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  1. I agree at least to the extent that scouting reports and AI assessments should not be based on potential ability, but based on the player's current ability. In real life, players are tipped for greatness and thought of as having a 'high potential' because their immediate ability is higher than the rest of their peers. If these sort of scouting reports were based on CA alone (and maybe a few other factors, like personality and the distribution of attributes), it would make the game a lot, lot more realistic. I don't think that you can realistically remove PA from the game entirely - besides, why would it matter if you removed it as long as you made it invisible and unpredictable?
  2. I've asked around in the past regarding this question, and I don't think I ever really made myself clear because nobody really understood what I was saying. So, I'll try again. Simply put - are in-game determinants, such as player ratings and the commentary that accompanies the animations (like "he should've done a lot better with that chance" or "he missed a sitter"), perfectly representative of what's going on with the game's code? For example, in real life a player can miss an opportunity that most of us would consider a "sitter" (and some might not, depending on your viewpoint), and that judgment is based off of a myriad of variables, such as the position and velocity of the ball, the position of the player, the degree of difficulty of the shot, etc. In Football Manager, I've often encountered situations in which a player misses an opportunity that I would never consider a clear goalscoring opportunity if it were to happen in real life, but the game does - and it spits out the commentary that reflects that. In this scenario, am I right to trust the animations I see and the buildup that I've witnessed, or the commentary that the game is providing? If player ratings are also determined by the extent to which a player contributes to / detracts from a win or a loss, should I trust the player rating over what I saw over the course of the match? Because in the end FM is just a huge computer game, and if my left-back got a 6.3 rating in a game where I firmly believe he played to a 7 or higher, I would think that despite my preconceptions, the number the computer comes up with is an accurate representation of how the player performed. It seems possible to me that the animations are just the program's best attempt at reflecting what's happening with the code, and can often be deceiving. Does anyone know exactly how much thee objective variables can be trusted, in comparison to the more subjective visual cues that I get from watching the game? Sorry if the above doesn't make sense, it took me a while to write it out and it's still not very clear haha.
  3. I'm totally broke transfer-wise and wage-wise, because Villarreal have just been promoted from the Segunda Division in my game, so I can't even afford to make any loan signings. Sucks big time. Finished all three of my friendlies with a record of one win and two losses. Palermo 3 - 1 Villarreal This was the only pre-season game where I did a mix-and-match and subbed in quite a few players. They just didn't seem to gel at all. I noticed that Cani on the right-wing wasn't getting forward at all from his AP(s) position. This would be fine if we were playing the high-line the way I intended, but for whatever reason, despite shorter passing and a much higher defensive line in my team instructions, we played in our own half for most of the game and had an atrocious pass completion %. Why is that? If I ask them to play a high-line and have no conflicting player instructions, why aren't they doing that? Hull 0 - 3 Villarreal The Hull game was a lot better, but only once we had opened the scoring. They had several CCC's before that point. I played Uche in an AF position in this game and, yes, it worked a lot better, as he picked up the MotM award. I actually switched to a two-striker system halfway through this game because they were playing 3 at the back with wingbacks, similar to Jamez's proposed formation actually. I couldn't really figure out an exploitable facet of their play, so I just decided to overload them up top and got lucky. Not as convincing as the scoreline would suggest. Cagliari 2 - 0 Villarreal A bunch of my players were on international duty for this one, including both my center-backs, so I didn't really try for the win here because I knew I had a depleted squad. Even so, we got comprehensively trounced and they were in our half the whole time. One thing I noticed was that there's a big gap between my defense and midfield; how do I fix that? I have Bruno on defensive duty as a DLP, and he's doing really well, but without a DM it just feels like there's a disconnect between those two banks of players. My first league game is coming up so I'll watch that one in full - it's away at Almeria. Will see how it goes.
  4. Jamez, that's something I would try out if I had the right players in the right positions for it. I only have two first-team quality center-backs, and a couple of two-star backups, so unless I bring in some defensive cover I think a back 3 is out of the question for this season. I also don't have two good strikers that can really play those roles - Uche and Pereira are pretty similar, and I don't want to start Perbet. So I'd have to snag another striker. And I would assume that my wing-backs would have to be stellar - you have Layun and Aguilar, who I can assume are two of the very best full backs in the Mexican League. My right back could be okay as a wing-back, but Jaume Costa less so - much less, too, a CWB. All this to say that I'm really intrigued by your tactic and I might start working towards it with my signings in the next couple transfer windows, and I'll set it as one of my two other tactics. Cleon, that's true, but I'm just afraid that there won't be enough penetration or forward movement without a poacher in a congested system. Will there be enough players in the box if my striker is chasing down balls?
