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  1. I am referring to FM20, so I figure it is more the rules and attracting the talent more than anything. Thanks
  2. Hello all, I am looking to try and manage in the MLS for the first time. In know that the league rules are very different from other leagues around the world. I was wondering if any one had any tips in managing in the MLS. The team I will taking on are the Portland Timbers. Thanks Taz
  3. To add to the subject of MLS, IRL players who get a green card will no longer count against the international player slots. Does this occur in FM as well? Thanks,
  4. I am starting a new MLS save and I had a question about loaning players. Is it possible to loan your players to your USL team directly or do you just have to put up for loan? If you are able to loan directly to your USL team, how do you do it? I have not been able to figure it out.
  5. I am trying to really learn how to play FM, as I have bought previous versions with getting much game time in (my issue not the games). I am really enjoying the game and have already spent more time playing then any other version. So this year to help me learn the game I decided to manage my local team (well until I moved) the Portland Timbers (MLS). My goal was to take on the responsibility of tactics. game management and staffing. Then let my AI coaches and GM take on other aspects of the team management. My thinking was that I would add to my responsibilities as I learned what I as
  6. I purchased through Voidu yesterday, received the Steam Code and added to my Steam Library. I did not seem to have any issues. (I live in Colorado). Just make sure that the version you buy is Football Manger 2019 - US.
  7. I know that I have owned prior versions of the game and I have not gotten as far into them as I have wanted. I am hoping that these tutorials will help me finally put my football knowledge into enjoying the game. I have struggled with certain aspects (training, tactics and scouting) that have limited my game playing. Unfortunately, this is on me, but with the additional help maybe I can become one of those who finally getting into long term saves. Very happy to see this additional assistance.
  8. Last year someone created a USA database with 8 levels, set up with promotion and relegation. I was wondering if anyone created/updated a similar database for FM15? I have been search all over and I have not been able to locate it. I appreciate the help.
  9. Thanks guys, I will give the suggestions a try. I didn't even realize that there was rules tab in the game for each league.
  10. Since I have only really followed the MLS, I was would be if there is a good resource to find rules for specific foreign leagues? The MLS is very different than other leagues, so any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
  11. I have purchased two other versions of the game, but never really gave them the effort needed in order to learn how to play them. I have played football for a lot of years and enjoy the sport, so I have an understanding of how the game should be played. While I am still learning about leagues outside of MLS, I have always wanted to get involved with this game having played other sport management games. Since work and home life are stressful for me, I have looked for something to take me away from reality and I have decided that I am going to throw myself into this version of the game. I ha
  12. I was wondering for a new or inexperienced player would you recommend playing with a bigger club or a lower level club? The reason I ask is that if you manage a bigger club the expectations are higher (top of table or at least competing for competing top of table). I figure with the lower level clubs the players are similar is skill, so tactics and training may make more of a difference. I am trying to get into figuring out the game, but I at a lost as to the best way to start as I have not had luck either way. The advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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