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  1. i finished the pre-season out: lell 1,4m€ hoffenheim saba 800k€ ankaraspor stierle 650k€ bielefeld borowski 3m€ stuttgart rensing 1m€ man city in: adler GK 18m€ leverkusen dzeko ST 24m€ wolfsburg areola GK 80k psg corchia DR 5,25m€ le mans riquelme AMC 6,75m€ boca i traditionally buy riquelme on at least one save game per fm. i always get disappointed but i just can't resist just to mention: i use fmrte to scout players and i adjusted müller's pa to 175 i play a quite adventurous 4132 .......ST......ST....... both deep lying AML.....AMC.....AMR winger (sup), adv playmaker, winger (sup) ........................... .........DMC............ anchor DL...DC.....DC....DR FB (auto), limited defenders, FB (auto) certain 1st 11 players: lahm (DL), corchia (DR), tymo (DMC), ribery (AML)
  2. i started a game yesterday, unfortunately ze roberto dosen't want to join my team spike, why are you trying to get rid of lucio? only for saving wages?
  3. Officialy the best team in the world.

    in my last save italy, germany, and france didn't make it through group stage and mali(!!!!!) lost against spain in the final of the world cup, so the swiss national team on #1 seems natural
  4. perfect! go to "my documents" -> "sports interactive" -> "db" and load up the new data base, i googled and found this web site: http://www.2shared.com/ after the file is loaded up you should see a download link.
  5. please load up the db somewhere, i would be very interested to use it and maybe others too...
  6. iirc all transfers in the db regarding bayern are without installments, so just send back players and reduce the balance of the players' previous clubs and add the same money to your balance... (i think i don't really get what you mean... )
  7. the transfer budget only represents the part of your balance you may spend on transfers. if you increase the budget via editor you are not going to be richer. example: 100m€ balance, 75m€ transfer budget -> buy players (75m) = 25m balance, 0 transfer budget, players worth 75m -> sending players back via editor, increase transfer budget (75m) = balance 25m, budget 75m, players worth 0m -> buy players (75m) = balance -50m, budget 0m, players worth 75m => the same squad quality as before (in regards of money), but -50m balance instead of 25m€ = 75m€ loss
  8. nice idea to make a pre-van gaal db spike! some things you might not know: if you just cancel the deals, increase transfer budget but leave the balance as it is, then you will actually lose 75m€... the podolski deal went through in the winter break 08/09 => not a van gaal decision the same with tymoschuk. baumjohann and olic were free transfers (also winter deals) kroos deal: if bayern recalled him this summer, they had to pay a cotract penalty to leverkusen (200k-500k iirc) ze roberto: as hsv signed him it became public that he was on loan from monte video (i don't know for how long, but his transfer rights were owned by this dubious club for many years) so i recommend "paying" 4m€ for him (that is what hsv payed) van bommel signed a one-year-deal at the end of last season, so you could cancel this if you don't want him lucio wanted a three-year contract - bayern offered a two-year contract, so he wanted to leave... the crappy old players in the squad are 2nd team players, but fm won't allow old players in the u23 team (wich is incorrect irl) + mehmet scholl is now 2nd team manager finances: bayern has the highest sponsorship/overturn ratio of all big clubs in europe, but fm kind of dosen't like it, so sponsorship will even decrease within some seasons, in reality bayern is about to sign another deal with audi worth 100-200m€ (selling shares to audi + sponsorship) and the kit-sponsorhip will be renewed (~25% increase). it is reported that most of the audi-millions will be used to reduce the debt, so i think either increasing the balance or reducing the debt would be realistic...
  9. Christian Saba, Oliver Stierle, Danny Schwarz, Nazif Hajdarovic belong to the 2nd team in real life. my experiences after ~10 league matches with bayern retrain: schweinsteiger MC (is already nearly natural) altintop DR (back-up for lahm) pranjic DL (so i have a more offensive alternative to braafheid) olic AML (with high pace and workrate a great substitution for ribery in the last minutes) lell&görlitz -> sell/loan/2nd team
  10. FM09: Hoffe - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

    like dinu, i'm at the start of season 09/10 in: marcel schäfer DL (wolfsburg), rodrigo palacio FC (boca), awesome belgian regen DC out: celso borges (loan bremen), tobias weis (stuttgart) bundesliga: position 4 after 6 games champions league qual: won aggainst ajax champions league group: madrid, psv, cska moscow should be no problem to become 2nd i think i drawed in moscow and then welcomed real
  11. FM09: Hoffe - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

    update: despite some injury problems the first half of the season was quite successful my tactic worked well, but i needed a striker for the central position who can cope with being doble-marked and getting kicked all the time, because ibisevic couldn't. so the job profile was high bravery, strength, jumping, heading and acceptable finishing i found three possible solutions: kikin fonseca, stefan maierhofer and steffen iversen i wanted to sign fonseca, but there were some clubs after him and i didn't get additional transfer budget so i had to decide between maierhofer and iversen. the austrian guy is younger but right-only so i went for iversen, who has a strong left foot and is much cheaper. i didn't regret my decision so far skjelbred develops great and took over salihovic's place in the first 11, though he is not as good as salihovic at set-pieces...
  12. FM09: Hoffe - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

