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  1. I'm having horrendous issues getting decent performances from my FBs, on a consistent basis. I won League Two first season, with both of my starters averaging less than 6.5 at Xmas. Fair enough, I thought, I'll invest in those areas in Jan, but even then, ratings were still low. Now I'm in L1, my current FBs, who should easily do a job in that division are frequently getting ratings below 5. It's frustrating, I've tried changing their roles and instructions to anything I think they could reasonably play, based on their stats, but it makes little, if any difference. Is this a bug, or am I just whining needlessly?
  2. I remember from a few years ago, possibly in FM 2009, I downloaded an empty database. All players from all clubs were free agents at the beginning of each save. I was wondering if such a thing existed for 2012. And, if it does, where I can get hold of it. Thanks.
  3. Arrr, Doudin. I remember him. I used to sign him for my Chesterfield sides, but he always wanted to move, so I'd cash-in. He was quality though. Don't know where he is now though, I would assume still in Switzerland.
  4. When selecting how to supply target man, you have four options, to head, to feet, run onto the ball or mixed. I'd like to have the option to select two options. For example, if I have targetman who is strong and good in the air, but quite slow, then I'd like to be able to supply balls to his head or feet, rather than mixed. It's only a small change, but it would please me very much.
  5. Yeah, i remember the days of old. Once you heard the birds singing and tweeting in the tree's you just knew it was time to come back into reality again. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> It happened to me last night, I was up til 5 when I realised I probably shouldn't be.
  6. When you don't stop playing until you realise that it is starting to get light outside.
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