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  1. Are unrealistic transfers STILL in the game?

    When using a small database I get loads of unrealistic transfers, Flogged Elikescakes AKA Ebanksblake to Real Madrid for £6m WTF! But when using a med/large Database this hardly happens, So I'd say the transfer seem fine to me:thup:
  2. Rodwell future anchor or cb!!!!

    I signed him for my Wolves save (£25m) and have to save for me Rodwell plays his best football as a ball winning defensive C/M.
  3. Donovan still in LA ?

    Class ABSOLUTE class, Vermundr's ad should be stickied for all to see, Hint SI. Go on do it for a laugh:thup:
  4. The Notts County Gravy Train

    They were actually taken over by munto finance with the promise of financial backing from a wealthy middle east family that never materialized. Speculation that Sol Campbell quit due to most of his wages being paid by Swiss commodity holdings group and not his employers spelt trouble. The guys behind munto didn't obtain the backing promised and borrowed time was soon up.
  5. The Notts County Gravy Train

    The previous owners promised vast wealth and connections to rich Arab families but in reality offered very little, to which they have blagged £600000 from the supporters club to help with running costs. The owners at the time drafted in the likes of Sol Campbell and Sven Goran Eriksson as a front to help with the masquerade, Both have since left the club once the truth shone through. when FM 2010 was coded Notts county were looking to be a very rich side which is why they are in the game, in reality they have just been sold for £1 with very large debts for a league 2 side.
  6. I dont know about step-by-step(ooh baby;)) but should be pretty simple using the editor, either by moving him from L.A. galaxy or recreating him into the game. Have a play with the editor.
  7. The Beast

    Just Oscar would be good enough, especially once if he's not already a world beater!
  8. wath do you do?

    I'm a 4x4 Auto Electrician working shifts at present:thdn: Managing Wolves to glory on all fronts in 2014. Fit in game time when I should be sleeping:(.
  9. Send Assistant!!!!!!!!!!!

    I tend to send my ass-man for all pre-match press conference's and I deal with all I post-match conference's, Especially if we've lost;). I think the fans want to hear from the organ grinder and not the monkey after a loss. Sir Alex Ferguson point blank refuses any interviews with the BBC and that doesn't seem to have any effect on UTD.
  10. Does your missus moan at you...

    My missus never stops moaning at me, So I've developed the technique of "In one ear and out the other." Oh and "Shut the door on your way out"
  11. A Manager's Wages!

    Actually its not! A crappy Golf course in the U.K. would cost a minimun of £1.2m and the villa would be another £1m.
  12. My best achievement ever.

    Milevski is awesome and the main reason why my wolves side have just won the EPL:D, Bagged 34 in 38 games.
  13. Player getting booked for removing shirt whilst mid goal celebration.STUPID/PATHETIC rule that it is:thup:
  14. Fairplay to him though, He got the result he was after:thup:, Bit of a gamble though otherwise he'd a been lynched off Billy Wrights statue had he lost the Burnley game. I've tried in on FM10 and players and fans alike weren't happy about being dropped for the UTD game, My second string got a can of whoop ass unleashed on them with a 7-0 tattering:o
  15. Relegated because of an offside call...

    If the player is still in an "onside" position after the ball is played and is running goal wards its nigh on impossible for the player to have ever been in an offside position in the first place. Come on use your noggin lad.