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  1. Älvsborgs FF Season 1 Season one is over we finished a close 2nd in the league and failed in the play-offs overall a very good season. Youth Intake was very poor
  2. Älvsborgs FF Season 1 Ten games in and the table looks like this
  3. I have decided to try my luck in Sweden and Alvsborg FF looked like a good option for me.
  4. I have just played a season with my everton save and won everything very good tactic. I used the shouts when i went ahead.
  5. It does not rely on corners. You do score quite a few from them if you want it there if not set to your own instructions will still score loads of goals
  6. I have started using the 41131 all i can say is its the best tactic i have ever tried from these forums. im a few seasons in and have a very good team but after 21 games my goals scored is 114 and 14 conceded w20 L1 i was using the 442 v2 last season.
  7. One of the things im enjoying most with this tactic is it does not need pacy strikers. I signed cardozo for Everton 2nd season and he as been awesome in the FCR role
  8. got hernandez as the poacher and rooney either left inside forward or amc does well in both roles for me
  9. This Tactic is awesome. Just got the Utd job in 3rd season and so far they look unstoppable
  10. this 4 2 3 1 is awesome im using it in my Everton save 2014-15 season still have not lost in league end of jan15.
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