  5. Villarreal So my last attempt at a save - in Portugal with Sporting - was thwarted by a very peculiar and frustrating tactical problem, that that with a group of skilled attacking players and an aggressive formational set-up, I was unable to score anywhere near the amount of goals I was capable of. I was eventually sacked with Sporting sitting in a tragic 6th place. I decided to start anew with a team that I legitimately want to make a good career save out of, trying to better my understanding of FM's tactical system along the way with your guys' help. Any advice I can get from anybody would be greatly appreciated and is, in fact, the reason I'm writing this up. I picked up Villarreal, historically a yo-yo team who made a very good case for themselves in the past decade and a half, but ultimately got relegated and are attempting to rebuild. Our media prediction is 8th, and with the way my saves on this version of FM have been going, anything 8th or better would be a success for me. To start off creating a tactic for this team, I took a look at the team's report and comparison to other La Liga teams to give me an idea of what my squad's strengths and weaknesses are. The things I gleaned are below. As always, please please correct me if you think I'm wrong, or add anything that you think might be helpful. - We have a short, lightweight team, one of the shortest and lightest in the league. - Unsurprisingly, our defense is 20th in the league for strength and 18th for jumping reach. Tactically, what this tells me is that we'll have much more success if our defensive line avoids physical battles and aerial duels, and instead tries to outsmart and outpace the opposing frontline. - This is helped by the fact that the defense is 3rd in acceleration as well as positioning. - My midfield is 4th in the league for passing and creativity, 5th for technique, and 6th for decisions. On the flipside, it is 17th for stamina (uh oh) and 18th for tackling. I'm thinking that this means that again, I avoid physical battles. The stamina stat is worrisome, as it means it will be harder for my team to press the ball as I would want from a tactic in which my defense adopts a high-line (which is what I'd want given the strengths and weaknesses of my defense). What do you guys think? - My attack is quite poor. They average 4th for movement, but a shocking 20th for pace and 19th for jumping reach. I suppose this means I just play with a poacher in an advanced system until I'm able to acquire some better players. On the whole, this gives me quite a few pointers. I think I'll be playing a possession-based system that pushes up the defense so I don't have to worry as much about their inferior physical capabilities. I'm also going to try to take advantage of the generally decent creative stats, and will be looking to play a fairly intricate passing game, all while attempting to wear out the opposition before they have a chance of wearing me out. I'll also start with just the one striker in a poacher role so that he can try to move into positions near the goal to receive the ball. As for my players, I have a few standouts (I can provide player screenshots if anyone requests them). Bruno is a tenacious, positionally aware defensive midfielder who breaks the mold when it comes to the rest of my midfielders. His mental stats are fantastic across the board and with a passing of 17 he's not too shabby as a creator either. His stamina is 15, quite good for this team. I'm thinking of playing him as a DLP with a defensive duty, to stay back and protect the defense while at the same time help move the ball forward. Cani is a fantastic playmaker, with great passing, creativity, and flair on him. Giovani dos Santos can function as a playmaker too, but he seems to be more flair-oriented and might work better as an inside forward Manu Trigueros is another solid, creative outlet who has great potential. There's a lot of these types on my team. Mateo Musacchio is my best defender, and typifies the sort of players we have at our disposal out there - technically quite proficient, but short and not too strong. Sergio Asenjo will be my starting GK. I kind of wanted a sweeper-keeper to complement my high back-line, but his rushing out is only 11 and that won't do. Here's my tactic as it is right now: http://imgur.com/i67sV8B (for some reason, I can't upload pics from my computer under the IMG tags; there's a little red exclamation point that says 'undefined' when you hover over it, and I can't upload from imgur directly, because then there's a broken link icon. If anyone knows how to do this please hmu) I have shorter passing ticked because as I press up, I obviously won't be making many long, adventurous passes because I don't have the space for that. I decided not to tick retain possession, even though it might be helpful, because of what other people have said about that shout and because of my own experiences with it. I've ticked the overlap and play wider because my tactic, lacking wingers, has no width as is and so I want my players to naturally play from wider areas so the midfield is not too congested. I have overlapping runs from my fullbacks for that very reason. Work ball into the box I have because I don't want to waste possession through speculative shots, and also because I want to make sure to get my poacher involved. I want to drill my crosses because my striker is a midget weakling, and I lower the tempo so my unfit players won't become even more winded as the game goes on. I'm keeping fluidity on balanced for now because although I want a decent amount of creativity and interchange, my players aren't all suited to press, tackle, defend, and attack and so I need a degree of specialization. I've gone for control, too - please help me when it comes to mentality, because I've never, ever gotten that right. What are your thoughts? I'll put together what you guys say about my approach and play through some friendlies, and then hopefully my next update will take us through some of the first league games so I can explain my reasoning behind variosu reactive tweaks I'll make as I meet other La Liga teams. Thanks y'alllll
  6. I tried making it a more possession-dominating system, changing the roles to suit that, but it didn't really produce any results, and I've just been sacked. Bummer. I'm going to start up a new thread with a different team and get peoples' tactical opinions from the beginning to see if I can get a proper system in place from the outset. EDIT: Lol, the team's first game after I was fired was a 4-1 victory, their best performance of the season. Go figure.
  7. I've gone more conservative now and the results are awful. Changed to control and took off the high line shout (kept tempo) and have managed to go 4 games without a goal with the added bonus of averaging 40% possession and conceding more than I did before. This isn't how I'm trying to play, so I think I'm going to put it back on attacking for the time being. vasili, yeah, I can try that. Let you know how it goes
  8. Hmm, my backline is never too far up the field. They usually sit on the halfway line or just behind it. I'll try taking off the push higher shout and see what happens.
