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  1. FuSS, thank you for your last tactic I won European Championship 2012 with France P.S.: sorry for my bad English
  2. I won England in Quarterfinal: And has lost France in Semifinal:
  3. I train Russia national team and played 3 games against Croatia, Sweden and Spain on the European Football Championship. Spread the screenshots with score this mathes: Crotia VS Russia Russia VS Sweden Russia VS Spain Thank you this tactic. It's very good tactic.
  4. It's very good tactic. In my last save I win the championship league with West Ham. In my new save I train Russian national team and I has won at Ireland and Macedonia with the score 3:0. Thank you for this tactic.
  5. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    My success From red line I use classic style in formation [/img]
  6. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    20 goals and 1099 Passes Succeeded I think more assist than score
  7. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    I don't change Formation: [/img]
  8. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    I am using GCS version on my FC Juventus, but I changed formation from 4-1-2-3 to 4-1-2-1-2 and convert from new style to classic style. I don't use OI. It's super my Juventus now on 2nd in Serie A and Final Cup of Italia and Final ECC
  9. where is link for 4222 tactic?