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  1. I paid a similar price for Hughes (only around £10m though), but I'd say he was worth it. Played him as a starter for the majority of the first season and he's now at 3.5/4(can't remember) star ability at the beginning of the second season and looks set to be an England regular. I'm still gutted I couldn't get all the funds together to bring in Marco Verratti though- had a deal agreed in January for £12m and I thought the budgets would be able to be adjusted, alas that wasn't the case. This summer just saw him move to Madrid for £30m! Hamzters, who you planning on bringing in to replace Krul or is Jefferson good for another few years? Also, does anyone know any British DMs with top potential? Want to bring in a replacement for Tiote/Anita, but I reckon I might have to wait until next years regens.
  2. Unlucky on penalties Scully. So into my second season and I was more active than I thought I would be. Shola, Gosling, Cisse, Gouffran, Tavernier, Honda, Vass, Coloccini, Good, Sammy, Amalfitano and MYM all left the club for a total of £54.5, (£26m of that was on MYM). That meant that the wage bill dropped a bit so I could focus on bringing in some more established, and aimed for English, players. It also meant that Tom Ince and Will Hughes were the only players I bought last season that are still at the club! I reinvested those funds in Shawcross(£11m), Finnbogason(£4m), Jay Rodriguez(£3m), Gomis(Free), Xabi Alonso(Loan), Putsila(Free) and Caulker(£15m). I can't see me signing anyone else in January unless the board releases some more funds. I've brought into around £50m profit over the two seasons, but too much of it is in monthly installments and I only get 50% of the revenue pumped back in In terms of like-for-like replacements to funds I think I did alright. The transfer fees for Finnbogason, Rodriguez and Gomis were covered by Cisse's sales, and Shawcross and Caulker were paid for by MYM. The wage bill is roughly the same, but I think I have a stronger (albeit smaller) squad. Really happy with Alonso, I'm hoping to play him in DM as regista against some of the weaker sides. Already started the season well with a 2-0 and 1-0 win over Everton and Man Utd. The Man Utd result means that they haven't put a goal past my side in 3 attempts now!
  3. What formation are you playing Don? I'm having a problem creating chances at the minute and have slipped from Europa League contention into the bottom half of the table. I play a 4-5-1 with 1 DM, 2 CMs and 2 W- sometimes this changes to a 4-3-3 with the wingers pushed up to the striker line. It worked alright for me in the first half of the season, albeit I leaked goals left, right and centre, but recently it just seems to be hitting brick wall after brick wall. Line up is usually: DM: Tiote/Anita CM: Cabaye CM: Honda/Sissoko AMR: Robben AML: Ince ST: Cisse/Gouffran The two player ones are dependant on who's playing better at the time. Bringing in Gomis from Lyon in the summer. He's scored 30 goals for them this season so hopefully he'll help me out next season! Can anyone tell me what the transfer budget is like for the second season? I'll hopefully finish in the top half this season and my sales were £30m more than my expenditure so far, although the majority of that is coming through monthly installments. Didn't realise how much of a ballache that would be until I didn't have the funds to sign any of the good regens that had just been brought into the game!
  4. I think the 541 formation would actually work really well with the squad we have. I think I may be almost 2/3 of the way for your 3rd point by January. Tiote handed in a transfer request after I promised we'd be challenging higher up the table. I think if I get an offer close to £20m for him I might just sell him and bring in Diame.
  5. Started up my first game on FM14 with Newcastle (as per). Decided to do something that I wouldn't normally do and sold one key player in the very first window. Ben Arfa was upset I wouldn't let him talk to Chelsea and I couldn't salvage the relationship so he put in a request. Ended up selling him for £32.5m (Only a disappointing £7m upfront) to Real Madrid. A bid came in from Chelsea for £5m more, but I didn't want him haunting me all season so rejected their offer. Following him out the door were Obertan and Gutierrez for over £5m each. Looking at the squad it seems very unbalanced and I'm regretting bringing in the free transfers I did. Adam Vass might not be too bad because he's only on £2k a week and has looked solid when I've used him. However, Reveillere is on £20k and isn't going to get much game time. I brought him in quite quickly, but also ended up bringing in De Vrij who could have covered RB as well. Honda seemed like another good choice, although I'm struggling to get him to perform. The two transfers I'm most excited about though are Ince (£3.8m) and Hughes (£10M). Hoping to integrate these two early on and have them as first choice as AML and AMC. I've played 6 league games so far and only recorded 1 win, but only lost twice which isn't too bad. Struggling to find my first choice midfield and attack, so that inconsistency might be harming my form. The aim for this season is to hopefully make it into the Europa League.
