midfield players to shoot less -target man; hold out position.Reasoning behind that is that we want that TM stays in the centre and waits for crosses to come. Any suggestions...?
  11. So after many many years of downloading and using other people tactics this year its finally the time to try something on my own.And what better team to learn then the team i support: West Ham United. So lets begin with quick look of straight and weakness: So after a quick glance we can see few things. -crap at tackling so using hard tackling would be devastating -slow defense, so using high defensive line would leave us open to counter -we are the best team in league in heading and jumping reach in attack I will try to use this tactics: GK WB(auto)-CD(d)-LD©-WB(auto) AP(a)-CM(d)-BBM(s) DW(s) DW(s) TM(A) As for team instructions i had in my something like this: Few explanations: -pump ball into box; i am hoping for Carroll to claim all the balls and give us an opportunity to score -float crosses; see above -look for overlap; having defensive wingers i want my wingback to overlap sometime -play wider; again using flanks for crosses for Andy -drop depper; slow defense -stand off opponets; bad stats for tackling and marking for my defensive players -lower tempo -be more disciplined; i want them to stay in formation I have choosen control&balanced style.This is tactic for HOME matches. Up next: First game against non-league team NOTE:I will be changing player instruction after first game.
  12. I played one season with them (won Champhionship) after that Charlton lured me with tycoon takover.After promotion i was given a budget around 20 million which i was really happy with it.First season was really just getting rid of as many high earners as possible.Had quite diffucult time selling them so i went another way.I almost did not play Cambell,Best,Robinson,Etuhu until first transfer window.They were unhappy but they accepted mutual termination of contract which was good.The only player i was able to sell was Scott Dann to Crystal Palace. Rely on youth players because they are really good.And Rhodes is TOP TOP striker for Champhionship and also for PL. Also good thing managing Rovers is their youth facilities+youth coaches.
  13. In the end i settled with 4-4-1-1 formation with quite simple settings.When Carroll is fit i usually play him as TM on support and behind him Kevin Nolan.Using classic wingers (run down the byline,crossing aim to target man).In midfield Noble and Diame.Trying to keep it simple and looking to frustrate opponets and hoping for one goal along the way.Pretty much the way Fat Sam plays but due to awful marking problems (ME issue) its quite hard sometimes.The problem is when Carrol is injured because no one else can play TM well.In that case I switch to 4-4-2.So buying an extra attacker is a must because a lot of players are injury prone. Other frustrating thing is lack of money VS board expectations.After first season they wanted top half finish and provided only 2 millions pounds.In general you are in survival mode until the move to new stadium.But I dont know if then money becomes any better cos you have to pay for usage of stadium. Its quite difficult for Hammers in this years game.At least its spot on with how the real season is going.
  14. A little bit of information would be great.Look other team guides for presentation.
  15. Yeah the suggested tactic was not really good.After a while i settled for quite standard 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 with quite regular player roles.But i got really upset while I finished first season on 11th place i did not get any transfer budget whatsoever (2 million and 60k wage doesnt do the trick in PL).I hope in future update Ravel gets a bit of bump in mental department because ATM is untrainable.Reject all the tutors and doesnt develop at all.
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