    i started the season with this squad: lots of injuries and unsettled players... nevertheless i had a good start (thanks to corner exploit :/ ) if a club comes up with a 12+m € bid for ba, i will try to sign palacio to replace him - as palacio is a godlike "wide-striker"
  13. FM09: Hoffe - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

    borges, what is his full name? guilherme, too expensive imho zuculini, signing him at the moment. thank you. but over all i am looking for players wich will help me right from the first day on... i already had chelsea a 4.8m € bid for ballack accepted, but he refuses to talk to me
  14. FM09: Hoffe - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

    i just started a new hoffenheim game, can somebody recommend: 1. good creative MC 2. good offensive DL 3. defnsive MC -> sold haas (gk) 2m € -> bought lavezzi 2,5m € ~9m € transfer budget remaining (mid-table finish, budget adjusted) tried to sign mathieu (failed) i will play a flat 433 SL----SC----SR --------------- --MC-MC-MC-- (either two MCs defensive or two offensive minded) --------------- -DL-DC-DC-DR-
  15. contracts/transfers/loans: * more options on contracts eg minimum release clause on last year of contract * contract clauses to extend an existing contract for an additional year * minimum release clauses for foreign leagues (or higher leagues) * ai-clubs accepting/suggesting transfers with money for goals clauses or additional money when reaching international competitions and so on *two-year loans *more interaction with affiliated clubs, eg an option to ask what kind of player is needed, so i don't have to guess whether the player in question will make many apps during loan scouting: scouting is not effective enough i think, there are so many unrealistic and annoying things: * when i send out a scout to england after half a year i expect him to have an oppinion on all star players and well known talents - maybe not a detailed report but at least a star rating. * i want an option to scout a certain club, a detailed report on every player * irl south america produces a lot of talents, not all of these hyped boys will become worldstars, but i want my scouts (even when they're scouting somewhere else in the world) to tell me that there is a talented player and advise me to send a scout * i want scouting reports to improve in accuracy when a player is scouted several times, instead i always get the same reports and when i check via cheating-tool the pa-scouting is mostly inaccurate (or speaking honestly worthless). on the other hand scout reports a very good in terms of estimating profesionalism, big matches or injury-proneness, which is heavily unrealistic if i think of my scout sitting in the stadium and watching only one game. * i want my assistant manager to provide undetailed scout reports of my opponent after a match (above mentioned star-rating) tactics: it would be very handy to have personal instructions for set pieces, not only for set-piece takers. for example i like to have my strikers swapping positions, but i can only asign special duties (challenge keeper, lurk outside area etc) to a position. so during 50% of my corners i have my oversonic midget challenging the keeper and my ten foot muscle-mountain lurking somewhere. same with versatile defenders: for example a D RLC who is a right footed natural CB, i dont want him to try crosses from the left side. i wish there was an everything else overriding option to tell him not to cross the ball. we also need special tactical moves. for example ml/mr aml/amr: it seems to me that the match engine assumes that all wide players have to run to the corner flag an try crosses. if i set my player to crosses: rarely, he then runs to the corner flag and seems to be completely lost. the player has got no plan b. that is where my tactical move comes in: it would be grat if i could tell him not to run to the corner flag but to cut inside earlier or try a diagonal pass. this would make the game better for teams with players like messi or ribery who play on the "wrong" side or just can not cross or for teams without a tall striker or just to try something different when being down by one and only ten minutes to go... some tactical paterns that came to my mind: tell a striker to provoke free-kicks and corners - not scoring. when i remember last ac milan champions league final, inzaghi was only on the pitch for this reason. his team played very defensive, some counter attacks by seedorf and kaka but most of the time milan had long balls to inzaghi, who didn't try to dribble through the defenders but to get fouled and to produce corner kicks. handball-like passing around the ball just outside the opponent's penalty area and waiting for good ocasions for a through ball. like guardiola's barca passes my players have to run onto (not only target man). like rijkaard's barca pushing oponents' attacks on the side or into the center of the pitch (as a general tactical option, instead of every game opp. instruction which has to be renewed when a player is substituted) 433 striker positioning: when the ball is on the right side my SR drops slightly deeper and my SL moves up into a second SC position. in game the tactical positioning is way too static. training: i find it rediculous that i can only train certain groups of attributes. most obvious is ball control, which increases dribbling and heading. why isn't it possible to train heading only? an easy way to enhance the training section could be to be able to give every player one special attribute to work on along side his normal schedule. in general it would be nice to have more feedback on attribute development, for example: message from your assistant manager: "players x, y and z have increased their bravery as they were the driving forces behind the great comback of your team in the last cup match..."