  6. He was asking for £65k+ for me and the agent/loyalty fees were far too high. Just happy I managed to get Wilshere for less money and hopefully with his long contract I won't have to negotiate for a while
  7. Just about to start my fourth season and had one of my biggest transfer windows so far, well in terms of sales. I felt it was time to rely heavily on Bigi and Barkley if I want them to fulfill their potential; they were already first choice last season but had to rotate with Abeid/Vuckic/Cabaye/Tiote/Anite/Cerny(Regen). So here were my outgoings: Perch - £2.5m (Defence is sorted so didn't need him) Abeid - £6m (Played less than 15 games last season and £6m for a player close to his 3* potential seemed like a good deal) Vuckic - £5.5m (See Abeid) Ba - £20m (Contract expiring next summer and demanding £50k+. Campbell, Jovetic and Ademilson won't miss him dearly.) Cabaye - £26.5m (Moaning about contract, wanting ridiculous wages and fees. £26.5m for a 29 year old is a cracking deal.) It'd be stupid to lose four first team members, so I bought Wilshere (£21.5m) and three new regens (GK, AML/R/ST & ST). I'm still tempted to look at selling Tiote as he's attracting interest and I have Anita and Cerny who play just as well, if not better. It'd just be a lack of strong tutors that I'd miss him for. Got a tough group in the Champions League and want to finally win a cup this year so my squad will be stretched. I either play a 4-5-1 or a 4-4-2: GK: Krul, Albrecht® FB: Clyne, Santon, Solly, N.Taylor (All play both sides) CB: Streete, Okore, S.Taylor, Tomkins DM: Cerny, Tiote, Anita CM: Wilshere, Bigirimana, Barkley W: Ben Arfa, Ince, Walcott ST: Campbell, Jovetic, Ademilson I have 7 regens who are 4* or above potential, but 3 of them are strikers so it'll be difficult to give them all a lot of games. I have a GK, FB, CM and AML coming through with them that will probably see more gametime this season. Only 10 of my squad (regens included) are non-UK nationals, but Krul and Ademilson are HG at the club, and Cerny and Albrecht will join them in a year or two. The plan is to eventually have a squad all HG in England, with quite a through being brought through my youth system. I've been trying to keep expanding the facilities, now having an established youth recruitment, excellent junior coaching and top training/youth facilities (Although the last 2 are being upgraded again). The only players who won't be HG in the UK then will be Okore, Santon, Anita, Tiote, HBA and Jovetic. All are valued 1st teamers, although I could probably phase out Tiote this season and Ben Arfa only has 2 or 3 left until he'll begin to deteriorate. In an ideal world Ben Arfa will be replaced by one of my regens, but I'm still looking for someone to fill Tiote's place.
  8. How are you guys playing Adam Campbell? I'm giving him plenty of starts and appearances off the bench, but he's just not impressing. I want to stick with him because I've seen how well everyone else is doing with him, but when I've got Ademilson, Walcott and Jovetic that can all play upfront I'm starting to lose faith. Got excited when the takeover was brought up and a local businessman could have cleared the debts. However, in reality he's just bought Ashley out and has said there will be no investment at this time. Slight benefit was that he increased the junior coaching, youth and training facilities after I asked and is looking for a feeder time to increase revenue.
