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  1. Name: Richard Watson DOB: 26/03/84 Team: Wrexham. Nah, kidding. Liverpool
  2. How about a gravity gun from HL2. Goalkeeper? Keep injuring yourself diving for the ball? No longer! Introducing the patented Nike Gravity Gun. Stand around like a twonk on the penalty spot and stop any shot without moving! Lionel Messi making you look bad? Use the gravity gun to pick up a pitch-side cannon and fire it at his head! Never again will you suffer the humiliation of defeat!
  3. 2006 IIRC, may have been 2007. Signed him for Forest and he became a beast. Having said that, they roughly predicted Lewandowski too.
  4. Vuvuzela!?! WHY On another note, I wouldn't mind kitting a heavy out in a Forest top
  5. Defo. i5 is quad, the Athlon 2core won't hold a candle to it. Slower, smaller cache and less cores = less win. Stevie...LOTS
  6. Yet again corrected by Ishu and yet again he's correct. I can't win Remember rule 1 of upgrading - never early adopt on first generation releases, in this case the new AMD processors. Always...ALWAYS wait for revisions Checked your spec. You're bang on. Won't be a problem with FM.
  7. Spoil her the night before then on release day claim you have the flu and need to stay in bed. But you need entertainment. And before any dirty minds latch on to that, i mean suggest you use a laptop to play FM lol
  8. Well, that's sadly not at all true for the first part - 300w PSU is more than enough for a PC with onboard graphics, mid-range CPU and a bit of ram used for general work and browsing. Considering an i5 setup with a GTX470 hits about 460w peak -/+ 10%, I'm not sure why you think the above is true. Considering with the right (quality) parts I was able to run a shuttle with an 8800GTS on an AMD 4200+ dual core with 4gig of ram without issues for nearly 4 years with a 250w PSU? Second part entirely correct. Anything low-mid range these days with a dedicated graphics card will run FM fine in high details.
  9. True enough but not strictly accurate and slightly misleading - you want more cores for smoother multitasking and 32bit addresses about 3.8gb. You really want 64bit for multi-core processors and over 4gb of ram
  10. Acer tend to be very shoddy in regards to build quality rather than spec from personal experience
  11. As x42bn6 said, Star ratings are pretty bugged - with that kit I would ignore star ratings. My Centrino laptop with 4gig ram gets the same as my i5 desktop with 8gig. Tbh Overclocking for FM is a waste and generally a lot of people who "know all about overclocking" really only know "all about destroying your pc". True story - I was on the receiving end of that one when i was 19 and my mate told me he had been overclocking all his kit for years. One burnt out processor later, I decided it wasn't worth the risk lol
  12. I threw tuffers a build - Intel i5, 12gb ram, GeForce 550Ti, 1tb Sata II drive w/ 64mb cache (FM/general use only, wouldn't recommend for hardcore gaming) and it's sitting at sub £600 from Scan.co.uk. Thats with no monitor or OS.
  13. Forest. Get rid of the wally with the brolly.
  14. Without looking the P8H67-M - M-ATX - I would guess it's MicroATX? Tuffers Ill spec you a machine for 800quid depending on your need, any preferences? I'm an IT Engineer so I (presumably, debatable) know what I'm doing.
  15. So just shy of 300 goals and ~20 years as a Millwall coach? That's depressing. Where did my life go wrong?!