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  1. Name: Richard Watson DOB: 26/03/84 Team: Wrexham. Nah, kidding. Liverpool
  2. How about a gravity gun from HL2. Goalkeeper? Keep injuring yourself diving for the ball? No longer! Introducing the patented Nike Gravity Gun. Stand around like a twonk on the penalty spot and stop any shot without moving! Lionel Messi making you look bad? Use the gravity gun to pick up a pitch-side cannon and fire it at his head! Never again will you suffer the humiliation of defeat!
  3. 2006 IIRC, may have been 2007. Signed him for Forest and he became a beast. Having said that, they roughly predicted Lewandowski too.
  4. Drew 1-1 at home to Forest, Took the lead through Ruben De La Red (Who was languishing in my reserves when I took over and I didn't spot him!), but Chris Cohen put the equaliser in for Forest (Speaking of which I have no idea how he's still playing at that level). Beat Lazio 3-0 in btween and in the away leg at the City Ground, De la Red got red-carded after 65mins at 0-0, but 2 goals from Giovinco (one free, one 25yard scorcher) to get the 10man away win. Qualified for next round already now - 10pts from 4games, 4 goals conceded, 10 scored. Signed 2 more youth players, one from Napoli and one from Genoa. Squads looking good. Did lose my first leage game to Udinese who are now 1pt clear of me in the league though. 1-0 loss, pretty much dominated (19 shots to 5) but couldn't make it count.
  5. Decided to ditch Forest after winning he PL in 2016 and CL in 2017 (2nd in PL 2017 and beaten Semis in CL 2016). Not that there wasn't still a challenge, just decided to save a new file and holiday for a year and see what was happening. Juve came calling, 2nd bottom from Serie A in December. Squad is just insane. Chiellini, Buffon, Diego, Rossi...couple of very good players. First season I dragged them up to 3rd place. Lost out in 1st knockout round of the CL to Barca though, and Roma (league winners) put me out in the Italian cup semi's. Sold a few fringe players (including a Nigerian striker I got 26m for), and picked up 2 of my old Forest squad, A regen called Pacholik (Czech), Joe Hart (Buffon is ageing badly now) and Dunne (English regen striker, think Lukaku, stats are virtually identical). Also grabbed 2 young Italians to bolster an aging backline being held together by a typical 30+ international italian defence, one slotted into left back and the other is floating between CB and relieving Corluka at RB, and a young Brazilian LB who shows enough promise that he's the new Ashley Cole (seriously). 2nd Season has started well enough. Dunne is banging in the goals and Diego is taunting opposition. Playing a slow tempo, attacking 4-1-2-1-2 with low creative freedom apart from my playmaker Diego, sitting behind the strikers as a Trequartista. pld 10, Won 6 Drawn 4. GD is around +19 with one particularly awesome 5-0 win against Inter. Got Standard, Villareal and Nottm Forest () in my CL group. 4-3 away win to Standard, 3-0 home win vs Villa, Forest is my next game. Know I built a good squad - Delfouneso, Lukaku, Rodwell, Young, Milner, Cattermole to name a few, so will be tough. Also noticed that Roma have a few amazing players including Verrati and Ballotelli causing me a lot of trouble. Their squad definately looks better on paper than mine, though I have a stronger defence and arguably a better, if old, keeper.
  6. Lost 2-0 in the League to Spurs (as Forest). Not happy. Both goals from Modric and I had 72% pocession and wasted it with no clear-cut chances and 10 shots out of 14 from long range.
  7. West Ham 2 (7) - 2 (6) Nottm Forest Green saved my 7th penalty and Darren Ambrose (Honestly) put theirs away to win. League cup semi-final. Gits!
  8. Nottm Forest 1 - 0 Chelsea A young striker I have (17) just scored as a subsitute on his league debut. 82nd minute and MILES offside (But who's complaining?). 2nd in league by 1 pt from Man Utd, but they have a game in hand. 15games into season, 29pt haul for me, 30 for them in 14. - 9/3/2 for Manu, 9/2/4 for me.
  9. New all-time personal record victory. Nottm Forest 10 - 1 Hull Jermain Defoe Hat-trick, 2 from Robert Lewandowski, 2 from Chris Cohen with Michael Turner, Chris Gunter and jonjo Shelvey fleshing out the result. 2012/2013 season. Got Defoe for a cut-down 3.7m, Turner however cost me most of my transfer kitty at a painful 8m for a club like Forest. Worth every penny. 10 games in, 8 goals scored. 4 were pens, 2 from corners and 2 from open play. Not a bad haul for a CB.
  10. Newcastle 1 (Xisco, 52) Nottm Forest 2 (Defoe 13, 28) I was Forest. In the 2012/2013 season. Got defoe for 5.1m (Basically 75% of my budget). Worth every Penny. Got Robert Lewandowski the season before for 3.1m and between them they've put away 57 goals in 33 games. Not a bad return.
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