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  1. Guilty complex? Or have I touched a nerve? At no point did I accuse you of belittleing fans of smaller clubs. I didn't even generalise by saying all fans of big clubs belittle fans of small clubs. What I actually said was that all towns/cities that have "small" clubs have armchair fans of "big" clubs, and that these are the ones who belittle the local fans of the local team.
  2. "Armchair" fans! Never been to see their team play but are bigger football fans than you because their team is better. You know the sort, every town/city has them. They belittle people for supporting the local "smaller" team!
  3. You're right, but so many likes/dislikes are formed when you are a child. Rightly or wrongly they are carried with us for the rest of our lives and help to shape personalities. If everyone liked every football team, football matches would be boring places to go! Atmosphere? All formed by the disliking of every team other than your own!
  4. I can't speak for other posters, but one of the reasons i dislike Man Utd is that when I was at school, my team, Hull City, were bottom of Division 3, and looking like going out of business. At school i was surrounded by Man Utd "fans" who had never been to OT, but still insisted on saying things like - "Why watch City when they lose all the time, support a team who wins like Man U!" and other similar comments. I'm sure you can see how that breeds animosity! As for respect, I have huge respect for Man Utd's achievements. But respect isn't the same as liking!
  5. My GP is Dutch and has just taken up British citizenship. So unless someone from the government is having him on, you surely must be able to change nationality between EU nations!
  6. Back when Hull City were in the lower leagues, with Peter Taylor in charge, he had a spell being part time England U21 manager. This caused problems come international weekend, as a league 1 and 2 team, we still had league games to play. That meant not only losing our few internationals on an international weekend, but losing our manager as well!
  7. What these guys said. Though maybe with a low consistency rating but high important matches!
  8. He'd score even more freekicks if he played more than 3 games a season!
  9. GAME OVER for FM

    They already did near the top of the thread. They have admitted across the forums that whilst some Crash Dumps are down to the game, not all of them are. The crash dump itself isn't the problem. The crash dump is caused by the problem and there could be any number of issues causing the crash dumps. Issues with the game and issues with hardware both cause crash dumps. SI are trying to replicate these crash dumps so they can find out whats causing them, as Ter mentions.
  10. You support your local team. That's what people are getting at. There's nothing wrong with following another team aswell.
  11. I personnally think that tactics play a huge part in real life football. Just look at Hull City last year. In the first half (maybe the first 1/3) of the season we employed a 442 with quick wingers and an AMC that quickly moved into a 5 man attack when we had the ball. We passed the ball around and made space to go forward. Things went downhill for City when Marlon King was dropped (for legitimate reasons), and we changed to a 451 for the rest of the season. This formation, and the long ball tactics that came with it were the downfall of City. I agree that man management and motivation are important in football, but in the second half of last season you could see that the players were clearly motivated, and putting in plenty of effort, but they were fighting a losing battle as the tactics didn't suit the team.
  12. This game is so fake

    In the 1 1/2 seasons Hull City have been in the premiership, We have conceded 6 OGs, (four of which have been scored by the wonderfully eccentric Kamil Zayette!), and scored three. So conceding 20 OGs in four years doesn't seem unrealistic unfortunately! As for the other stats, I wouldn't have a clue where to find such info!
  13. Why is it unrealistic? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/eng_prem/results/default.stm There have only been 4 0-0 draws so far this season
  14. Did you install via Steam? If so you need to load up steam and click on the tab labelled "My Games" or something similar. Select FM10 and click 'Launch'.....
  15. In FM09 I was managing Hull City, and my contract was nearing its end at the end of the third season. I finished 3rd in the league, and won the FA cup. I asked the board for a new contract, and they said I hadn't done enough to earn a new one, and two weeks later when my contract ended I was out of a job. Thats rather harsh and quite unrealistic.