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  1. Keown has used the water carrier carrying champagne gag about 6 times in this match
  2. One shot on target from perisic and I am a rich man. Come on Croatia!
  3. That's VAR officially ruining this world cup. Doesn't overturn the griezmann dive, bit allows a penalty for a soft handball
  4. Shots on target that aren't from open play don't count so really it's still 0-0
  5. major alarm bells ffs we scored the joint second most goals in the tournament
  6. You know, whatever else is said about England and this tournament, I dont think I'll ever forget that moment of us winning the penalty shootout. Something changed, we banished that horrible curse, the current team will gain so much mentally from that, fantastic. I've posted this about 38 times on this forum but I can't get enough of it. I've just watched it again and even though the tournament is over for us its still spine tingling.
  7. i'm 99.998884% sure that people would be gloating regardless
  8. Completely agree. Hell even now I can still watch this and get that spine tingling feeling
  9. you say 'we' a lot for a person who didn't want England to win any of the matches
  10. I'd rather have the corrupt evil FIFA than the kind new caring FIFA if it meant keeping our free fanny
  11. Lads, look at the use of emoji, Tony is literally in tears wondering why England fans are proud of their team for reaching a completely unexpected semi final. I for one have had a eureka moment, why did we bother? Tony is right, and my only regret is not discovering this sooner. Delete the thread please admin. Football hasn't come home, it's gone to live on a farm with Boots and Mr Ruffles.
  12. This has just been fantastic, nobody can take it away from us. No expectation, pure joy. I'd loathe to be an ABE bitter right now because you'll never experience these emotions. Football is home.
  13. What an adventure. Absolutely fantastic tournament, the atmosphere incredible. Football is home. Well done England.
  14. just spent the last 30 minutes talking about the game to my NY colleagues whilst staring at Wembley across London from my meeting room. can't remember what the meeting was supposed to be about. i'm going to the pub very soon, i actually can't sit here until 5.30
  15. Another game of how early can i get away with leaving today
  16. I can't find the original, but I didn't see this during the broadcast, it's fantastic stuff from the BBC
  17. Tunisia - Ye Olde London, Ludgate Hill (banished the memories of sitting here watching us lose to Iceland in the Euros Panama - Rose & Crown, Tooting Belgium - Maple Leaf, Covent Garden (Yet to see England win at this pub, watched us lose to Italy and Uruguay in the last WC here) Colombia - Porterhouse, Covent Garden Sweden - Porterhouse, Covent Garden Croatia - ?? Don't ask why, just so happens that me and my mates often go to Maple Leaf or Porterhouse, but can't bring myself to go to the former seeing as it's ****ing cursed. The Porterhouse is a great atmopshere if you can get downstairs but it will be rammed. for the Colombia game i left work early and got down there about 4:30 and held a big table by myself nursing a bottle of estrella for my mates who turned up about 6. I was getting pure evils as the table was right by the screen and held about 8 not sure I can get away with it again I've applied for the Hyde Park ballot which could be a laugh or complete carnage, otherwise I don't really know where to go, if I don't get tickets in the ballot, I will leave work early again and hope for the best somewhere
  18. https://www.bst-hydepark.com/football-semi-final-ballot 404 right now, ballot applications from 4pm til midnight
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