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  1. Hi All, Question for all you retro players out there, hoping you can help me out! Looking to download FM 2007 and rekindle my relationship with a game I wasted many hours of my youth on. Unfortunatley, my MacBook doesn't have a disk drive, so the game will need to be downloaded. I cant seem to find it on steam either. Does anybody have any tips as to where I can download it? Cheers, George
  2. This is my first post since 2013 on this Forum, and I remember the exact same discussion about going back to FM2008 back then. I'm back on 2016 for the fist FM game I've played in years, since around 2012. Until recently its been 2007 for me. I don't think anything has been massively wrong with newer versions, we just love nostalgia and are creatures of habit. Oh - and it means i can dream of a world in which Shevchenko turned out incredible for us!
  3. Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    Hello 10-3 I just want to explain to you that since Monday when I accidentally stumbled upon your story I've been amazed and astounded by the writing, plot lines and general fantastic depth of it. Reading this is the only thing I have been doing whilst I've been at home for 3 days now & I've only just reached page 9 and I felt the need to not only thank you put also praise you for such a truly amazing story!
  4. Just watched both the Portsmouth goals, both very special indeed! Didn't realise you guys were that far down in the table though, real shame I thought you had been mid-table all season. Anyway on a slightly cheerier note, anybody got predictions for the game today? Man United to draw 1-1 with QPR & Arsenal to win 2-1 against City.
  5. I never have a general rule as well depends on weather I like the player personally or not etc. However for youth I find 21 is normally the time their development begins to slow down unless their a keeper. I'll loan them 3 or 4 seasons in a row until that time and then play them as back up to the team or sell them. Though sometimes I'll just go and sack 10/11 half a start U18's to clear up space.
  6. This is the official one & has about 1000+ members on at any given time. Some extremely helpful, funny and generally caring people around here as well. Welcome to the forums Frankfort!
  7. I forgot to mention this earlier: players grabbing there fist goal of the season against you.. in May or April! Feel like donning the Balotelli 'Why Always Me?' shirt right now.
  8. This, a million times over. & the infamous bogey players and teams, as well as any payer you generally dislike scoring against you. We're on to something here Milner. This is on par with the JFK theories and Roswell. Watch for the Uefa & Fifa police outside your house, just play it cool.
  9. Who were you? If you were Manchester United I might just fall off my chair.
  10. Clearly Real Madrid have some master plan to unsettle FM gamers of the world? Both of us same team, repeatedly hitting the woodwork!
  11. Whilst this is a great new feature by SI and as a Chelsea fan myself I only wish the asses at FA would do this in real life, I vaguely remember there being a rule stating all final matches had to have the same kick off time as all other Premier League games, i.e. 10 games being played at once? Maybe I've made this up but I think it's a real rule.
  12. Just repeatedly hit the woodwork with Barcelona against Madrid in a crucial game in my season. Literally insane all season to the point where every press conference the question about unluckiness is asked. My conspiracy theory is that Jose Mournhio, Sepp Blatter and Sir Alex Ferguson are moving my goals during the match to ensure I'm always hitting the bar!
  13. When you spoke about players values earlier on, the contract generally determines the value and is in no way an indicative of the clubs value of the player, which is kind of silly if you ask me. Which is why if you look at players on their last year of their contract then the value is in fact much more accurate. Anyway the AI normally does give you crazily high prices to ward of players and you normally play through the nose for them. In my first season with Barcelona, Arsenal wanted like 60mil for Ramsey, pages a considerably less amount of 20mil after unsettling him but that is still quite a lot.
  14. Star Ratings

    On my first season for Barcelona I signed a half a star Sol Campbell and he ended the season with a 7.9ish average rating, whilst a 4 star David Villa was in fact very average. In my opinion you really have to go with your gut on the star rating system especially with youngsters with scouts not talking about their amity but comparing them to the current strength of your squad. Scouts and coaches constantly get it wrong due to the fact they look at the main attributes in each position and don't focus on smaller ones that makes up the player.
  15. Don't be ridiculous! Ngog's about as talented as my Nan, and shes 6 foot under. At least she knows where the box is...