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  1. I think the only way to counter it is to go all out attack, you cant really stop them going in so have a 5-4. To have a 5-4 though you need about 20 shots to there 4 as they are prolific and your team are having their own hit the corner flag competition.
  2. I think sometimes what you say in the media about it they can count as a promise, and its a bit cryptic. I had a player that wanted to leave, so I transfer listed him, the media asked me about it and I said it would be resolved soon, thinking that would mean he is going soon, but somehow this translated into me promising to play him in the first team.
  3. What about Italy? I used to think the more players the better, but from what Ive read I think you need to go medium database, I would not add players and not the leagues, I dont know, I think it means there will be too many players available and not enough clubs, which I think could have a negative impact on the transfer market.
  4. The attackers definetly seem to have the advantage this year, the defence look clumsy compared. I watch them and it looks like unresponsiveness, or having no presence, I see a loyt of goals from the kick off where pretty much they walk through the team and score, Ive not seen many sendings off though, but Ive had a lot of games where I'm fined for too many yellow, and this is a team the media constantly praise for being the lowest at getting cards.
  5. I dont know if anyone else finds this but to me this feels a lot like fifa, end to end loads of goals charge from kickoff if its not 2-1 after 5 mins I know its a game where my strikers wont hit a barn door, I ve had loads of games where its 1-1 basically both from the kick offs. And quick fire doubles, I think its cos somebody typed it in the commentery it seems to have to happen Prolific strikers and hap hazard defence. Reguardless, this year it seems far easier to score for both teams, defenders seem underpowered and clumbsy to sharp strikers, a mismatch, basically like a EA fifa game. This isnt that untypical, every season I see more goals than any other team in the league, I dont think its tactical its just walking through defenders alot.
  6. Football is an ageless love.
  7. Really broken the staidum thing this year, another backwards step, its possible they ignore the max capacity and go bigger though, I had a 2.5k one in the Prem, only expandle to 9k ,only built about 15 year ago, stuck in it for another 10 year but it somehow got to 21k, but now its maxed and have to wait another 10 year to get a better one cos of an imaginary rule SI thought up cos they only thought you'd play with Man city for 3 seasons
  8. The transfer system is terrible, worst of any fm. They havent got the slightest clue when it comes to dealing with a human team I'm affraid. Your superstars are the AIs deadweights and vice versa, so while they think you wont sell a player you dont want, they will try to loan your first team superstar, Clueless.
  9. I wasnt going to buy it but now I think I'll have too just to see how long it takes for rafa the relegater to get sacked
  10. I wait till patch 3 now, so still plenty of time left with this one.
  11. In some cases, in some situations I agree, like I said not every player is sellable or buyable, and in some cases you can see the sense, even if you cant you accept its just one of those things, thats not the problem, I think the problem is in the game its the case that theres a lot of players arent buyable or sellable for no believable reason. Its hard to find anybody thats not. I know theres plenty of reasons why not every player will be sellable or buyable, but I think its too specific, for no sensible reason, theres too many reasons that the game says no and not enough that say yes. Yes, you should be able to go through a list of players and find reasons why they wont be sold or bought, but the problem is when you go though the world of players and struggle to find anyone that doesnt fall in this not for sale or buy category. The game has too many no ways, and not enough oks. The AI shouldnt be using something we cant see to judge whether or not to buy a player, form and performance should be No1 current stats and hard work and the right coaching should tell or not he'll be a good PA. I dont think CA or PA should be a thing, but I guess thats another thread, and I guess its be found to be the only real sensible way to SI can do it. I think the year before or the year before that, most players stayed at their clubs until the retired, even if that meant stopping in the reserves for the last 2 or 3 seasons as not needed, these players couldnt play because they wanted crazy wages to go, 3 times as what they were getting, not every player will be happy sitting in the reserves and will only move for an epic payrise, but in that year it seemed almost all chose that route, when I would expect it more to be a minority. That didnt used to happen, things are going backwards. Players and clubs arent acting believable. That guy in the thread only had England loaded, thats another thing, you could just load England and that didnt cause the other clubs to be virtually non existant in older FMs, I got bids from clubs I never heard of on some FMs, now we seem the only other clubs scouts range is the clubs three places above or below in the league. Clubs that werent loaded used to be active, now you need to load them in to get the game to work, thats a backwards step.
  12. I cant see the harm in sticking to a formation, I believe play to your strengths dont adapt to them, if you adapt to them and they adapt to you where you at there, 0-0? I would rather they weaken there selfs to play me than the other way round. Maybe they expect you to adapt to them or play more cautious against a stronger team, why not surprise them and go out all atacking, Whether that works or not is up for debate. Could get 7-0'd.
  13. I'm not arguing with you, I'm just giving my opinion. My opinion is not wrong. If the user isnt understanding something, then that could be the fault of the game maybe not making sense. The game is deep, theres all kinds going on in the background, and theres many reasons why the game can behave the way it does. Its pattern strange behavior thats not convincing. Not every player youre going to be able to buy, and not every player your going to be able to sell, but sometimes it doesnt seem a rational explaination why. I dont know how it works, I dont care how it works, I dont want to know, I just want the belief it works, the more you know the code the more gamey it becomes. I havent seen the thread but I read a post about a guy who made a thread about reloading every game so he won or something and wondered why these players did not attract interest from the opposition, not sure if it was 16, and it was argued that that is because the game could tell he cheated, and these players arent really as good as they should be, but doesnt that mean the AI cheats to see what players are worth signing.
  14. Ive kept the same one for years. Ive not found a case of the AI eventually learning it and making it useless. I think thats a myth.
  15. Total Rubbish. 2 Steps back, fall down a hole No matter how they go about it, if an older way was simpler, and this way is more sophiscated, if its less convincing the more sophiscated way then I think it means simple but more effective was better. Its not about how complicated the line of code is, its how effective it is. Ive seen lots of people make this exact same thread now, complaining of something they find unconvincincing. Injfact its one of the things that seems to get more and more complaints every year. To me thats not rubbish but an issue.