  9. So after an average 1st season (finishing 5th), I thought that the squad wouldn't need too many changes. One thing I was certain of was that Cisse would leave to the highest bidder after only scoring 12 goals in 40 appearances all season. Eventually he left to Chelsea for £22.5m Other departures were Marveaux (£4.8m) and Ferguson (£3m). Abeid and Campbell left on loan to play more first team football this season, whereas Amalfitano, Gosling, Sammy and Tavernier went out on loan because I couldn't sell them. Shola's injury meant that I couldn't shift him either. However, I was more than happy with my signings. I used all the money I received to bring in Jovetic for £28.5m (Although not sure whether to play him as an IF or upfront). Then with the initial budget I was given I bought Clyne for £5.25m to now be completely happy with my defence for the next 5 seasons or more. The only other signing was to bring Carroll home for £3.5m. The season has been poor so far, I went out in Europe in the knockout stages to Dinamo Moscow and out of the 14pts from 8 games I was aiming for, I only have 8. With such a large squad and so few injuries I've been changing the team every game, so I think now I'm going to have to settle on a strongest XI and stick with them solidly for a few games. At the moment I think it will be: GK: Krul RB: Clyne LB: Santon CB: Tomkins CB: S.Taylor DM: Anita CM: Cabaye AMR: Ben Arfa AML: T.Ince ST: Ba ST: Jovetic That leaves me with fantastic backup players like Solly, N.Taylor, Coloccini, Okore, Streete, Perch, Tiote, Bigi, Barkley, Vuckic, Carroll and Ademilson.
  10. Just made it through the January transfer window. I tried to seal deals for young British talent early, using my limited budget to bring in Thomas Ince for £7m and James Tomkins for £5m + Mike Williamson. Quite happy with these moves as both have solid starting stats and can still be developed; first round of tutoring has just ended so I can redistribute my senior players in a month or two the tutor the ones most in need. It got to just before deadline day and I had been reliant on Vuckic and Campbell as my main strikers due to the two Demba's leaving for the ACON. Disaster struck as both were suffering injuries that lasted 2 weeks or more- so I panicked. Ended up snapping Rivaldo on a free (Well, he'll be a decent tutor for Abeid) and Ademilson for £5.25m. I realise the latter has a lot of potential, but I did plan on trying to make a completely British side, but he'll count as HG so I can get over that. The only other departures were Shola and Marveaux, both on loans with minimal fees and wage contributions. However, future fees of £1.7m and £5.25m will hopefully be activated at the end of the season to boost my funds. At the moment I'm on course to finish comfortably in the top 7, although if I can find some form I could probably push into the top four. Out in the quarters of the League Cup to Man Utd and 3rd round FA Cup to Liverpool. I've got Young Boys in the 1st knockout round in Europe which I'm banking on progressing so that it'll be a minor boost to funds. Squad currently looks like: GK: Krul, Alnwick, Harper FB: N.Taylor, Santon, Solly, Anita (Can all play both sides) CB: Coloccini, S.Taylor, Okore, Tomkins, Streete, Good DM: Tiote, Anita, Perch (Suprisingly good) CM: Cabaye, Barkley, Bigi AMR/L: Ben Arfa, Abeid, Ince, Amalfitano ST: Ba, Cisse, Vuckic, Campbell, Ademilson, Rivaldo
  11. Just started a Newcastle save and decided that I'd do my best to try and develop the promising young players at the club. This meant that I only bought a few players- Okore, Solly, N.Taylor and Barkley (Swapped for Jonas). Overall I spent just under £10m on the four of them. Leaving the club were Elliot, Simpson, R.Taylor, Gosling, Obertan, Sammy(loan), Jonas, Xisco and Ranger. This brought in funds of around £13m. Going for a simple 4-4-2 with a DM and two advanced wingers, results have been steady so far with just a couple of 1-0 defeats to Spurs and Fulham by the end of September. Vuckic has been the standout youngster so far, netting 6 times in 6 games in the League Cup and Europe. Bigi has been impressive as well when used, Campbell is inconsistent so far and Abeid/Amalfitano have yet to impress. I'm going to be using my second string in all of my European and Cup games so that they'll all hopefully get at least 10 starts this season.
  12. Didn't Lawro also compare Meireles to that neo-Nazi Greek MP who punched a couple of female MPs on telly? Drawing comparison between him catching someone with his hand, and that.
  13. Seems weird that after moaning about too many older players at the last World Cup that we don't really have any other alternatives this year either. Carrick(30), Lampard(34), Gerrard(31) and Barry(31) are mentioned in everyone's squad.
  14. Don't think anyone else has posted about Parker? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18054071
  15. Adam Vass (£800k) or Taras Stepanenko (£3m) both did very well for me. Sold Stepanenko on for almost £18m 3 years on.
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