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  1. I agree with you, some different goal nets, as happened in the football manager 2009, would be fine and would give more realism
  2. After see the video of match engine, I see goal nets very rigids no real, as fm2012.
  3. Hi, that goal nets football manager 2011 has the characteristics of the goal nets how the pro evolution soccer, movement and reality by scoring a goal.
  4. Hi to all the team of Sports Interactive, Sorry for my english. ---The physics of the ball when it score in the nets, is more real, when you score a goal ,remains stuck in the net of the goal box instead of moving inside the goal box, as if it were real, this would give more realism to dial a goal, better graphics in most real nets, including more diversity in the size of netss, as happened in the FM2009. ---Put the shield on your team in the nets of the goal or on the lawn next to the bench, so that you notice at field where they play. ---I dont see well what equipment and selection of training at a time, this might seem more real, that the selection was to train consequence of doing well with the team. ---Missing screens champions when it is league or cup, league cup or cup with the name corresponding your team. ---Incorporate a tactical option for players to make coverage for partners to rise to the attack. Example: if one side goes up to attack the central band can cover it by the coverage, power tactics page to make the players do. All these improvements would be well, may I continue to encourage all who componeis Sports Interactive team for you to continue doing as good as before, a greeting from Barcelona.
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