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  1. Dafuge - have you tried training Rofe as a MC instead of an AMC? My guess is England does not play with an AMC and that would be why he's getting passed up.
  2. I haven't noticed a difference. I get a youth league report from every league probably 2 times a month, likewise with international regional updates. My scouts in brasil/argentina scout the americas, but other then that they just do kind of whatever. I would hate to see the flight bills my scouts send in. But damn those miles
  3. highest in my save is 59M USD. Don't know what that equates to GBP though...
  4. That is more clear. I thought you were specifically talking about regens coming from your own team. I also buy from all over the world as that's the only way in FM (and IRL) to realistically become a dominant powerhouse with nothing but talent. From what I have seen, I agree yes, overall, the regen quality is slightly less then RL players. I wouldn't say it is a big drop though. Maybe 5-10%, if that. In my game the power has gone away from England and Spain, and into Germany, Italy and France (France especially). Lyon for instance has 5 players who have to have a CA above 180, and all are worth 50M+. They then have 4-5 players who have to have a CA of 160-180, who are worth 20M +. They aren't even dominant, they win a lot of games but are beatable. Similar to a modern day Barca. I actually just loaded up a new game and looked at Real Madrid. Personally I find the Lyon team in 2050 to be better then them. Just because english clubs aren't dominate in the game in 10-15 years doesn't mean its not realistic. Based on the current trend of player development I wouldn't be surprised to see England ranked 3rd or 4th in UEFA by 2020, 2025. Possibly there is a truth to how the game develops, as I believe players are wanting to stay more home-grown instead of moving abroad for higher wages because the teams in spain, italy, france and germany are offering more $ for their players. Also the anglo-sphere isn't exactly pro-football. Former Spanish and French colonies are better at producing footballers then former english colonies. Thus players prefer to go to their father's country over another. I just feel that a general trend that happens in the game is that England no longer dominates and the other 4 in europe do. My uefa coefficents have italian and french clubs dominating. And these clubs look just as good, if not better, then current day clubs that have a similar coefficent.
  5. On the regen point, I have found that the regens generated is actually quite realistic to real-life circumstances. How many times does Manchester United have a kid be in their youth ranks from the time as a young lad (10-12) and have them grow up to be a world-class footballer? Yeah, not often. I'll just go off by my long-term save on FM10 and what's created. Year is 2050, I've been at this club for 10 years. We have state of the art youth facilities and youth academy, and top training grounds (I cannot update them so I'm assuming they are at 20/20, atleast 19/19). We have had TWO (2) regens that are legitimate world-class potential players. One is a striker the other is a mid-fielder. Both of these kids will be english internationals, both are under 20. How realistic is that? For a top-tier team to have youth products that were there for a long time to come into my squad and be english internationals? That is VERY realistic. Just because you have 20/20/youth academy doesn't mean that every year you're going to produce one or a couple regens who should be in my first team? If you're at a very very good club, you're not going to have many be able to play in your starting 11. If you are lower league or lower class club (like bolton, fulham, etc) you're going to get the same quality of regens (atleast you should, because pretty much they all have the same youth system etc). But for these clubs, if their best players do not get poached from another academy at a young age or are sold to another academy, they are more likely to be in their teams starting 11 because they are of lower quality. If you are a world-class team, you shouldn't have many, if any, world-class quality players coming up through your youth ranks. Its just very unrealistic. Would I love for all of my players who will play in my club one day be born and raised at my club? Sure. But the truth is the best regens are produced everywhere, at random clubs, because that's reality. How many players in Man Uniteds U18 team are from England? Not a lot. How many have been with them since they were boys? Even less. So even if everyone of them were to become a world-class player, only a handful would be born and raised Man U. Every season my youth intake usually has one player that will be a "decent PL player". Sometimes there is two. Sometimes there is one that is dubbed 'one of the best in his generation' or w/e. This has happened twice for me in 10 years. Seems pretty realistic to me. For those decent PL players, I end up keeping them and then selling them, however most of my players are rubbish and I sell them or cut them. Because they are rubbish. Just like real life. How many players have came through Man Uniteds youth system? Tons. How many played in the EPL? Not a lot. How many played for United? Even less. How many were world-class players? A handful.
  6. Please make FM 2012 harder