  9. I'm playing as Sporting in Portugal, 3rd-4th best team in the league. I'm trying to build a team with a high-press, high-risk, attacking style, and so I've lined up with the following tactical setup: ----------GK(d)----------- FB(a)--CB(d)-CB(d)--FB(a) ---------Anc(d)----------- -----CM(a)---DLP(s)------ IF(s)-----------------W(a) ----------AF(a)----------- In general, because the play is pushed up, the forward shouldn't/doesn't get isolated. The CM gets forward a lot due to his attacking duty, and the DLP is the only one really allowed creative freedom or time on the ball (I also have the DLP run wide with the ball). My other instructions are Mentality: Attacking Fluidity: Rigid - Higher Tempo - Much higher D line - Get stuck in - Shorter passing Sometimes I change the instructions based on the team I'm up against, but this is usually how it is. Now, here's where I need some help. For whatever reason, I have the 2nd best defense in the league (10 goals conceded in 15 games, with an extremely aggressive back-line), but one of the worst attacks (19 goals in 15 games)! My team's attackers are much better than the defenders, for what it's worth. Does anybody have any idea why this is happening? I'm doing alright overall, 3rd in the league, but my games are nothing to write home about. I don't manage many clear cut chances and, to be honest, I'm not usually dominant in many games. I write this after two consecutive 0-0s against two of the worst teams in the country.
  10. I've noticed on this version of the game that sending a player out on loan to a team with decent training facilities, even when he plays every game, tends to stymie development greatly. In comparing 18 year olds that have developed quickly in my youth squad with their development when out on loan, it's quite clear that my youngsters get better when they stay with me than when they are loaned out. Every guide says that first team football is a must, but I've gotten to the point where I refuse loan offers for my players even when they are slated to play a valuable first-team role at the club making the offer. Has anyone else experienced this?
  11. I know the whole German squad issue has been hashed and re-hashed over the years, but I've encountered something a bit bizarre here. I deleted the fake inc's (as always) immediately following the most recent update, and my games played fine. The German squad picked for the Euros was normal and real players have played since day one. However, completely out of the blue, the team reverted to your usual greyed-out squad. I hadn't exited the game or applied any updates between the time when the squad was fine and when it was screwed up, so it's not that. I've even looked in the inc folders to see if there were any fake files to delete, and there weren't any. How did this happen? Additionally, how can I fix it? The U-21 and U-19 squads are filled with normal players - not even regens, people like Draxler and Gundogan - so that's not been changed. Thanks, all! (thread got deleted the first time for some reason)
  12. I know the whole German squad issue has been hashed and re-hashed over the years, but I've encountered something a bit bizarre here. I deleted the fake inc's (as always) immediately following the most recent update, and my games played fine. The German squad picked for the Euros was normal and real players have played since day one. However, completely out of the blue, the team reverted to your usual greyed-out squad. I hadn't exited the game or applied any updates between the time when the squad was fine and when it was screwed up, so it's not that. I've even looked in the inc folders to see if there were any fake files to delete, and there weren't any. How did this happen? Additionally, how can I fix it? The U-21 and U-19 squads are filled with normal players - not even regens, people like Draxler and Gundogan - so that's not been changed. Thanks, all!
  13. There's been about 300,000 questions about team talks with this FM, but mine is a little bit different. As of the latest update (I think) it's become physically impossible for me to elicit a positive reaction from ANYONE, ever. I've started about half a dozen saves just to see what happens, and in every single there has been a complete lack of 'green reactions' to team-talks. I've played half a season in a couple of these saves and I have yet to see a positive reaction. Mostly, there is no reaction, and sometimes I get a negative reaction. Individual team talks don't do anything either. What is this? I cannot play well because, even though morale is very high, I literally can't get a single one of my players to respond well to what I say. When the game came out I'd get quite a few "boost confidence" and "feels happy" depending on the talk, but now there's absolutely nothing. Has this happened for anyone else?
  14. FM12 - Lower League Players

    Very much surprised nobody has mentioned this lad: Name: Samir El Gaaouiri Age: 27 Position: AMC/R/L Ideal Role / Duty: Advanced Playmaker, though I play with classic tactics. Current club: None Country: Dutch Work Permit: None Transfer: Free transfer in 1st season Club & League Signed for: Boston United (BSN) Coaches say he could be a leading star for most League 1 teams. On a paltry 275 per week, too. Would be a fantastic trequartista type, and can also play on the wings. You'll possibly need the Dutch leagues loaded, though.
  15. Hey, So back in December when I got the game, I did the ole' deleting trick and made the German and Japanese national teams playable. I started a save pretty soon after and, to no surprise, both Germany and Japan fielded real players. One would expect this, of course. However, for some reason, during this save something has happened and the national teams have reverted to greyed out players. I have no clue why, especially because it was working fine two game years ago. I was also of the belief that one would have to start a new save for any such changes to take place, but apparently not. Does anybody know what happened, and can it be fixed at all? Cheers!