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  1. I think the BETA is pretty good, I'm currently third with my beloved Leyton Orient. But SI better be listening when everyone is talking about the poor conversion rate of one-on-one chances and misses from >6yards out. It's strange how many times a free header from 6 yards will go straight at the keeper, almost all one-on-ones fly wide or over so that really needs work. If I'm honest the game is good but the ME is nowhere near what FM 2012 was. I think the issue I have is I think long and hard about every players impact according to their stats before I play them and yet there still seems to be a lack of coherency between stats and actual gameplay. For example, in FM 12 a player with pace 5 would genuinely seem quite slow. In fm 13/14, there just doesn't seem to be enough coherency, too many players play too similar even if they have very different stats. I personally thought FM 13 was dreadful in this regards, although there does seem to be some improvement in 14. It's a shame because it was so nailed on in 12. Anyone agree with this?
  2. Does anyone with a mac know how to make the screen of the game windowed so I can move it around and reposition it? I hate having such a big screen and when I try windowed it just seems to be a very similar version of full screen
  3. No that's fair enough and I take your point. I just find it hard to believe that as FM 13 had the exact same issue throughout it's entire existenceand now FM 14 BETA has the same issue- that we're going to see some magical fix in time for the full release.... Now as you said, they are working hard but I am skeptical whether there will be a big change on something that is so integral to the ME
  4. So you are really telling me that there are major overhauls of the ME currently being put in place for the full release of the game? That's not me spreading misinformation, that is me spreading fact. I've tested things like this before to know that 2 weeks before a full release, it is very difficult to implement large changes because of the inevitable knock on effect it causes to other areas of the game. Everything needs rigorous testing so big changes are highly unlikely. My opinion on this was confirmed by last years release which was very similar to the BETA in terms of the ME issues
  5. Also for those saying, "it's only BETA", I wouldn't get your hopes up. This is effectively the game we will have. They use BETA to tune minor tweaks and such- the whole defending issue will likely remain a problem
  6. Another quick one. When viewing a set of teams results or in a league, I miss having my team highlighted in a different colour so it stands out from the rest- anyone know what I mean?
  7. Think this new Beta release is promising but 2 quick qualms. Probably mentioned already but defensively the ME needs a lot of work. Too much standing off the player with the ball and allowing him time to just glide into the box and get a shot away Secondly: not sure if this is a known issue but I think there are too many own goals.
  8. Hello mate. I have tried it and stopped because there was a transfer bug, which has since been fixed however. I can honestly say that the processing speed isn't that fast, but if your just playing with one or 2 other people, its not too bad because you can get work done in between processes! However, the speed of the game like clicking on things as the client is MUCH improved, they have really done a stellar job with that this year. Its really very fast to click on things this year. In the past network games were unplaybale because to click on one of my players took about 15 seconds. This year it takes about 2. So far, I have to say, this is the one improvement that I am appreciating the most, I would highly recommend you giving it a go.
  9. When the new update gets rolled out Paul C, will this go directly into our saves or do we need to start again to implement the changes? Sorry about my naivety in this respect, just not too sure
  10. Haha, the cartoon faces genuinely make the game less enjoyable for you? Wow. Anyway though I do see the point if they are 35 and look like a 15 year old but still, does this really harm the enjoyment of the game!!??
  11. Is there any official reaction from SI? I have to say I'm disappointed by this, your losing customers fast, at the end of the day, we as the consumer do fund a lot of this game! Please at least say something, a patch schedule, working on specific issues, reaction to problems with the ME?
  12. Can I just say, I'm sure I'm not alone in doing this, but I've actually read every single post in this thread (bit sad I know) and come to the conclusion that while the game does have some issues and bugs, many of those who have given it time and at least a few hours have really started to enjoy it. Remember FM is ultimately about beating the AI, one has to find the way to do this, not come on here and cry when they lose their first match. There are some really nice improvements, especially with the speed of the network game (but that is flawed badly at this point due to transfer issues). Give it time, play a few seasons, then come back, dont get people raging on here after 10 mins of playing the game.... Seriously, look back through the posts, there is a definite correlation between those who have played for at least a few hours and the enjoyment and appreciation of the game...
  13. Just a slightly different angle to come in on. Has there ever been an FM where the customer is completely satisfied from the start? I take it of the opinion that FM is about beating the game and the challenges it throws upon you. If there are some minor glitches, fine but if we come on here with some complaining about too many goals and yet some complaining about too few, then that just seems sort of ridiculous. I would make a bet, that with time, the game will become very enjoyable, it may be unrealistic at times, but sometimes when I see 7-5 Arsenal in real life, or Norwich winning at Spurs/Blackburn winning at my beloved United or something, it always makes me think about FM because these results are so unrealistic but they can happen! Also, mistakes are made in real life too like players backing off the ball and stuff, try and find a way to combat this rather than to complain about it. I'm certainly not saying that there are no faults or glitches because thats completely untrue, its just I've been here many years at the start of all new FM/FML (with FML its especially to do with an updated match engine) releases and there are always complaints about things, but I see it as a challenge to try and combat these in the games with different tactics to see what works and what doesn't. I just don't get (and will never get, unless its stupidly silly like Man Utd 0 Barrow 10) people complaining about results. Every year we complain (and I do) about the new game/ME and thats because we are so embraced and have put so much time into the old one. We are stuck in a comfort zone. I would just urge people to give it time and see the glitches, unrealistic results, player movements etc as a new sort of challenge, rather than a complaint. A real life manager with the exception of the glitches could have issues like these to deal with so you never know. I would say, just embrace the new game and give it time- its going to be a big challenge but hey, when is it never?
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