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  1. Hi All, Question for all you retro players out there, hoping you can help me out! Looking to download FM 2007 and rekindle my relationship with a game I wasted many hours of my youth on. Unfortunatley, my MacBook doesn't have a disk drive, so the game will need to be downloaded. I cant seem to find it on steam either. Does anybody have any tips as to where I can download it? Cheers, George
  2. This is my first post since 2013 on this Forum, and I remember the exact same discussion about going back to FM2008 back then. I'm back on 2016 for the fist FM game I've played in years, since around 2012. Until recently its been 2007 for me. I don't think anything has been massively wrong with newer versions, we just love nostalgia and are creatures of habit. Oh - and it means i can dream of a world in which Shevchenko turned out incredible for us!
  3. Hello 10-3 I just want to explain to you that since Monday when I accidentally stumbled upon your story I've been amazed and astounded by the writing, plot lines and general fantastic depth of it. Reading this is the only thing I have been doing whilst I've been at home for 3 days now & I've only just reached page 9 and I felt the need to not only thank you put also praise you for such a truly amazing story!
  4. Just watched both the Portsmouth goals, both very special indeed! Didn't realise you guys were that far down in the table though, real shame I thought you had been mid-table all season. Anyway on a slightly cheerier note, anybody got predictions for the game today? Man United to draw 1-1 with QPR & Arsenal to win 2-1 against City.
  5. Pretty good singer actually, kind of given up on the whole X Factor, BGT thing though so I just assumed The Voice would be the same, is it any good?
  6. Desperately need a Swansea win for any chance of Champions League football next year, they're another surprise package though. 2-1 Swansea?
  7. I can't get over how fantastic Newcastle have been this season, complete respect to them from a Chelsea fan. So many supposedly average players having a stormer today and over the whole season.
  8. Morning guys, essay on medicine through time due in tomorrow which I haven't started and have football tonight & just got back in to FM. Any body got a corker of an excuse as to why I haven't done it?
  9. Is that a joke or did it really happen? Either way hilarious:D
  10. Am I going to be laughed at every time I post something here?
  11. Apparently it's supposed to be a mix between the Batmobile & a tank according to the creator. And smokings horrible but I don't believe in the whole social smoker business, you either do or don't. Never touched it my self but I repeat people who've managed to give it up.
  12. Cheers I guess I have to read it if I want to end up with a good English GCSE. Anyway anybody seen the new Lambroghini floating around Facebook? Looks amazing even if it's only a concept car.
  13. I mean like proper books not those 'magic key' books I used to get as a kid, and it's better then a lot of kids in my year, most of whom have admitted to me they've read less than 3 books in their life.
  14. Anyone here read Lord Of The Flies? Supposed to read it in my spare time for my exam prep but the first few pages bore me to death. I'm not a bad reader either I'm 15 and must of read 25+ books in my life. Does anybody know if it gets any better?
  15. The fact that trying to sell my players for a decent price is like trying to score with a nun.... Could just be me though. I transfer list them, map them unhappy sell them for half the price and just no takers what so ever.
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