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  1. Personally I still use the classic 2D view. I think they should keep it the way it is, improving graphics too much will risk making FM unplayable for those with poorer computers.
  2. I was just watching Soccer AM and the keyboardist from Hurts said that he used to buy Jay Simpson (who was also a guest on the show) on FM and that he didn't score a lot for him :')
  3. Regen dubbed the NEXT

    There is an american regen in my game named Mark Guttierez. He signed for Bayern for 1m in his first year at Colorado and was a regular for Bayern for around for years, starting as soon as they signed him. He has just signed for Man City for 45.5m and is still only 19/20
  4. In FM09 Honduras got to the final before losing to Italy
  5. Please help

    Thank you :D
  6. I have downloaded from mirrorfootball and i cannot open the demo and i am trying to download from steam and it is stuck on 1%. Any help?
  7. Bit harsh. He'll be banned for three months but deleting him from the game would be ridiculous
  8. Unluckiest Fm Moment

    I also have an unclucky moment for the AI. I was playing as QPR and drew Luton in the Carling Cup. I went 2-0 down thanks to two Sol Davis free kicks. I scored two goals between the 85th and 90th minutes to draw level (I cant remember the scorers) and in the 94th minute (the last minute of stoppage time) Matthew Connolly(CB) scored a 35 yard screamer:D
  9. I hate some chairmans. I made a game with Man City and one of the players i signed was yuri zhirkov. He did really well for me and at the end of the season Barca were after him. I rejected several bids including one of £20.5m and then my chairman accepted a bid of around £10m because it was "too good to refuse" grrr!!!:mad:
  10. ahahaa im with Rahat here