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  1. blazertaz13

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    Sorry about that.
  2. blazertaz13

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    I purchased through Voidu yesterday, received the Steam Code and added to my Steam Library. I did not seem to have any issues. (I live in Colorado). Just make sure that the version you buy is Football Manger 2019 - US.
  3. I know that I have owned prior versions of the game and I have not gotten as far into them as I have wanted. I am hoping that these tutorials will help me finally put my football knowledge into enjoying the game. I have struggled with certain aspects (training, tactics and scouting) that have limited my game playing. Unfortunately, this is on me, but with the additional help maybe I can become one of those who finally getting into long term saves. Very happy to see this additional assistance.
  4. blazertaz13

    FM15 - US Database - help

    Last year someone created a USA database with 8 levels, set up with promotion and relegation. I was wondering if anyone created/updated a similar database for FM15? I have been search all over and I have not been able to locate it. I appreciate the help.
  5. The Portland Timbers. RCTID.
  6. blazertaz13

    League Specific Rules

    Thanks guys, I will give the suggestions a try. I didn't even realize that there was rules tab in the game for each league.
  7. Since I have only really followed the MLS, I was would be if there is a good resource to find rules for specific foreign leagues? The MLS is very different than other leagues, so any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
  8. I have purchased two other versions of the game, but never really gave them the effort needed in order to learn how to play them. I have played football for a lot of years and enjoy the sport, so I have an understanding of how the game should be played. While I am still learning about leagues outside of MLS, I have always wanted to get involved with this game having played other sport management games. Since work and home life are stressful for me, I have looked for something to take me away from reality and I have decided that I am going to throw myself into this version of the game. I have been messing around with the beta and love what I see so far. I also realize that I have a lot to learn. I decided to start unemployed and see what would be available to me as jobs became available. Thankfully I there were five jobs available at the start of the game, so I actually interviewed for two of them. I was actually nervous during the process (not sure why). Thankfully I was hired by a lower league side. I figure a lower league side would be the best place to start as realism is important to my me. Now I just need to learn as I go. I figure I will be let go a few times, but how else do you learn. I know that there are some flaws with the beta, but hopefully I can get a lot out of this save even after the final game comes out. On a side note, the misses actually laughed at me that I had to interview for a job on a computer game. Oh well....
  9. blazertaz13

    For a newbie player

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  10. I was wondering for a new or inexperienced player would you recommend playing with a bigger club or a lower level club? The reason I ask is that if you manage a bigger club the expectations are higher (top of table or at least competing for competing top of table). I figure with the lower level clubs the players are similar is skill, so tactics and training may make more of a difference. I am trying to get into figuring out the game, but I at a lost as to the best way to start as I have not had luck either way. The advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  11. Thanks for the replies. I just might have to pick up this year's version. I have had two previous versions and just struggled to get going.
  12. I will admit to being a newbie when it comes to playing this series. My question for those currently playing the Beta is this, with the changes to tactics, shouts, etc. would you say that the changes make it easier for a newbie to pick up on how to play the game or is there still the large learning curve? I am not asking if it easier to win, but is it easier to understand how to play and thus easier to get started and continue on?
  13. I have purchased to previous versions of FM (9 and 12). Being a football player in the States, I understand the game of football, but I have struggled to understand and learn this game. What I am looking for is advice on the best way to understand and enjoy the game. I read the form constantly looking for helpful information (for which there is a lot), but I invariably get bogged down in everything that one needs to do. I want to get sucked into this game, but I need help get past the steep learning curve. I would love to pick the next version, but I don't want to drop the cash until I can feel confident that I will play the game. What do you suggest would help me get more from the game? I appreciate the advice, as I really do want to enjoy this great game. On a side note, we finally get BPL games broadcasted on a station that I get and since the misses does not wake up in time to make me change the station I get to watch the complete matches. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a team to follow (great history, competitive, compelling players, etc.). The only teams that I am reluctant to follow are Man U and Man City (big money clubs who are similar to the NY Yankees in baseball). I am open to any suggestions. Once again thank you for the assist.
  14. blazertaz13

    Newbee Question

    Thanks again for the advice. I understand the part about losing as not everyone can win right off the start, but it seemed that there was so much to do I always seemed to forget to do something or got lost trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. The more that I can assign to the assistant manager to start, the better. As I get a handle on a certain aspect of the game, I can then take on more responsiblity with the hope of getting to where most of you are all at. :-) Sounds like I should be making a version upgrade this weekend.
  15. If you were to recommend a version of this game (2010 or 2011, etc.) that is user friendly for a new player which would it be? I have tried playing 2009, but I tended to get over whelmed with all of the moving parts of the game which led to not having much success or fun. I realize that a game such as this has a decent learning curve, but I was hoping that a newer version would allow a new user to pick up the game and start learning certain aspects of the game while assigning other tasks to the computer until I was ready to add to my in game responsibilities. For example, if I were to start out working with tactics, squad and game management, I could assign individual/team training and scouting to the computer (assistant manager)? I hope I am making sense. I love the sport of football, but I am struggling picking up all of the aspects of this game. I feel if I could start with a smaller piece of the game and build my knowledge base from there, I feel that I would enjoy the game much more. Thanks for the advice in advance.