    The game can be hard, if not damn near impossible (see youth products winning champions league challenges, especially in countries outside big 5). However, that's not for everyone. MOST people who have a favorite team who is already a top team in their continent usually end up playing them but usually end up finding another team and bring them up. This game has everything someone could want to make it challenging and fun for them. However, it gets to a point where being the top team (especially inside the big5 uefa countries) does get boring. You can only dominate your league, CL, cups for so long before they get redundant and boring. Then you start doing side-challenges with them, like only playing your youth products, or only playing people from your country, limiting your transfer budget to 5M a year, whatever. The only way I can see the game having a 'difficulty setting' would be one that can not be self-impossed, rather one that is automatically ran once you reach certain milestones. Like winning CL 3 times in a 5 year span, winning league and getting runners-up or 3rd place in a 5 year span, this would adjust the teams in your league (or CL country) or both, becoming better clubs producing better players and having better tactics, especially against you. Maybe the AI gets smarter and realizes how to beat your 4-1-3-2? But regardless of how the game gets 'harder' without self-impossed challenges, it is something that the game needs to do itself, rather then us deciding if we want it more difficult, or even less.
  7. Please make FM 2012 harder

    I think the point nileppezdel is trying to make is, that, given the game as is, it is still very easy to dominate if you are your favorite club and that club already has power. Ofcourse it is harder only playing with nationals, playing only with U23s, playing only with your youth product, playing from a non-playable league up, but, what he is suggesting is that it needs to be harder to be Barca or United or someone dominate, or to dominate with anyone. Maybe sliders that increase the continent and domestic competition? Or after 5 years of remaining in the top 2 of your domestic league your domestic league inherintly becomes harder. Same with your continent. We all don't want to play for some obscure team in an obscure nation and get them to the promise land.
  8. Considering this save puts him into his mid40s, I would assume same name.
  9. You can qualify with fairplay. First season in EPL I finished 10th and was awarded Europa qualification. Went out in first matches in League and FA cup. Needless to say, it sucked. Europa league pretty much was my friendlies for the next year haha. You'll start off against obscure teams that you haven't heard of, great way to get people back into shape.
  10. change name of the new stadium

    that might be the case...
  11. They all roam. I'll be honest - they cover a lot of people. And a lot of them are pretty bad at football. You just got to scout as much as possible, especially the key countries that produce quality regens yearly, to make sure you're aware of them. Have my scouts made plenty of mistakes? ofcourse. I've bought plenty of players who end up career league1/championship players. But have they found a couple of gems who would have gone to my rivals and kick my ass who are helping me win the league? Yup And that makes an extensive scouting network worth it, to me atleast.
  12. change name of the new stadium

    C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\data\db\1000\lnc\all C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\data\updates\update-1030\db\1030\lnc\all Those are the two places I have the file saved. Are you saving it as "whatever.lnc" ? That is LNC not INC. LNC but lowercase.
  13. No. Because they'd have 2.5 or 3 stars. I have not ran across a youth so far that has a JPA of 3.5 or 4 that does not say leading premier leaguer in the future. Likewise I have not seen someone with 3 stars or 2.5 who is classified as leading premier leaguer. For instance, I have a youth who came from my club with 2.5 PA. He could become a good PD player. I have another, same age, with 3 PA. Same thing, good PD player. The players who I have bought from other youth clubs are 3.5 and 4 PA, those are all leading PD player. To add to that, I have never had a 4 star come through my youth club, best was 3.5, and this has only happened once. The others that are somewhat good coming from my club are 3 star and they are destined to be sold in their early 20s to championship sides or bad PL sides. Its very rare I have found to get top talent coming through your team. I even have State of the art youth facilities and youth academy. So good talent definately should be populating, but it isn't. I find these players by having 18 scouts. That's the only way to do it. This is what I scout. I don't miss many people, and miss very very few wonderkids. That's not saying I get them all, no for sure I don't get that many. You get outbid, kid has something stuck up his butt with Barca, whatever. But you get atleast some, which is a hell of a lot better then none, and waiting until; their 22 and spend 80 million getting them to play for you. Leagues - English U18s X2, German U19s, Greek U18s, Italian U20s, French U19s, Dutch U19s, Portuguese U19s, Spanish U19s. Countries - Argentina, Brasil U20s X2 Competitions - Euros U21 Qualifying, World Cup Qualifying - Europe, South America & Asia, Next Competition, and World (World scout is used to scout specific players of interest if I'll probably buy them, just to make sure) Regions - Scandinavia U21s, Central Europe U21s, Eastern Europe U23s, East Asia, Southern Europe U23s, South America U23s X2, South Africa, Central Africa, , East Africa, Central America U21s, North America U21s, Middle East U21s, North Africa U21s, UK & Ireland U21s, Western Africa U21s. All of my scouts are doing two things at once, to cover as much possible.
  14. All of my scouts have a JPA of 18 or higher. I trust them. When they say someone is going to be a leading premier player I believe them.
  15. A club would move from a huge stadium if they cannot sell out if they are paying a high rent, to build their own stadium, so they avoid rental fees. Actually it wouldn't even have to be huge or being sold out... Any club that plays at a high rent stadium will want to build their own. Its just a matter of time before financials lead them to building their own instead of renting.